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 Can you grow out of astigmatism?
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 For contact users.....?
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 What are some exercises to restore your eye sight?

Additional Details
or good pills to take to help the eyes. ever since i started playing pC games i feel like my eyes have gotten worse....

 Is it true that your eyes become smaller as you become more nearsighted?
I've been wearing spectacles for over 8 years. Over the period, I've noticed one of my eye is smaller than the other because the one eye is more nearsighted than the other.
Additional ...

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 Contacts?10 easy points?
can you tell me all the pros and cons of having contacts.

i want contacts but my mom said they are really bad for your eyes

i want to prove her wrong!...

 My eye doctor says that i have 20/20 (perfect) vision but i'm squintign to see the board at school.?
Basically, about 2 weeks ago i went to see the eye dr. cause i was having trouble seeign at school. She checked me up and said that i have 20//20 vision, well she actually said i have better than 20/2...

 Vision change in right eye.....please help!?
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im 16 and haveing a huge problem with floaters...im going to an eye docter in a week...will he be able to see the floaters....if so......

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 New Glasses...Headache...Dizz...
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I have worn contacts for a year and a half, and for the last four months or so, I've worn them far more often than I should. I'm supposed to wear them only up to 16 hours a day, but I leave ...

 When someone wears contacts, why can you see their eyes better?
what is meant by this phrase and give me the science behind ...

 Can i buy glasses at a store without prescription??
I am far sighted, and I lost my glasses 2 weeks ago, I have no idea where I put them, a co worker of mine realise how terrible I am withoutthem and suggested i buy a pair at walmart or other stores. I...

 My Eye has been twitching non stop?
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 Im 25 & last 2 weeks my eyes r really watery & my vision is blurry, also my eyes r quite crusty in the mornin?
what could be the problem ?...

 What's the BEST contact lens brand?

Should you wear glasses all the time if you are long sighted?
My 5 year old son has been given glasses because he cannot see very well close up. His glasses are + 5.25 both lenses. He had drops to relax his eye muscles when he had them tested. He already had glasses, but these were just for close up work and were only +1.75? i think.
Additional Details
I don't intend to not get him to wear them, but was thinking of seeking a second opinion. He says wearing them makes things blurry when looking round generally..surely that isn't right. he should be able to see clearly with them?

He should wear the glasses as much as possible specially until the age of 8. After that, he can start to wear only when he feels necessary.

Dr Keith
We put the drops in to relax the focusing system and get an accurate prescription.
the problem is that when the drops wear off the system is straining to keep the vision Clear and then doesn't want to relax when he puts the prescription on. A jump from +1.75 to +5.25 is huge and it may just be too much for his system to handle. I would go back and have the doctor bump it back a little. It is extremely important for a 5 year old with that prescription to wear them all the time. His visual system is still developing and not wearing them will affect his vision in a negative way for the rest of his life.


I was very long sighted as a child and had to wear glasses for reading. The problem cleared up in about 5 years.

OSU Optometry
Children's eyes can change in a very short time, usually during growth sperts, so it's not out of the ordinary for his eye to change that much. It's best for him to wear the glasses all the time. With out them his eyes will be working that much harder to see up close so it would do more harm for him not to wear his glasses. Since the purpose is to correct his vision to see how a person with perfect vision (20/20) would see, so it's best to keep them on all the time.

something new
It is absolutely vital he does. under the age of 8 his eyes are still only getting used to seeing. if he doesn't get the full correction all the time now, his retina will become under stimulated and not develop to the same level as you or I. by the time he is eight it will be 'hard wired' and he will never be able to see as well. Also, because he is young he has a very flexible crystalline lens (the focussing lens inside the eye) and can accomodate for this prescription which is why his prescription may have seemed less and have not shown symptoms. however this strain will inevitable mean he stops using one of his eyes and will gain a convergent squint (can you imagine what the kids in school will treat him like then!). Its only for a couple of years and see your optician at the most every 6 months.


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