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melissa f
My son can't get his contacts in his eyes without them folding. He's a beginnner (12 years old).?
Are different brands of contact lenses easier to get in than others? The girl who showed him how at his optomistrist's office wasn't of much help in instructing him. Does it help if your look up while inserting the lens? He is very frustrated. Also, he has a hard time seeing up close with them in. Without contacts or glasses, he can see close up just fine. Thanks!

Dennis D
No, theyre all pretty much the same way. I've had many different brands in the last 6 years. They should have trained him at the place where you got his prescription. You should bring him back to that place and have them show him the proper way of putting them on.

wow i feel like im at work right now haha. ok here is what he should do. if he is a righty then he should put the contact on her right index finger with his left hand he should hold up his upperlids and with the middle finger of his right hand he should hold the lower lids the reason for this is so that he can not blink and his eyes can stay open. i suggest he looks at one thing whethere he is looking in the mirror or not just focus on one thing keep his ifinger and eye steady....go toward his eys.. once he has it in dont blink right away cause there is an air bubble and if he blinks it will come out so make sure to look where he just put in and roll eyes around then blink...also if he his cls have a lot of moisture in in thats why they curl up..its a good thing but he just has to know how to handle it but if you feel its a prib you should maybe have his brand switches...looking up is a great idea if he cant look straight ahead thats the second road i take usually they keep their eyes open wider like that....if he gets frustrated just try and encourgae him or hill get discouraged wuickly and wont want to wear cls. hope that helps...good luck! =)

danielle m
If he can see without glasses or contacts why does he need them. And he probably cant see throught them becasue hes either putting them in wrong, bad brand of lenses, or the optomistrist messed the order up. Try using Acuview lenses. My sis wears them and says they're perfect. And of course he's going to have a bit of trouble putting them in at first because he's a beginner but he just has to keep practicing.

Make sure he has it on the tip of one of his fingers and make sure the contacts are wet but not dripping... look in the mirror and look straight..dint look at the contact.
with another finger on same hand bring the lower lid down very little go straight into eye..Then once its in close the eye and tap the outside of the eye a little a few times then open eye and see if its in the right spot..it takes time for learning contacts but he will get the hang of it..And you can also take him back where he got them and they will show him again.

I have had the same problem with mine, as I was once a beginner with contacts.
The folding is usually due to trying to put the contacts in too hard, not properly holding your eye open and them hitting your eyelash, or when putting them on your finger too hard.

To solve these, my procedure is to put it on the finger I'm going to use to put in my contact, then switch it to the other finger as I wipe my first finger off. then I gently pick it off the other finger and onto the finger I'm going to use making sure the contact is not too dented on my fingertip at the bottom. Next, I hold open the eye with my two middle fingers (making sure the area around my eye or finger isn't wet) with the middle finger on the hand my contact is on, and hold the bottom lashes and the other hand holding the top.
Use a mirror to help and if it doesn't go in smoothly at first, repeat the process.

As for close-ups, I really don't know the cause of that. My prescription makes it somewhat difficult to look at my finger print or clearly look through my camera lens, but I'll usually take them out to read or for something that involves close-up-and-personal work.

Hope that helps!

i use lenses and was told to look up while putting them in, but for me it didn't really make any difference, i could get them in just fine by looking ahead. i assume you mean they fold once he thinks they are in and he blinks or something. i find this sometimes happens when the lenses are too dry, make sure they are dripping with solution. this will help with a good connection with the eye. one thing is also, don't be afraid to literally place the lense on your eye, as long as you do this lightly you wont hurt your eyes; i know some people are scared of touching their eyes to make sure the lense is fully on the eye.

my friend had the same problem with her contacts and she couldn't ever get them in so she looked online for picture on how to do it (that's not what i'm suggesting) What he needs to do is place the contact on his right index finger and while using his left hand by pulling his top eyelid up place the contact some peopledo prefer to look in a certain direction but you can just look straight becase I think that's probably eaiser. Hope I could Help

Justin H
What I do is place the lens on the index finger of the hand opposite the eye I'm putting it in. I place the palm of my other hand on my forehead and use 1-2 finger to pull the top eyelid up. Then as I move the lens toward my eye, I use my middle finger to pull down my lower lid.

If my description doesn't help, let me know and I would be happy to make a video showing what I do.

angie w
Make sure his hands are dry, and get all of the excess moisture off of the lens before trying to put it in. That always made mine fold up when I first started.

He should be able to see close up with the lenses in. Are his eyes really watery? That could be affecting his vision. You should call the optometrist about that.

Good luck to him.

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