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 Is it called blinking when your eyes are shut?
and if it is not what is it called?
Additional Details
i mean when you close your eyes for a long time and the muscles in your eyes feel like they are ...

 How do you stop the progression of myopia?

 Specsaver cost?
how much is the current specsaver eye ...

 Do i need glasses?
i went to the doctors and they said that i should go to the eye doctor before i go to school
well my eye sight is
20/25 and my right eye is 20/30
do i need glasses?...

 My eye started burning while I put in my contacts, why?
I took one of my contacts out of the container, put solution on it and cleaned it. After I figured out I had it on the right side I put it in and my eye started burning and I could not open my eye. F...

 My mom is taking me to the eye doctor tomorrow. I probably will have to have glasses. What are glasses like?
Any experince, pros and cons.
Thanks in advance.
Additional Details
Thanks for all your answers, the were all so helpful. I am going in less then 2 hours and feel a lot better.

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currently im wearing glasses and it makes me feel really self-...

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 I am geting contacts today ? need your help?
i am geting contacts and i am scared that i am gonna poke my self in the eye and how am i gonna take them out?
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i have a bad eyesite dose it matter if its bad or not or ...

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 ??? about my eye?
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 Tomatoes eatable?
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 What causes " floaters " in my vision ?

Ceryl W
My prescription has changed but only in one eye, is that usual?
My prescription has changed by -.50 today. Now it's -2 and -3. Is that better than -1.50 and -3?

Is it better that the overall level is higher rather than having such a big difference between? After a while without glasses I always felt my eyes were unbalanced Anyone else had that?

Is it odd for just one eye to change?

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It is quit common to have two different prescriptions, and for one to change, but not the other. Be happy you can have your vision corrected with eye glasses. .

Its normal. My left eye is -4 but my right is only -2.50. It all depends on what is causing your bad eyesight.

green eyes
It is very common to have different Rxs in each eye, it's not a big deal

No, it's not odd. One eye just got a bit worse that's all.

No, it is not odd at all.
I just had my yearly eye exam, and my prescription for my contacts have changed as well.
I have really bad astigmatism and I am slightly nearsighted.
My prescription was -0.50 in both eyes this time last year.
Now my left eye is -0.75 and my right eye is still the same based on my newly ordered contacts.
My eyesight is not nearly as bad as some, but I have horrible headaches due to the fact that my eyesight is not perfect anymore.

NO!... I've an astigmatism in my one eye so it's always been different.
Also, mine changed when I was pregnant...the doctor told me I was retaining fluid in my eyes during pregnancy..now that was weird lol... after I had my baby and went back later for my yearly visit it had changed cause the fluid was gone...
I've got to go every year to have my contacts changed as I get older they change just a little each time.

My eyes have different prescriptions as well. My right eye has normal vision and does not require any correction and my left eye is PL -1.50 X50. I have a moderate amount of astigmatism in my left eye. I have strabismus and tended to favor my right eye and I think that may have contributed to uneven prescription. I have read that uneven vision is common for people with strabismus.

I have two friends who have greater than a diopter difference between their eyes and both of them also have strabismus as well. Most of the people I know have the same prescription in both eyes or have .50 diopter or less difference difference between them.

no its not odd my eyes r the same way

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