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 A question about my contacts?
I recently got contacts a few days ago. I have no problem putting them in or taking them out, and they are very comfortable. I see great out of my left eye, but I noticed that my right eye is ...

 Can you see better if you hold a piece of paper with a dot in it in front of you.?
I saw on a tv show a man gave someone a piece of paper with a dot on it and they could see better. Is it True?...

 What causes bad eyesight?
is it all genetics or does your lifestyle play a role in it?...

 I Have Floaters (Just One) and I Keep Checking On it, I want To Learn to Ignore it, Please Help?
Well everyday I keep looking at the blue sky to check that my floater is ok!

btw a floater is like a line, or other shape of string thing uyou see in the eye for you people who don't ...

 What cause the discoloration of my eye? i mean the white part not the pupil...how can i make it looks whitier?
white part of my eye look redish , slightly yellowish .. what causes it? please share your knowledge on this......

 I'm seeing a flashing curved line of light...(for optometrist, eye doctor)?
in my left eye. It's actually in the corner of my eye. I wear glasses and have astigmatism and I've never experienced this. It's bothering somewhat since it obstructs my vision where ...

 Uh blue or green?
i want blue or green contacts
but i have rly gud eyesight

so is it ok


plus how much do they cost?

are they irritable?<...

 Does insurance pay for eyeglasses?
my mom talked to walmart vision department, and they said that insurance will not pay for prescription glasses, is this true, my mom is 43 years old and has trouble reading things, so she bought ...

 Contacts safety?
yeah, i have contacts that last for a year
well, i just got it 2 years ago december 31 2006, then it past december 31 2007
and now it's March 01, 2008
i looked at my contacts (i ...

 Why is it i can see close but not far away?

 If I Cross My Eyes Will They Get Stuck That Way?

 Who Qualifies For Lasik Eye Surgery?

 Can I buy prerscription glasses over the internet?
what are some good sites??...

 Anyone ever had a lens implanted into their eye?
I've had a cornea graft on my right eye to remove fairly severe kerataconus and my next op is to implant a plastic lens into my right eye to improve the vision. i think my lens will be coming ...

 If i go to college and major in ophthalmology?
Im now a junior in highschool and my grades are very poor. Im a C student who is about rank 150/220 in class. If i go to college and study this field, can i become a docter? Can i make something of ...

 One pupil bigger than the other?
My eyes have been messed up since I was little. The pupil in my right eye is almost always slightly bigger than the pupil in my left eye. I also have blue eyes but I have a thick brown line in my ...

 I want to wear glasses....?
....but i don't need to....i have 20/20 vision....i know it seems wierd but i just like the way i look when i have glasses on....anyways.....whats the minumum magnifying number there is out ...

 I have something in my eye!?
How can i get it out?
I don't have any of those solution to wash my eyes!...

 Pink eye won't go away?
I've had pink eye for like the past 2 months and the first month i didn't get treated for it and then it went away, 2 days later it came back and then i got eye drops from the doctor 2 ...

 Colored contacts?
where can i get them without a prescription?
Additional Details
where online i ...

My pink eye won't go away, why?
I have been to a doctor, I have used drops. I haven't used makeup at all, no contacts, changed pillowcase every day. And it has been 8 days. My eye, is very swollen, and red. Help!

jess w
i would take a second trip to the doctors

Juan Pablo R
maybe the swelling is because you have conjuntivitis or somethin' like that
sorry if I can't help you

its probably not pink eye its so amazing that everyone thinks they have pink eye go to a different doctor for 2nd opinion what eye Drops did they give u i am curious? does your eye itch?

you need to have your eye poked out


go nd see the doc agen and tell them, what a$$wipes


true viral "pink eye" lasts about 8-10 days, so if you really have "pink eye" its very possible that you're still not out of the woods.

the other possibility is...that its not true viral "pink eye"...that is something else. dozens (hundreds?) of causes for red eyes in humans.

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