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 I lost my glasses, help please?
OMG! I lost my glasses a few months ago and my eyesight is getting worser and so is my education. I CANNOT FIND THEM ANYWHERE and my parents yelling at me and they gonna buy me another pair which is ...

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 My eyes hurt when I'm using the Internet for a long time. Can it be damaging my eyes permanently and?
and are there any special glasses I can wear or anything I can do to stop this problem? thanks!...

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My left eye has been twitching all day. Any ideas why?...

 Is it possible for a guy to give himself head?
just ...

 How much is Lasik Eye Surgery?
How much is it?

Also how does the procedure work?...

 How much does a pair of prescription glasses cost if I don't have insurance?
Does it matter than I'm near sighted and i think it's -1.oo?
I'm in new york city and it can barely tell the cross streets sometimes which gets annoying so I want to just swing by ...

 Can you get colored eye contacts without needing glasses?
I have 20/20 vision, but i dont like my eye color (plain ol' brown), i want green or blue, or maybe even a gary-ish type color....

 Bad eyes from computer screen?
Is there something you can buy to stop your eyes from hurting when looking at the screen for long periods of time? If yes, where can you buy it?...

 What is wrong with my eyes??
My eyes have been red for almost a month now, and near the edges of my iris the redness is a bit blurry which could be due to my contact lenses (acuvue 2's)....I was wondering what could this be ...

 Is it normal to have headaches?
I got glasses yesterday (Yay!), but after wearing them, even for short periods of time, they often cause me to have moderate headaches....

 Is lasik eye surgery bad?
my eye doctor said it wouldn't be a good idea cause i have astigmatism and a lazy eye ...

 I have a twitchy eye its driving me mad?
It started about a week ago, it feels like something is in it but i can't see anything , i can just feel it twitching does anyone know what is causing it.
Additional Details
I do ...

 My eyes are stinging me! i'm facing the computer screen, i'm on it quite alot, should i cut down abit?

 What is wrong with my eye?
This is really hard to explain, so I can assume that it's harder to imagine. But for the past couple of weeks, there is something in my field of vision in my right eye. It's like two ...

 What is the purpose in life?

 Is it possible to have a multi coloured eye?
like one eye brown the other one ...

 What are ways I can worsen/lose my eyesight?

 Do you have green eyes & are they pretty?

Making your vision blurry?
I can make my vision become blurry....I do it [not always because something tells me it's not healthy for them] but not sure how. How does the eye do it?
Additional Details
I didn't say I did it 24/7. I said sometimes, [but I only really did it like 5 times in my whole life.] And now I'm wondering about it.

you need glasses if they start doing that

I can do that 2 but i don't know how the eye does it

Lara B
when you look straight ahead your vision is clear, but if you look diffrent directions with both eyes, it gets blurry. For example try looking at your nose with both eyes, itll get blurry.

Post also the meaning of "blurry"

depends what you are focusing on. The eye tries to give a picture to the brain but it may have two focal points or maybe only 1 eye can see it.

One dollar and NINE CENTS!!!!!
I think it would actually be the brain doing it. Making the eyes unfocused.

Cross your eyes = blurry vision.
Eye strain sometimes causes it, too.

you are crossing your eyes and/or focusing on something closer to you making everything behind it seem blurry

I can make your vision blurry too.....

What, like when you look at one of those 3D pictures like on that Seinfeld episode?

You're relaxing your eye muscles. No big whoop. If it doesn't hurt physically, then it probably doesn't hurt your eyesight and it might even be good to work those little muscles.

The eyes blur the vision by focusing the lense differently.

Sort of how having a magnifying glass too far away from your target blurs it.

Note for example that when you blur your vision, objects really far away don't blur that much. compared to close range.

You are unfocusing, aka soft focusing. There is actually a way to use this to expand your panoramic vision. We use it in animal tracking a lot. It actually exercises your eyes.

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