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 Glasses and sunglasses at the same time?
Ok my mom wont let me get contacts so in the summer how do i wear my glasses and sunglasses at the same time?
oh and i dont want those gay *** transition lenses or whatever

and if i ...

 I'm getting contacts soon. How hard is it to learn how to use them?

 Is there a way to remove sratches off the lenses of glasses?
me and my roommate are having this discussion he believe there is a way . some kind of spray. i do not is there a way or is it impossible.to me once they are scratched they are scratched....

 What are the disadvantages of using contacts?
..and what can happen if you use an expired contacts?...

 Do people that have 20/20 vision see you, the way you see yourself when you have glasses on?
No talking about how the glasses makes my face look different....

 What can contact lense wearers do to prevent hayfever getting to eyes?
wear contacts tried pills cant see through eyes when they ...

 Is not blinking harmful for the eyes?

 Does squinting make your vision clearer? If so, why?
When somebody has a hard time reading something, I always see them squinting to see it. As someone who wears glasses, I'm sure I do it myself. I was just wondering if squinting actually helps ...

 I want colored contacts?
So i've been wearing glasses for the last 6 years. im getting so sick of wearing them! i think i look completely dorky -- and i only wear them when i drive and when i need to see the board. My ...

 Color contacts?
I'm going soon for an eye exam......I'm wondering if I do need glasses, could I just get color contacts? Do they make prescription color contacts? Also, is there anything else to consider ...

 Momentarily blind?
ok well sometimes i cant see for a few seconds. it doesnt go black but it's like the fuzzies you see on your TV. this will happen for maybe 10 seconds tops at a time. it doesnt happen extremely ...

 Contact lenses for kids?
My 8 year old daughter wears thick glasses (vision is like 20/300) and would like to wear contacts. She is a beautiful little girl inside and out but has been called "four eyes" at school a ...

 How To Bypass This Law? Anyone? RX For Contact Lenses.?
I tried to order contacts from lens.com today, I just ordered 6 months worth in Jan. of this year from this site and they have my RX on file. They said my last eye doctor refused to fax my RX that is ...

 What Color Contacts Should I get 4 my B-day?
ok well i have the same skin tone as the singer Ashanti so from that you can tell im Black. Right now i have dark brown eyes but for my birthday in May im going 2 get some Contacts.What color ...

 Could I be nearsighted?
I'm 16, I've never had an eye-test or my eyes checked. I have difficulty seeing far away, everything seemed to blur together, but when I get closer it focused. I discovered that if I ...

 I am having problem focusing (eye matter)?
i am having difficulty to focus on things.sometimes it takes me 2 seconds just to see the things that i am seeing. i think my eye muscles are too weak to see things. and i also become sensitive to ...

 Color contacts?
what do i ask my eye doctor if i am interseted in getting colored contacts?

is there a way to try the colors on before you chose, or do you have to know the color you want?

does ...

 Bloodshot eyes?
I need to know how to get rid of bloodshot eyes caused by smoking pot. I know eyedrops work but is there any other solution to get rid of it or make it not so noticable?...

 Color blind?
Is there any cure, or treatments for this?...

 I wear specticles(glasses) becoze my eyesight is weak frm 13age.now iam 17. is there solution to escape glass.
i want to do operation so that i dont wear glasses. how about laser operation. i have heared of it.is it proper with me.how does it work. and at what age is it better....

Long hair damage eyesight?
I'm a guy with long hair. My bangs come a bit down in front of my eyes, which doesn't bother me considering I just brush them out of the way and it's fine. However, my grandmother insists that this will damage my eyesight, which sounds completely ridiculous to me, but I unfortunately have no real proof that it does not.

Could having long hair that hangs in your eyes possibly damage your eyesight?

This depends. If you are an adult, your bangs should not affect your eyesight (except ofcourse the obvious - that they are obstructing some view). A young child with a long fringe covering one eye however shouldnt be recommended as equal visual stimulus is required for both eyes for both of them to develop properly.

Having said that however, having long fringes increases the chance of it scratching against the front part of the eye and also introducing bacteria - and thus may result in an eye infection. Worse case scenario: this eye infection may result in blindness, though most can be treated if detected early.

no effect.

Well it may be a coincidence, but I have very long bangs that I used to part so the bulk was over my left eye.
I am almost blind in this eye now (I am 37). I do have a medical condition that causes swelling by the optic nerve, the swelling got very bad and my vision was disintegrating rapidly.
Today my right eye is pretty good but the left is very very bad.
I did ask the eye specialist if part of my vision issue was caused by my hair. And he said perhaps, but with my medical condition he really couldn't say for sure but it was possible.
Since my hair covered my eye and I was straining that eye to see thru the obstruction of hair.
If you have noticed any decrease in vision, or feel that it may be an issue, then change your hair style, just to be safe.

September Sweetie
I have heard that bangs can interfere with your vision....the bangs getting in the way not the health of the eye....maybe, that's what your grandma is trying to say.

Long hair does not harm the health of the eye but can get in the way of your vision. Just pull your bangs back in a clip when around your grandma!

Flying Dragon
I don't think your grandmother is worried about the ends of the hair poking your eyes and causing damage, I think she just doesn't like you with long hair. Tell her "I have the perfect way to to solve the problem you mentioned; I'll let my hair grow even longer; if I wear it shoulder-length, it won't poke into my eyes any more!"

Seriously; lots of people (women and guys) have those kind of bangs and they aren't going blind; I wouldn't worry about it.

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