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 Can you store contactc lenses in water?
I am at work, one is killing me, and i dont have any case or solution. i was going to put it in water just so it doesnt dry up. i will be home in like 3.5 hours. Im not going to just throw it out, i ...

 Thoughts on LASIK surgery?

 Contacts or Glasses?
I'm going to get my eyes checked, and I'm wondering if I should get glasses or contacts, or both.

I can touch my eye with my fingers and put eyedrops in with relative ease, and ...

 Why are they doing this...?
ok well last wk at skool me and my friends were outside talking and listening to music and stuff. well then out of nowwhere one of my contacts came off my eye and got like lost under the eyelid. i ...

 What's it mean when.....?
What's mean when your bottom eyelid twitches?
Additional Details
but i love to ...

 Safe to leave contacts in longer then the doctor says?
The doctor told me that I can only leave my contacts in for 4 hours a day, increasing by 2 hours each day. Tomorrow I would like to wear them to school and it will be an 8 hour day, but I am only ...

 I have a cataract in my right eye?
If i just leave it there and don't get it surgically removed will I go blind and die?...

 My mother has been complaining of seeing green when she wakes from naps. Any ideas?

 Do people with a lazy eye have better peripheral vision?

 How did you tell your parents you needed glasses?
just wondering your story
i need to tell my mom and dont know how, ...

 What is involved in the contact lense teaching session, anyone want to tell there stories?

 What would happen if an orange peel squirt you in the eye or orange juice?
would your vision get mest up?...

 Where can i get cheap contacts?

 Can I use contacts, even if I have a Lazy eye?
I have a lazy eye. My question is if i can use contacts, or will i have to wear glasses all my life (im not old enough for eye surgery). I can see better with my left eye than my right.

 Eyeglasse question! please answer!?
ok so 2 yrs. ago i needed glasses. the next year i still wore them. but this year i know my eyes have gotten a lot better but they are not perfect. i really never wear my glasses anymore. should i be ...

 Glasses question?
I seem to need glasses...not becuase I can't see things that are far away, but becuase close stuff like books or sheet music is blurry, hard to read and gives me weird headaches...but when I ...

 Sometimes I don't feel comfortable with my glasses. Should I switch to contacts?
My prescription is very strong, -10 on both eyes. Although i wear high-index glasses, it still looks a bit thick especially when i look down. I feel like it makes me look like a nerd. I got the metal-...

 I have a lazy right eye, only when tired though. Any fixes?
i am only 14...

 Glasses = Geeky?!?!?
It's really offending that whenever in a t T.V. show they give a geeky person glasses. I mean lots of people have glasses that doesn't have to mean that they are really smart and nobody is ...

 Optician has messed up my eye prescription - how do I get them to pay for it?
I had an eye test at D&A about a month ago it was:

R Sph -2.00 Cyl -.50 axis 150 (*should be 130*)
L Sph -2.25 Cyl -.25 Axis 40

Previous pxn - the one i am comfortable ...

Is it normal for eyes to get lighter in color?
My eye color is getting lighter. They used to be dark brown when I was younger, but are now turning hazel, which is weird. Is that normal?
Additional Details
Maybe I am going blind. My eye color is closer to my moms now, and she needs a magnifiying glass to read.

Lily Y

Certainly, especially if you're going blind.

Its normal...mine go from light to dark, depending on my mood

maby its the colors you are waring now, my eyes r Hazel and when i warer green my eyes turn green

srry for misspells

Gradually as you get older, yes.
Overnight, no.

Melanie P
Some peoples eyes change over time. Different pigmentation over time. It's pretty normal I think. mines went from dark to light brown.

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