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 Can I drive home with one contact lens in?
My contact lens was bothering me so I took it out. Now it won't go back in. My prescription in both eyes is the same, -3.50. You think I'm safe to drive home after work? It's ...

 Can anyone interprete my eye prescription?
R: Sph: -0.75, Cyl: -0.50, Axis: 115
L Sph: -1.00, Cyl: -0.25, Axis: 90

How bad is my eye sight? Is it common for the cyl and axis values to be imperfect, even in normal eyesight? W...

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 Do i need to see an eye specialist if i commonly see tiny streaks of light and flashes of lights (or colours)?
They aren't floaters and i usually see spots or visuals which are similar to those seen after a a camera flash or bright light.
I also have migraine and i used to think they were related ...

 Please help me get over my fear of contacts?
Currently I wear glasses; I have for about 4-5 years.
Well, I really want to get contacts, and my parents[who both wear contacts], support it.
HOWEVER, I am dreadfully afraid of putting ...

 Contact Lenses Solution?
On the contact lenses solution bottle, it says "discard 90 days after opening". Will it do any harm if I still use it even though it's already after 90 days?
Additional Details

 Is rinsing contact lens cases in water safe?
My optometrist told me to rinse the contact lens case in warm/hot water. However, I'm concerned of bacteria or other organisms that could potentially be in the water and could therefore affect ...

 After getting out of a hot bath my vison has been very fuzy and big bright rainbow halos around lights?
I just got out of a bath and since i got out like all my vison is super blurry and fuzzy...theres weird huge light rainbow halos around lights im really freaked out...im 21 years old, healthy weight ....

 My eye sight is weak, I has -5 glasses. I want to improve my eye sight, please suggest.?

 What vitamins are vital for healthy eyesight?
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 How will you explain to a blind man the difference between black and white?
what yah think? ^_^...

 Has anyone done the lasik eye surgery?
im planning to do it,,any suggestions?...

 My 4 year old squints sometimes when he watches tv. Should I get his eyes checked?

 Eye lash in my eye!?
Had one this morning tried to get it out.....and just like all the others before it.......it went behind my eye. Do you think one day I may get a huge hair ball behind my eye!!!!!!!!!?...

 Besides for looking good, why else would contacts be better than glasses?
i wanna try to convince my mom to get me contacts, so i need some good reasons why i should have them instead of glasses .. if there are any ..?...

 My eye doctor said I don't need glasses, then why...?
why am I having trouble reading with my bifocals and regular vision?
I told him everything is blurry, and he said I am making it up, because I can see fine. The lines on the test he did, were ...

 How do you explain to someone who has been blind all their life about sight?
If somebody was born blind, how do you explain to them that they are blind, and everybody else can see the things that they cannot, and can they understand this?...

 Is it a wise choice to get glasses?
my eye sight is pretty bad.
I sit toward the front of the classroom and still can't read what's written on the overhead unless I squint.

according to my friends,

 My son needs a hearing aid and his only 7 is this right?
my son needs a hearing aid and his only 7 is this ...

 Got my 1st pair of contacts today & it seems like i can see farther&better with my glasses rather than contact
did my eye doctor mess up on the exam or is this what happens on the first day of wearing contacts?...

Is it necessary to throw away make up after pink eye is cleared up?

yes. the virus strain was in your system before the pink eye showed, so there is a good chance it is in your make-up, too. Especially is you used the eye make-up while you had pink-eye.

It has been strongly recommended to me to get rid of my eye makeup and any eye creams that I used within the couple of days prior to the red eye symptoms of pinkeye. It would not matter if it was viral or bacterial...if it touched your eye, the item is contaminated, lid liners, mascaras, even eyeshadows and coverup (if you use it for any bags under eyes like I do). Also any lash curlers should be sterilized or thrown out.

Both viral and bacterial conjunctivitis (pinkeye) are very, very contagious and spread quickly.

I would.
Mascaras aren't that desirable. they only last three to six month anyhow

Eyeshadows are a bit different. And it would be limited what you would have used during the course of this.

I would discard all eye products that you used in the 2-3 days before your symptoms began.

Victoria O
yes i would get rid of it.

UGA go dawgs
yes you will get it again so throw it away or not thats your choice but i would

Depending on what type of pink eye you contracted! Allergic conjunctivitis is due to airborne allergens and is not contagious. I
f you have conjunctivitis also known as pink eye that is a bacterial infection or viral infection... then yes throw away your makeup to avoid re infecting your eyes again.
Also make sure you wash your pillow case and anything that has come in to contact with your eye. Throw out any makeup or products that have come into contact with your eyes as well.
If you are not sure what type of conjunctivitis (pink eye) you have contracted then it is better to be safe rather then sorry and throw out your makeup.

I know that using someone else's mascara is a big no-no in terms of developing infections (germs are all over the mascara wand), so I would recommend throwing away anything that you used near your eyes while you had pink eye.

♥♥Mrs SSG B♥♥
Yes. The contacts become contaminated and after your infection has cleared up, you can reinfect yourself. Probably a good idea to throw the lenses AND the case away...just to be sure. You should also discard any eye make-up because you could have contaminated the make-up and the applicator.

jamie k
yes, in order not to reinfect yourself it is necessary to discard all eymakeup and or contacts that where used during or before you knew you had pink eye.

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