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 Help with contacts?
well i'm getting contacts for my birthday this year. It's in a couple of months and i've heard that they irritates you're eyes. can people tell me their experience with ...

 3 1/2 wk old with teary eye?
Has anyone done anything on their own for this? Her eye is not closed shut its not that bad at all just a bit teary in one eye i have wiped it away about twice for the day. I do have a pediatrician ...

 Contacts questions?
Is it true that when you first get contacts that it really bugs and annoys your eyes?And what is the average amount of time it takes to get used to them?
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 How do I get a 3 yo to wear her eye patch for more then 5 minutes?
i have a 3 yo with strabismis the only thing that will help her right now is to wear a eye patch, she puts it on herself and we all tell her how great she looks and then she goes in the laundry room ...

 Big Brothers Mikey,he is really from north wales.have you ever been to north wales?????????????
ive been there its a fun action packed city.do you /have you/been to it?
Additional Details
he is welsh and tries not to be.he fakes her accent.beware of him!!!!!!!!!...

 Why won't people look at me in the eye?
When I'm talking with girls or boys, they never look at me when I'm speaking to them. Its kinda weird and I'm wondering what does it mean. thanks.
Additional Details
Well, ...

 Something has been stuck in my eye for 3 hours but I can't see it!! PLESE HELP ME!!!?
my eyes keep tearing, no redness, but i cannot get it out, its not an eyelash!! i cant see it! its in the right corner(towards the nose) of my left eye!!!!!! please help me? is it seriuos? is it an ...

 Contacts give me your oppinion:?
i entered a contest again and i posted a question about it earlier but it got removed somehow? any way

i entered a music contest heres my entry:


 How bad is my eyesight?
My prescription is -9.00 is my left eye and -8.50 is my right eye. I am very well aware that this is bad, but I've never been able to get my optometrist to give me a straight answer about just ...

 Astigmatism and contact lenses?
My optician tells me that my contact lenses won't correct my astigmatism which is why my vision is poorer when wearing them. Are there any contact lenses which will correct this. I wear S...

 I have long eye lashes and they hit my safety glasses and then get in my eye any ideas?
thanks for your ...

 Can you change your eye color without useing contact lenses?
i hate my brown eyes and im tired of using contact lenses im woundering if theres anytype of surgery i can take to get like a green natrual looking eye without the ...

 Do you need a prescription to get colored contatcs?
I dont wear glasses or anythign but i ust wnated to try chanign eye colors for somehting new.
i have very dark brown/black eyes and would liek to lighten them to grayish/hazel.greenish or ...

I just got contact lenses and they're great...except they keep drying out. Any suggestions on how to keep them from continuously drying out?
Additional Details
I use Acuvue and the ...

 Lazy eye???
if you have a eye that goes lazy can you still see out of it???...

 When You Close Your Eyes At Night....?
What are those swirling, patterned colors you see? They often move slowly & change color....

 I lost my contacts for 16 hours!?
I lost my contacts for 16 hours, it was still a little moist and wrinkly. Will I ever be able to wear it? I seriously have to because I don't have any pairs and I'm going to be on a ...

 Why do I have bloodshot eyes when I just got new glasses?
I just got new glasses today, I usually where contacts. Now my eyes are blood shot and kind of sore....

 Sometimes I swear I can see organisms floating either on my eye or in the air when light reflects on my eye a?
One in particular I have been seeing looks similar to the streptococci bacteria and it wiggles around. Are these actually on my eye, and is there any explination for this?
Additional Details...

 Why must contacts be replaced monthly?
I wear contacts, and I wear the same pair for a month before I have to throw the pair away and wear a new one for another month. But why? I never notice a difference in how well I see with them in at ...

Is it bad to wear my contacts too long??
I usually wear my contacts for 14 hours a day. Is it bad and please explain y??
Additional Details
for too long**

its is not good to wear the contacts for too long period actually it may hurt your eye site...... wear it when require as you r reading or watching video.....

Dawn R
You can wear disposables for up to fourteen hours per day for up to two weeks then you need to dispose of them .

definitely you're wearing your contacts for too long. The maximum you should wear for contact is 12hours no matter what the instructions / marketing gimmicks the brand says.
Exceeding that, you're subjecting your eyes to oxygen deficiency - your eyes won't be able to ' breathe'. You will get dry eyes sooner or later. If the condition of dry eyes drag on, your eyes will soon bleed too. That was what happened to me.

Just read the related article in my blog http://contactlense4eyes.blogspot.com/, which may be useful I think.

Yes, cos the eye will be lack of oxygen flow. use silicone lenses. thery are the best for long hrs wearing...

i don't think it's bad as long as you're cleaning them at night... bacteria could be a problem. i hated taking my contacts out at night so i started with extended wear which are changed less often. now i wear "night and day" lenses you can keep in for about a month -- clean every few weeks.... i'm happy with these

Erwin S
Follow the manufacturer's instructions, there are contacts that can be worn for many hours. The problem may be that the cornea, the surface they attach to, may become sensitive and red eyes, aches and lots of tear may be the result. Infection is the next step.

YES! I worked in an optometric office for years and i can't count the amount of times people came in with problems for wearing their contacts for too long. Once in a while is forgivable, but it doesn't let your eye "breath" properly and can also cause infection. If you hate taking the in and out, there is a brand called "night-and-day" which allow in more oxygen into the eye and can be worn for longer periods of time.

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