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 Why aren't our eyes damaged when the eye doctor shines that bright light in our eyes during eye exams?
Shouldn't this cause damage?...

 How much do lenses for astignmatism cost?
I really hate how I look with glasses and I want to wear lenses, but I have really bad astigmatism and people say they are going to be expensive. Can u give me any idea about the price?...

 Is there laser eye surgery for -1.75 power?????
im planning to go for laser eye surgery but i heard dat if ur eye sight power is just -1.75 den u cant have it done:( can smbdy please give me some info on it whether i can go for it or not???...

 How do I check for Lazy Eye?
Well, I'm near-sighted, with mild astigmatism. My left eye, which is worse (my left eye is -3.00 and my right eye is -2.75). I think my left eye may be the "lazy eye" because someone ...

 Computer hurts my eyes??
The computer really hurts my eyes and so do bright lights and I think I need glases/contacts!! A few years ago at school they did an eye test and I passed everything except this one part where the ...

 Going blind?
I am a diabetic of 14 years, and i'm getting these spots in my vision (like little circles) that are dark in one eye, and in the opposite eye are very bright and flicker. I've been to the ...

 Tips For Putting In Contacts?
Ok so I just got contacts in and I'm having a little trouble getting them in. I don't have a problem holding my eyes open. I can seem to get the contact to stop sticking to my finger. F...

 Contact lense help!!!!?
i have really small eyes and i put my contacts in inside out once and broke a blood vessel. now i'm terrified of wearing contacts again. my small eyes really make it hard to wear contacts ...

 To people who wear contacts?
do they make your eyes dry out?

make your eyelids puffy?

is it true they can only be worn for 2 weeks? (disposables)

or is that a scam to get you to buy more often?<...

 What does Third Eye look like?
No im not talking about the band.
When i close my eyes in the middle of my forhead i see a dark
purple dot and blue clored stuff moving around.Isnt Third eye supposed to blue.And i havn...

 Contacts or Glasses?
Which do you prefer and why? I'm wearing glasses right now because of my right eye and if I got contacts I would only have to wear one over my right eye....

 Have you ever had a contact go to the back of your eye?
what happened?
How did you get it out?...

 Do I have to pay for glasses with an exemption card?
I know i get a free test but was wondering if i get the glasses free too.
I get free perscriptions so do glasses perscription come under the same heading....

 Should i get contacts?
ok well ive had glasses since i was about 9 now im 13 goin on 14 i want to wear contacts becuz havin glasses are so annoying. also im in numerous sports and they get soo annoying wen i play


 Help! Bubblegum stuck in my eye!?
What do I do? I can't get it out because when I pull it hurts and I can't shut my eyelid and my eyes are drying. What do I do? This hurts and I can't get it out....

 Are your eyes big or small when they're dilated?
I've been drunk a couple of times. And I never really found out if your pupils are big or small if they're dilated. This is stupid question, but please do help. It'd be nice :D...

 Contact under eyelid?
I've lost my contact under my eyelid before, but I always feel it stuck there and it comes out in a few seconds...today it happened but it didn't come out...but I didn't feel anything ...

 Do I get my contact right away?
I'm going to do my eye exam and fitting for contact in a few days, I was just wondering. Do I get my contact lenses right away? ( like a tester) or I have to wait like a glasses?
NB: i have ...

 I have very dry/ itchy eyes.?
How do i get rid of it?

I wear contacts,
but they are itchy even when the contacts aren't in.

It's been like this for about 3/4 days....

 LASIK Eye surgery.... can I get it although I've never worn glasses?
(Or contact lenses?) I know I'll have to have my eyesight evaluated to see if I'm a good candidate. I feel that my eyesight has deteriorated quiclky over last couple of years; and I'm ...

If you get your eyes checked at an adjacent optomertist to a store, are you supposed to buy from that store?
I just want to know since i'm getting new glasses on Tues. thanks!

Lori L O^O
You can take your RX anywhere you want to, but keep in mind that the place with the Doctor might be more helpful if you have issues with the RX. The Doctor I work for does very meticulous exams. We rarely rarely have any re dos due to RX changes. If patients get their glasses from us we have a lab that will re do that pair if the rx is not right for a full year. If the pt goes to another place, and that RX is not right (IT HAPPENS!) and they come back to US and we have to figure out what is wrong with them and it is THEIR fault, we charge a service fee for being the detective. So, I laways reccomend having them made where your exam is at, at least for the first pair so you know you can see well. Then take your rx and get your spair at a different lace if you want to. Just do not give away the original of your RX. Give them a photo copy and keep your copy. It makes me mad when someone keeps my original. Pet peeve. But, my pet peeve.

It's not written in stone that you need to buy from the adjacent store.

My current optometrist is right next to Lenscrafters...but I won't pay the Lenscrafters prices (and had another MAJOR problem non eyewear related that I will never be a customer there again for my children)...and I took my prescription elsewhere. My optometrist is very capable and actually gave me my prescription and suggested this other place!! (I'm newer to my area, and didn't know where I should go).

I've been to optometrists at Walmart in former locations, and I did purchase through them, more out of convenience than anything.

If you know of a sale going on this week at an eyewear store, sure! go for the sale prices. I would recommend having them double check the prescription when you pick them up. The store I went to did that for me...no formal eye exam...just read the chart to make sure I was seeing 20/20. I will definitely take my children's prescriptions there if/when they need glasses since I do not anymore.

You could, but you don't HAVE to. I do, since I like my doctor and the people in the shop, but if you're either not satisfied with the people there, the prices, or the styles, then you can go elsewhere, just make sure you have a copy of your prescription.

Buy your glasses where ever you want! Unless your are going to a place that offers free checkups with purchase or something like that then you are not obligated in any way to purchase your glasses at that store.

I get my eyes checked at Costco and get my contacts there. I do not, however, get my glasses there. I don't like the styles and it takes a week to get them.

I go to Lens Crafters. They are ready in only one hour. They have great styles for every budget. They bill some insurance companies. Also, if you don't like how they look (I think it is a 1-month period), they will take the frames back so you can pick something else out.

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