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 Do i have retinal detachment, gray shadow creeping down over left eye's vision?

 Contact lens dry and hard still usable?
I lost my contact lens and just found it 4 hours ago, it was dry and hard, and I've put the solution and let it for couple of minutes and it went soft again. but it is still usable? will it have ...

 Does the Bates method restore eyesight? Or is it a load of BS (opinions please from those that know)?
Hi everyone ...

Does the Bates Method of improving distance vision actually work?

I have seen many books on amazon for under £20 which claim to train and strengthen your eyes ...

 Leaving my contacts in for a month at a time... will it damag my eyes later in life?
Well I have had contacts scince the fourth grade. I use just plain basic acuvee which said that you can leave in for 6 nights. I must admit though.. I am very bad at taking them out. I really only ...

 Do eye exercises help to redue myopia?
i have quite serious myopia.. can u pls tell me if eyes exercises work.. and if they do, where can i learn how to do them?...

 I have brown eyes but I always have red eye in pictures taken of me. Why?
I've read that "red eye" is most common in people with blue or grey eyes. i have dark brown eyes, but I always get red eye (I have yet to see a picture of me where I don't have ...

 How To Make Home Made Contact Lens Solution?
Hello all a few weeks ago I ran out of contact lens solution. I decided that I could make my own since the ingredients are very basic. I found a very clever Recipe on the internet for making homemade ...

 I need glasses?
I have an eye appointment this weekend, and I just want to know what will happen there? (Im only 14 btw)
I'm a bit nervous, I want to be prepared.
Also, would I be able to get contact ...

 Best contact cleaning solution?
I use 1 month disposable toric lenses. It seems like my eyes are red and somewhat irritated alot when i'm wearing my contacts and i'm wondering if i'm using the right cleaning solution....

 What happens when you do not clean your contacts???
i have had my contacts in my eyes for about 2 weeks just was wondering they are not the night and day they are acuvue soemthing i do not remember ...

 When reading a book my eyes become blurry after about 30 minutes. do i need to get my eyes checked, or normal?

 Has anyone got major eye damage from lasik-eye surgery?
I saw a video of the procedure of lasik and omg I don't think I will ever get that done!...

 Are contact lens save?
Lately ive listin in the news and other media that people who weare contacts usually catch or get an infection concerning their eyes, basically i want to know if contacts are safe or not and why?... ...

 What is,"peripheral vision"? and could you explain what it pertains to?

 What makes your vision bad?
I am just wondering what generally is the cause for people for bad vision, my vision is getting slightly bad because I stay on the computer too long but nobody in my famaly wears glasses except for ...

 Contacts are really uncomfortable on me?
i just got them for the first time and the are bothering the crap outta me. dunno what to do. they just dont feel right. could the op could of gave me the wrong size???...

 How do you get rid of astigmatism?

 Need glasses?
ok so i need glasses, i would like to tell my mom today that i need them,
how should i tell her?
how did you tell you parents? (if you did)

the reason im scared to tell her is ...

 My eyes hurt what can i put in them so they can feel better?
i have been on the computer for a long time. it's cuz i need to finish something for tomorrow. i am almost done, but my eyes hurt. what can i put in them or outside them to refresh them.? thanks....

 Please help!!!!?

I had an eye test a while ago and I passed. All the glasses I tried on made the writing that you have too read either more blurry or the same(ish). But recently I couldn't read ...

Cody T
If my eyes dont need a prescription and i wear glasses that have a -1 prescription will my eyesight become bad
i wear them all day and how long would it take for my eyes to become dependent

Depends on your eyes. You damage your eyesight every time you put them on.

over time, it's only age

yeah. because if you dont need them but your wearing them, and if you wear them all day, your brain will tell your eyes to adapt to the prescription. if you wear them for long enough, your eyes will conform to that prescription

john e

Brother Otter
Short term for close work, it shouldn't be a problem. But overcorrecting your vision will strain your eyes in the long run. My optometrist also told me it would put me into bifocals prematurely.

Could you edit and add why exactly you wear them all day if you don't need them?

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