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I want get contacts but...
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im in the UK...

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 Could stopping wearing glassses completely improve eyesight?
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 Do contacts eventually correct your eyes like glasses do ?

 How much do contacts cost?
My eyes are prescripted...
I already had my eye exam done..
So i just need to know how much contacts cost..

Thanks ( :...

I need contacts so do i just get an exam and they fit me for my contacts?

pretty much you put your head on this thing and they measure your lens. easy

when you set your appointment, just tell them that you are coming for contacts and they will set up the exam and yah, u r pretty much right

Yes. They have to measure your eyes to determine the right fit and the perfect brand for the lenses.

Yes you need an exam in order to get contacts, because not everyone can wear them. I went to Sears Optical and was very pleased with their services. They tested my eyes and said that i could were contacts. Then 2 days later they called me to teach me about caring for contacts and how to put them on. That was very helpfull and believe me its is very hard to get them in your eyes. They give you a pair of contacts to take home with a bottle of cleaning solution that comes with a case all for free!. I even tore my contacts the same day but i called them and told to pick up a new pair as soon as possible. Then after a week they call you to see if your eyes have any irration and then they give you your prescription and tell you if you are going to have daily's, week's, or monthly's.
*Remember there is an additional fee besides the eye exam for contacts lenses.
For Sears it was about 50 bucks for the eye exam and 38 bucks for the contacts lens test.

I hope this info helps.

Lori L O^O
Most places do a regular Eye exam and that would include your prescription to get glasses. If you want contacts the corneal evaluation and contact lens fitting fee is a separate charge. This usually includes a pair of trial lenses to wear for a couple of weeks and then a follow up visit to determine if they are what is right for you or not. Once your prescription for your contacts is finalized you can get contacts. Some states require that the Doctor give you the RX for the contacts, some states don't. It depends on your state, and your Doctor's policies. You need to see what your insurance covers and if you can get contacts with your insurance. Some policies you can get contacts, some not, some cover the CL part of the Doctor Visit, some don't. It is up to you to find out your coverage and see what is covered.


They just measure your eyes and unless your eyeballs are completely weird they have different size lenses in office.

I can usually go for the exam and get 6 months worth of contact lenses in one hour.

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