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 If you have a contact in your eye! PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does your eye that you put the contact in drop underneath?
Mine does and it looks HORRIBLE!
I only put one contact in because I am only supposed to put only ONE in my left eye!
And I ...

 My glasses are for 'general wear', what does 'general wear' mean?

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 Help!! I think I have a Lazy Eye...?
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 Who should I see about blepharitis and irritation from contacts?
I am planning to see an eye doctor about a few different minor problems, as well as a routine exam and new prescription. I have had a continuous problem with possibly blepharitis and tiny bumps on my ...

 My eyes normal or not?
Very often for no reason my right eye becomes swollen an then at times it twitches by itself. Does this mean I'll need glasses?

My dad, my parternal grandpa and ma wore glasses and ...

 I'm considering Lasik eye surgery. Does anyone who has had the surgery have good or bad things to say?

 The vision in my left eye isn't as good as my right eye. Does this mean I should get my eyes checked?
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 Bloodshot eyes?
anyone got any advice for bloodshot eyes?

i wear contact lenses usually every day for about 15hours.
my eyes are often bloodshot does anyone know what i can do to stop this?


 Eye twitch?
ok. for the past couple ofweeks my left eye has been twitching slightly...how do i get rid of this?...

 HELP!!!!!!!! contact problems!!!!!!!!!!!?
I need help! i have trouble with getting my contacts out. i just got them yesturday!!!!!!!! my contact was in my eye was in my eye for five hours!!!!! i tryed to get it out like a 100 times!!!! i ...

 If you wear contacts do you need glasses to?
I have worn contacts for four years. I wear them pretty much all day about 16 or 17 hours a dayevery day so I don't have glasses. My perscription isn't horrible it is about -1.5 in each eye ...

 Is this pink eye?
2 days ago (i cant remember if it was 2 days ago or yesterday.)

anyways, ive noticed kind of yellow pink gooy stuff .. were my right eye is. it doesnt hurt, just i kinda feel a lump or ...

 How much do contacts cost?
And how long does a pair last?
I have a sight of around 350 which is moderate if that is at all revelant. Thanks....

 New to contact lenses?
ive been trying to wear contacts for about 2 days but i cant seem to keep them on me. i either put them on wrinkled or folded (most of the time they come in wrinkled which later fold when i blink). P...

 Blood in the white part of my eye?

 Sears $99 Eyeglasses Sale. Too good to be true? "Includes lens,frames...no-line bifocals." Comments?
Tried them? Satisfied? Am ready to buy - please advise....

 Crazy eye thing!?!??!?
my eyes are weird, when i stare at something off at the distance for a while i see these weird circle things, they dont glow, and they resemble bubbles(floating in the air, from a child) theres only ...

 What Colour eyes do you prefer and what colours eyes do u hav?
my teacher used to have one blue eye and one green eye :)
Additional Details
wot joke? she actually has i have greeny blue eyes wiv a tad of brown btw :)...

Terri B
I have a swollen eyelid. Do I need to see an opthamologist for this or a general practitioner?
I am not sure if an opthamologist is more appropriate treat my eyelid. Please help.


opthamologist, call the opthal. office first, and explain it to the nurse, she's tell you who to see.. Unless HMO requires a referral by your GP.

First port of call would best be your local doctor as it could be as simple as an eye infection that could be treated by your doctor. Even if your Doc cant treat it , they will refer you onto an opthamologist anyway.

U can start with ur local GP might be something small, then see what he recomends.

This can be a very temporary condition. I would call my doctor. He/she could tell you if a specialist is needed. An office call is required if you don't have a close relationship with a gp.

jane dough
What's your eyelid swollen for? What happened?
When my son scratched my eye (lense) with a stick, I went to WalMart eye center (walk-ins welcome). She said she usually doesn't check out "injuries" without a doctor's referral. But, with my injury, it was across the lense of my eye, so she treated me.

Anne R
The cost of an office visit with a GP is considerable less than an appointment with an ophthalmologist and the wait to see an ophthalmologist can be excessively long.

I suggest you see a GP. If it is a serious eye condition, s/he will refer you to an ophthalmologist but it probably isn't necessary.

It would be easier and most likely faster and cheaper to see a GP for this. Unless you have injured your eye, then it is most likely that you have some type of infection, such as conjunctivitis. Your regular physician is more than capable of diagnosing and treating this. If your physician is stumped, or feels you need help from a specialist, he can help you get an appointment. You can usually get in to see a specialist when another doctor's office is calling and referring you to them.

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