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kadian B
I have a baby and is eye colour is grey i have dark brown eyes and his father have brown eyes why is that so?

Karen H
Two browns make a blue. Both my husband and I have brown eyes and our daughter has blue eyes.
Now, if you both had blue eyes and your baby had brown eyes
someone's been fooling around. Two blues don't make a brown.
They say your baby's eye's can change up to a year old.

It is recessive genes. My son has blue eyes will his father and I have brown, go figure!

Hollister Babe
You guys could carry a recessive gene for gray eyes.

soo...who's cheating on the other...

Izzy F
both you and the father are carrying a recessive "blue" gene. So at least one grandparent on each side does as well.

If you both had ble eyes and the kid had brown eyes, then you'd have something to worry about.

sMiLeY #10
Gaby T is right, i've had that experience with my sister, now they are light brown

Jaysons mommy
Babys usually have different colors for the first 1 to 8 months and then it will most likely become the color of the whole hereditery thing...yea i cant spell!..But dont worry there eyes wills sometimes be blue gray yellow green hazel! or its possible ...they might just stay gray...Good luck

Gaby T
Some babies are born with colored eyes even if their parents don't have colored eyes. There is no reason to worry because the color will change as the baby gets older. Possibly someone in his or your family had colored eyes which can be the reason as well.

Most babies are born with blue or grey eyes because the pigment has not fully matured in the iris. By the time your baby is about 9-12 months old, you will be able to tell what his eye color will be.

At this point in time...it is too early to tell what his eye color will end up being if he is under about 9 months old.

My daughter was born with bright blue eyes (I have grey, hubby has hazel)...and today...hers are brown, as are my boys' after they were both born with grey eyes.

The genes haven't had time to show up what recessive/dominant traits before 9-12 months old...it's just the color of the iris has not matured.

All this guessing of "recessive genes" is ...just a guess & probably incorrect! The truth is that grey eyes at birth (& in young children) are totally normal. Obviously, genetics determines your final eye color. However, upon birth, there is a natural progression in eye color that occurs before the final color is reached (usually by 10 to 12 months). Here is the normal progression of pigmentation in the human iris (colored part of the eye):
blue >> grey >> hazel >> brown.

Given that you & your spouse both have brown eyes, I am convinced that your child is currently in the grey region of the natural progression & will continue on over time to end up with brown eye like his parents.

Best of Luck!

*Note: What about green eyes? Patients between blue & grey have dark blue eyes, while patients between grey & hazel have green eyes!

p.s.- just in case you wanted to dig a little deeper...it's the "Anterior Limiting Layer" of the iris that is largely responsible for iris color! The thicker this layer, the more pigment & thus, the darker the iris color.

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