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 Is it worth paying $3400 for laser eye surgery?
I've heard of people paying way less but should I be scarred of a cheaper surgery? My dad paid the 3400 and my friends parents paid 800 per eye... why is there such a difference? I'm 20 ...

 What kind of glasses would I need?
I have a prescription for -0.75 in one eye and -0.50 in the other....

 Glass Questions!!!?
I was wondering can I buy a seperate frame and THEN take it to the eye doctor so he can in the prescripted glasses?
Additional Details
I meant lens not glasses. * So the doctor can put ...

 What do you need to clean your hands when you need to remove contact lenses?
will it be ok, if i used soap to clean my hands before removing/putting them on?...

 How many hours a day can I wear my contacts?
I have the ones that I change once every 2 weeks....

 Folded Contact Lense in the Eye...?
Earlier in the day, while wearing my contact lenses for 3+hrs, I felt some pain while blinking my eyes. When I checked, I found that the contact lenses were folded in half and were lodged in the ...

 Getting contacts on tuesday?
Im 13 and need them for sports (soccer, tennis, badminton, and dance)

Soooo does anyone have any advice for me?
Any experiences that i should ready myself for?

im kinda ...

 Colored contacts prescription?
can you buy colored contacts without a prescription?
and if you can were
Additional Details
do you have to go to the eye doctor before you get them?

bec. ive seen some ...

 My eye lid hurts and now it's red and swollen looking?
I don't wear glasses or contacts.

What's wrong with my eye?!


 Are you for or against laser eye surgery and why?

 What happens if?
What happens if I swallowed a small piece of glass. Small as in maybe the size of a poppy seed. I was trying to fix the outer frame of my glasses and being the idiot that I am I was tried evening ...

 ..what's wrong with my eye?
the right side of my left eye has been red since yesterday night. I could see my veins pretty much on half on my eye.. it's pretty gross, what's wrong?...

 Is this even possible???
I was born with strabismus, I have always worn glasses but have switched to contacts. My eyes drift outward slightly, but since I got my contacts my parents and sister have noticed it decrease alot. N...

 Somethings up with me eye...?
it feels like there's something in it, but there's not and it's been like that since yesterday. when i put my contact it it BURNT really bad when i blinked and when i touched it. its ...

 Do eyeglasses mess up your peripheral vision? Do you use your peripheral vision much when you drive?
I've been wearing contacts for most of my life. But now I have an astigmatism and the lenses to correct it sometimes shift, causing blurry vision. I'm afraid this will happen while I'...

 Help with contact lenses?
i am going to camp soon and i REALLY dont want to wear my glasses but my eyes get irritated when i wear contacts for the whole day...what should i do?...

 I have wicked dry eyes...?
I just got new contacts, the old ones made my eyes dry... but not like this!! After 3 hours, my eyes have a mild burn and blur to them. My eye doctor changed my perscription to fix the blurry.. but ...

 Which is the best daily wear contact lens?

 What does this mean glasses?
I am reading off my prescription...
I just went to the eye doctor today, and need information.

Right eye: -+25 -200 axis 45
Left eye: -300 +100 axis 145
Also Trifocal and I&...

 Why does my eye sight change alot?
Mine goes to 3.10 to 4.00 now to 5.25 why is this happening i am 14 yrs ...

I got new glasses but it makes everything look like I am in a fish bowl, what is wrong?
I got these new glasses yesterday and the prescription is only .25D stronger, and the prescription is not even noticably stronger. But it makes everything look like I am in a fishbowl, my old glasses only did that for a few hours, then it went away. But not these ones.

It is hard to explain what I mean, but when I move my head, everything viewed on the far ends of the lenses looks like it is getting a little bit smaller or something.
Additional Details
I got my eyes tested in May, and he never said anything about astigmitism. My old glasses are still fine, even though they are weaker, I can't even notice the difference.

Should I go back to my eye doctor, or the place I bought my glasses?

Gdain D
maybe the lenses werent cut correctly, or you werent given the right prescription...? this shouldnt be happening, ide go back to the eye doctor if i were you

See how they go today and tomorrow, take them back, they may have made a mistake with the lenses.

Your eyes are not use to lenses that strong so wait for about 2 or 3 days you'll get use to them. If it makes you dizzy than take them off for an hour or 2 and put them back on. That happens to me all the time when I get new glasses.

scott p
Do you have astigmatism? If so the lenses could have been improperly aligned.

Variable 46
I've also had this experience and it took a couple days for it to go away. But if it persists, go back to the optometrist or ophthalmologist or whoever to see if the prescription is right, and also if some other factors might be at play.

I recently went through a struggle getting a pair of glasses "right." The optometrist insisted the magnification was correct, but there turned out to be a whole host of other things he monkeyed with before we finally got this pair to work for me. We went through three different sets. A good eye-care professional will work with you on these things, so don't hesitate to go back.

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