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 Paid $325 for eyeglasses did I get ripped off?
I just had my eye exam and I needed glass for distance only (not full time) and I paid $325 dollars.

What do they charge eyeglasses for? Based on what? Frames? Lenses?...

 How to remove my SPECKS from my eyes naturally ? any natural medicine or lasik laser is best option ?
How to remove my SPECKS from my eyes naturally ? any natural medicine or lasik laser is best option ?...

 Speed Reading?
recently i reliazed that i could read really quickly
Ex: lets say a 300 page book about 10 font i am able to read that in about an 1hr.
Anyways I was talking to my mom about it and she ...

 Im getting contacts but i cant put them on what can i do?
i cant help but blink while putting them ...

 How to tell my mom i want new glasses?
Ok so I wear contacts and I have for a long time. I haven't gotten new glasses in about 7 years and I don't ever wear them, I never really did. I want to get glasses to wear when I take my ...

 My eyes get gooey stuff in them when i wake up?
When I am awake i am fine but when i wake up in the morning i have gooey stuff in my eyes and it is is like all over my eyes it is in my eyelashes and everythiing and then when i try to get it out it ...

 Pupil dilation?
what happens when you have your Pupils dilated..Im going to the eye dr today, will I be able to drive home on my own? How long does the eye pupil stay dilated for
Additional Details
I ...

 What's wrong with my eyes?
I use these contacts called Night and Day. You can keep them in your eyes even when you sleep, then after a month you throw them away and start a new pair. Well, I took them out in the middle of ...

 Why aren't you supposed to sleep with contacts in?
My doctor said don't sleep more than an hour with them in. I'm wondering why. (Didn't think to ask then...) Anyways, is it true it can go behind your eye? My friend has not taken hers ...

 Best brand of contacts?
what do you think the best brand out contacts for a 13 year old are? ...

 Is it safe to wear contact lenses while playing basketball?

 How much does contacts usually cost I'm getting my eyes checked Tuesday that's why I'm wanting to know.

 What does it mean if my eye constantly is twicthing?
It feels as if there is a irregular pulse in my eyelid. Its really annoying and uncomfortable. A friend of mine said he once had this happen to him and it was due to stress. What do you think?...

 Any doctors or opticians on here-how do I sort strained eyes out?
Been on the internet far too much and both my eyes are really strained. The left one is even a bit blurd. How do I help them get better, serious answers please....

 Contact Question? IT KILLS!?
I have had my contacts in since about 11:30AM.
its 6:35PM now and my left eye is killing me

it feels like somethings in it. and when i touch it, it feels really sore.

I ...

 Does your eye vision go down..?10 points?
Does ur eye vision go down from being on the computer to much or playing ds or psp?IF NOT HOW DOES IT GO DOWN?...

 Does anyone else have worse vision than me and drive with contacts?

 How bad is it to use my glasses prescription to order contacts?
My old CONTACTS prescription used to be:

LEFT - Bausch & Lomb SofLens Toric:

BC: 8.5
SPH: -4.00
CYL: -1.25
AX: 180

RIGHT - Acuvue 2:

BC: ...

 Are these headaches because of my contacts?
I've been wearing contacts for a few months now, and the past 2 months have had excruciating headaches from my contacts.(i think it's from my contacts?).I keep them clean, change then every ...

 Contacts question?
if you get contacts at walmart that come in a box can you only use them once. or can you reuse them?
Additional Details
where can you get re-usable ...

How old do you have to be to have contacts?

it's best to get them when your eyes are at a point where they have pretty much stopped developing. that way you won't have to change your prescription too often. and you need to be old enough to take care of your eyes responsibly and handle the contacts with care. good luck!

I dont think there is really an age...i would say probally 10 and up....depends on the specific person.... i got mine at 13..just as long as you know how to use them

Lori L O^O
As old as your parents SAY you need to be!

Contacts for correcting vision requires a perscription. You need to be an adult to get a perscription filled. A minor is able to get what is needed by another adult, almost always only from the parent or guardian. Beyond that, I don't believe there would be any other criteria needed except the bad eye(s) of course.

When your parents say you can- If your parents have to remind you to take a bath you are too young.

I told my son 13.

I've seen the as young as 8 yrs, but keep in mind that contacts require responsibility, and there are some 18 yr olds I would never put in contacts!

i dont think there is a age limit..you just gotta know how to handle them and put them on

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