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 Eye question?
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oh thats cool.lol, but mine is not ...

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 Eye boogers...?
yea whenever i wake up i have them, then i take a shower and i wash my face, and their gone. but, throughout the day, they appear in my eyes again. why do i get these?
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 Contacts and cleaners?
So I got contacts a couple months ago. And I was just wondering if I changed the brand of my contact cleaner if it would effect me or damage my contacts. I'm guessing no, but yeah....

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 Will reducing the time that i spend using the computer and playing video games improve my eye sight?
my eyes are nearsighted and are about 350/20 on my left eye and 420/20 on my right one. when i was young, i didn't care much about my eyes cuz i just wanted to have fun and play games. but now, ...

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 Where do eye boogers come from??

 How do I get ride of?
red swollen eyes from lack of sleep?...

 Whats wrong with my eye?!?
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 Are glasses more comfortable than contact lens?

 Is it bad for my eyes?!?
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But, the point is, I've been having major headaches lately so I don'...

 My upper eyelid is swollen on the outside. It hurts when I blink a little. What is it and how do I treat it?
My mom says it isn't pink eye because if it was my eye would be pink and swollen too, but I don't know what it is. The things that might have caused it are
--mascara, but I think that ...

How much does diameter affect contact lens size?
I'm trying to buy contacts cheaper online here because the price of buying them from my doctor is getting crazy. The size where it says diamater is 14.2, while the ones online are only available in 14.5, but all the other measurments and prescriptions add up. Will this be a big problem or could I still wear them?

Tom Graphics
Yes it matters, also if they are to expensive at the docters office try a place like wal-mart, costco, target, etc. I know that wal-mart will match the price with the online orders.

zubin j
Dear Angie,
I would recommend you not to buy contact lenses online. Contact lens dispensing require proper measurement of the eye.
As far as 14.2 and 14.5 are concerned, this is the total diameter of the contact lens. a larger diameter (in this case 14.5mm) will exhibit tighter/steeper fit, (B.C is kept constant).
A steeper lens will be initially comfortable to you but may cause complication due to decreased lens movement (& stagnation of tears under the lens).
Please do notbuy contact lenses online and consult and Optometrist.

Lori L O^O
why do people always think the EYE and CHEAP belong together. Never risk your vision to someone that is online or over the phone. If you do not think your Doctor is worth his fees, that is sad. We see people all the time that do this and end up regretting it. Just go to your doctor!

2020 A
You could wear them but you could blink them out easily due to improper fit. So after losing several they will cost you more in the long run than the ones that your Eye Doctor actually prescribed for you. Also if they damage your eyes in any way you cannot go back to your Eye Doctor and blame him cause you were not wearing what he prescribed. Is your eyesight really worth the $5.00 you save by not going back to your eye doctor? Or are you one of those ones who's prescription is expired & is trying to get past that by ordering online? We have had several of those in my office & they are regretting their choice due to having to wear glasses now for six months to let the scratches on their corneas heal. That usually would only take a couple of weeks but since they didn't have their annual exams, over wear on contacts, & not trading them out as prescribed. They are stuck wearing the glasses they "HATE" just so they don't permanently loose their eyesight.

The doctor wrote you a prescription for a specific diameter because it does matter what the diameter is. If you change the diameter by increasing it and having the other parameters like base curve the same, you are actually changing the fit of the lens. Increasing diameter will create a looser fitting lens and this could cause issues with the fit causing discomfort and problems with visual acuity. An improper fitting lens can actually cause damage to your cornea, even though everything "feels" fine.
This is why contact lenses need to be fit and monitored by an eye doctor. The prescription your eye doctor wrote was for the exact same contact lenses you were fit with.
Online contact lens dealers will actually verify the prescription with your eye doctor... so even if you did get away with ordering contact lenses with a different diameter you would probably be wasting your money, because it is likely they will not fit properly.
If you want to order contact lenses online then you will need to find the exact same contact lenses your prescription was written for.
Hope this helps a bit :)

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