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 Why have I got dry eyes?
For the past two weeks my eyes have been very dry. I have been wearing glasses for a few years now and had them checked out at the opticians at the weekend so I know that my prescription is right. D...

 Do you wear glasses? ... I do and I hate them :(?

Additional Details
i wore contacts for about 2 years but they irritated my eyes =[...

 Laser Eye Surgery?
tell me anything you want! any information or experience will be great thanks! diagrams are appreiciated. thanks


 Is it normal for your eyes to tear up when you yawn?
When I was a kid, I don't think my eyes ever teared up when I yawned, but now as an adult, my eyes always tear up when I yawn....

 Big favor! i need some help with getting my contacts in...every morning i strugle and cant do it?
any tips would really help!!...

 Does $75 for an eye exam seem expensive?

 How do I get contact lenses?
I've been wearing glasses now for almost 4 years and I've been considering trying prescribed colored contact lenses. Well I just wanted to know how to get them. Do I have to get a ...

 Why are my eyes all different colours ?
hi why do i have weard colouring eyes when i fill in forms ask me my eye colour is difficult lets say they are bluey greeny grey with splash of brown in the one ,why do i have this weard colouring in ...

 Do you have astigmatism? Can you wear contacts?
I have astigmatism and the eye doc talked me into trying contacts! During the week, I grew to adore the idea of possibly being able to see ALL the time! After trying several different pairs of ...

 Help! i want to get contacts but i always blink like crazy when my finger or any other object get close to my
eye. I know its a natural defense to blink/eyelid close when something gets near it. Any tips on how to calm down and touch the center of my eye? Manipulative or any trick techniques?...

 What causes the odd images I see sometimes when rubbing my eyes?
Yes, it's normal, so what is it? I rub my eyes and sometimes these zigzagged, static, colorful, optical-illusionesque images appear... Erm, how?...

 How old do you have to be to go to the doctors and get an eye exam and get contacts?

 How old in the UK do you have to be to have your eyes lasered?
i'm just curious...

also, how long does it last?...

 How do blind people eat alone?
blind ...

 What is dry eye syndrome. Is it when your eyes water?
At around the same time every night, my eyes burn and start to water and get really itchy. I have to take off my glasses and wash out my eyes with water to relieve the discomfort. Is this dry eye ...

 Can i have laser eye correction?
I'm considering laser treatment, but my prescription is -15 in both eyes, can it still be done?...

 What happens if you sleep in your contacts?

 Contacts or Glasses?
Which is better contacts or glasses? I'm going to an appointment to the eye doctor tomorrow. What tests and stuff do you need to do? I'm nervous. Also, what kind of glasses are the best? A...

 What is the youngest age to get eye contacts?
my 10 year old son wants contacts and I am trying to figure out the youngest age when you can get ...

 Do I have an eye infection?
My eye has been hurting for about a week. At first it felt like pressure/pain on my whole eye but the last couple days it just hurts in the corner of my eye. I also have a little bit of gunk in my ...

How long does it take after taking a contact lens eye exam to get you contacts made and ready?
I need them by monday evening, and ive never had them before , so just wondering how fast you can get your contact lens after taking an exam. Thanks everyone.

Zillions B
The website http://www.uniquehomedeals.info has the best answers to all your contact lens related doubts. Check it out.

It usually just depends where you are getting your contacts and if they have them in stock or it may take longer if you have a special prescription. If you go buy them at Wal-Mart it usually takes about 4 days to a week to receive them. If they arrive earlier they will give you a call and let you know they are ready for pick up!

If you don't get them the same day as your exam, the office will probably have to order them. It just depends on your prescription. If they have to order it, it could be at least a week and sometimes more.

Chablis F
usuallly shops they can have it ready after the exam, but others you have to wait a couple of days...it all depends on how bad your eyesight is

it depends on where you bought them from. Some places you can get them the same day.

That 70's girl
Same day, but no longer that a week at the most.

♥♥Mrs SSG B♥♥
I'm guessing you've never worn contacts before or you wouldn't be asking...am I right?

If that's the case and you've never worn them, you're going to need an appointment to be taught how to put the lenses in, how to take them out, and how to clean and care for them. So unless you've gone through this already, you're going to need this before they will give you any lenses to take home. If they didn't already schedule you an appointment, it means they probably had to order you're lenses and will call and schedule you to come in to sit down with one of the Opticians so they can go over everything with you. If they had to order your lenses, depending on what kind they are, they could take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks, ESPECIALLY with the holiday in there back on the 4th. So, unless your doctor has hours on Saturday and the lenses happen to come in OR they get them in early Monday and they have you come in early to learn how to put them in, it is unlikely that you will have them by Monday night, as it is now Monday afternoon, here on the East Coast.

If you've already had your session to learn how to put the lenses in, then its possible they could be in today, or tomorrow (if they have Sat. hours) or Monday...

Your best bet is to call your eye doctor's office and see if they can give you an estimate on when they are due in. Again, remember we just had the 4th holiday this week, so likely things that were being shipped got pushed back a day or two...

Either way, hope they come in time for you!

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