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 My eye keeps switching, how do I make it stop?

 Choosing my first frames - Should my ethnicity be a factor?
I've just been informed by an optician, that I am near sighted (or whatever the term is when you can't see far stuff clearly), and I was wondering if having a wider, larger nose, and ...

 Which would you prefer..glasses or contacts?

 Is there something wrong with my brain?
I'm a tall person and when I'm driving the center of my right eye is level with the center of my rear view mirror.
What happens is that I can clearly see what's in front of me ...

 Are contact lenses comfortable?
hey guys i'm finding it hard to read what's on the board when i'm at school or read the road signs when they are far away i can see everything very good but when something is a little ...

 I have lost my wallet and apparently my prescription for contacts was in it, what should I do now?

 How Can I Restore Eye Sight?
how can i regain my eye sight?
i have 20/40 vision
i heard some food helps but are there other ways?

ps- please dont say get off the computer i know that, i need help with this, ...

 If you are a teenage girl and all u have are glasses should u just not wear them and go bump into someone?

 Are contacts better than glasses for sports?
I have been wearing glasses for 4 years. I play a lot of basketball, and I am sick of my goggles fogging or since they stick out, I get hit easier. I want to know if contacts will offer an advantage?...

 What could be signs that a person needs glasses?
I often have trouble seeing the tv and other stuff from a distance.When I read or work on the computer things are blurry and things go in and out of focus does this sound like I need glasses?

 Which cost more, colored contacts or clear contacts?
i want to get contacts but i dont know if i should get colored or clear......

 Whats wrong with my eyes?
I have very bad vision unless I wear my contacts.Latley though my contacts start hurting my eyes and I need to take them out.As soon as I take them out my eye still hurts and turns bloodshot.So I ...

 How much do contact lenses cost normally at the eye doctors? The 1 month or 3-6 month kind?
hi, i was wondering how much do contact lenses normally costs for a full year?
i dont need colored, just normal ones to see.i want the kind that you replace every month at least, but it would be ...

 Dry eyes help?
for about 2 years i have sufferd with dry eyes i go to the hospital for a checkup every now and again. But for the past 6 months i have had alot of problems my eyes get very saw and red in certain ...

 Eye drops to refresh contact lenses?
I have been wearing contact lenses for about a year now and am totally fine with them
but recently they have been drying out and irritating my eyes
can anybody suggest an eye drop i can get ...

 Glasses or no glasses?
so i want to the eye doctor and they said i could get glasses if i needed them (they wrote me a prescription thing).

i see fine without them its just that i cant read streetsigns or ...

 Please advise?
A month ago i got my eye check coz ifelt like the're something in it. The doctor gave me this Solution for contact lense but i don't wear contacts. After using it my eye produce white ...

 Anyone who uses contact lenses: How long did it take to get use to putting the lenses in/out? Any tips?

 Is it harmful to your eyes if you read lying down?
I've always read lying down and some people tell me it causes bad vision, some have said that thats a lie. My vision is fine, not perfect but not bad enough for glasses. Am I making it worse by ...

 How do I clean dirt and oil off my glasses, without leaving streaks?
My glasses are always dirty from oil and other gunk, and washing with water and soap does them no good, nor do lens cloths for some reason. Whenever I use my lens cloth it leaves massive streaks...I ...

How long are eye prescriptions good?
I need new contacts, but my last eye exam was just over a year ago. Do I need a new exam to order contacts?

12 months
providing you're not diabetic or have very high BP

A lot of states require by law that you have to have an eye exam every year to purchase contact lenes.

Derek H
1 year unless you have some type of advanced degenerative disorder.

Scooby Doo
mine is good for 2 years. I think it might depend on the insurance company. Mine pays for an exam every 2 years for me,once a year for any children under 18.

average Joe
a two year interval is recommended for normal adults, if you are replacing them because they were damaged and not because of vision problems then you should be OK with your present prescription.

In California,eyeglass prescriptions last every 2 years and contact lens prescriptions last every year!

You should probably schedule an exam very soon!

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