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 How bad is your eyesight?
For glasses, I'm 20/-2400. Anyone else?
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almost forgot, -8.00 and -7.50 for contacts. I am legally blind.

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How do i stop going blind?????????
im 17...i've always had a lazy eye every time i go to the eye doc he says it going worse...theres nothin that can be done.....i dont wan to go blind in my left eye??
wat should i do?
please help all answers are appreciated xxxxxxxx

start seeing things for what they really are.

If I were u i would eat lots of carrots, and u shud also buy sum carrot lotion and put it on ur face including ur eye lids...(but u shudnt apply it in ur eye) ...btw do u think maybe laser eye surgery wud work...my dad got laser eye surgery and that helped. :]

hope that helps,
Elena 6.^

Free spirited (L)
First of all, you shouldn't be asking us, you should be asking your eye doctor.

Stay far away from computer screens, tv screens, game system screens, and sit in the back for movie theatres.

Eat lots of carrots and tomatoes, which will help your eyes stay strong.

HEY i think imma br blind in my left eye TOO
really im not playing idk try to get lazer eye surgery

Lazy eye CAN be corrected. I know people who have had it done.
Get a second opinion from an Ophthalmologist.
Your current doctor is incompetent and is not willing to help.

Why does Sam Gotta Be so Sexy??
My sister almost went blind and she had a lazy eye and they did surgery on her twice and now her eye's are 2020 and she does not have a lazy eye. So why can't u do anything about it???
That's a dumb doctor.

wear contacts!!!! what kind of doctor is he....he is saposed to make it better and give you a perscription for glasses or contacts..tell your mom to take you to another eye doctor to see what he says

im also 17 and i was crossed eyed and i had one of the best optomologist in new york do surgery on my eye

aaron w
okay this is going to be crazy but get surgery on the muscle in the eye that should help it.

I <3 writing! aka abbey.
surgery. Good luck~

The light is lost.
you dont need eyes to see what you need to.

im not sure how

Your eye sight get's better when you get proper nutrition
do you take a daily Multi-Vitamin? If not you should get one with Vitamin A, C, B's, D, E, Calcium, and hopefully omega-3's and some other things you may need. But talk to your Doctor and eye professional and see what you can do to make it better!
best of luck!

John D
The only thing that you should use that eye more often. Cover your other eye and read with the left eye.

If a qualified doctor told you theres nothing that can be done, what makes you think random strangers with no medical history will be able to give you a cure?
My mom has been blind in one of her eyes since she was 16 and she is now 42, get over it.

I'm afraid i can't help you as i'm no doctor but my sister was born with a lazy eye,it was so bad they had to operate but sadly lost her sight in her left eye...this was when she was about 6/7.

Now she is used to it and it doesn't affect her in anyway...she is a qualified hairdresser,she drives is getting married and has tons of mates.

I just thought i'd give you an example from experience that going blind in one eye isn't the end of the world,but i know how you must be feeling,nobody wants to hear there going blind in one eye or both.

Good luck and hope your doctor finds a something to stop you from going blind :)

♥Throw ur hands in the AYER♥
Well whatever you do don't bother with carrots. I've been eating carrots my whole life and my vision is crap. May god bless you ♥

You should get a second opinion from another doctor. It's suprising that he would say "nothing can be done" for a lazy eye. There are therapies and surgeries that can help. Did he say you were going blind?

Please get a second or third opinion from an eye specialist. There is hope.


i doubt we can tell you something your eye doctor can't. sorry :(

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