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 Ripped contact lens? Crap?
I just got contacts for the first time like less than a week ago. I've only put them in successfully at the optometrist's office and one other day. But since then I've struggled and ...

 I have a red, swollen,itchy, eye. Do Eye need glasses?
I woke up this morning with this problem and its not the first time. I also had a little bit of goo that helped keep it closed when i tried to open it. My jaw hurts and i have a sinus infection and ...

 This is the 7th day in a row that ive had thie twitch-y sensation in my right eye...why?

Additional Details
its not really bad...its just that now and then ill get this weird feeling like it is twitching. my sleep pattern has been a little off lately and schools comming up.....

 My right bottom eyelid has been twitching for 2 weeks now?
I have absolutely no pain, redness, swelling or blurred vision at all, just twitching. It doesn't twitch constantly, just a few times a day every day for about 2 weeks now. The longest it's ...

 What is the highest possible prescripton of contacts you can get?
What is the highest possible prescripton of contacts you can get?
For example, if your glasses prescription is -5, can you still wear contacts?
How about -10?...

 When I wear the glasses of another person (I don't need glasses)?? See below for the rest...?
do I see the world like the other person when he or she is NOT wearing their glasses???


 Is it safe to wear non- prescription contact lense?
I just bought some it is kinda uncomfortable but they make me look really cute. Is it worth the risk?...

 Getting contacts help!!!plz?
ok so on wednesday im goin to the eye doc. and getting contacts..im rly scared all my sibilings have them and they dont rly care but im not too big of a fan of touching my eyes so it freaks me out......

 Why is my eyesight getting worse?
throughout middle school i wore glasses, so i can see far away. when i graduated middle school, i noticed it was getting hard to see distant objects and things were getting blurry again. when i ...

 Can contact lenses cause a detached retina?

 Should I switch to Contact Lens?
I have been wearing glasses since Grade 3, and I'm in Grade 10 now, so about 7 years. I'm not sure whether or not I should get contacts because personally I think I look a bit weird without ...

 Please hurry up and help me.I think am going blind?
My eyes all of a sudden are blurry.Is not as clear as it was but its not really blurry.Am scared....

 Please help me all you contact-wearers!?
I just recently went to the eye doctor and tried to get contacts, but I can't seem to make myself put them in. I want to so badly, but everytime my finger almost touches my eye, I flinch and ...

 Could i get pink eye?
i have never had pink eye, but yesterday i was hit in the eye with a small basket ball in gym class, and the basket ball was touched by students whom i know never wash there hands, EVER and it had ...

 I had retina detachment surgery 2 months ago. What foods or vitamins would be good for my eyes.?

 Colored contacts!??IMPORTANT?
Well i want to get colored contacts (my eyes are very very dark brown) So i had my mom call the one place that sells it, and she said that i needed to go to the eye docters first to see if i can ...

 Has anyone else had a red spot magically appear in one of their eyes?
It is a red spot in the lower right corner of my right eye, and it is the approximate diameter of a #2 pencil lead. I practically live the life of a librarian, so I haven't been punched or ...

and not my right eye... it is normal???...

 Why do my eyes have this?
Ever since like 6 months my left eye has had this shape of a transparent worm looking thing and it seems like its grown.

it is always in my vision on my left eye i coud see it especially ...

 The first time you wear glasses is it suppose to make your eyes hurt?
I went to the eye doctor she told me i needed glass so when they called for me to pick them up i didn't have time so my mother picked them up when i got home from work and i put them now my eyes ...

How do I get declared legally blind?
Can a regular eye doctor declare someone legally blind? Do you have to go to a specialist? Can anyone tell me the process you have to go through.

Thank you.

An Opthalmologist is what you need.

when you are not able to read this answer.. you would be considered as blind... lol

i guess he could. I would go to a specialist though. You can go here and see if you have it or not without going to the doctors to get an idea if you actually need to go to the doctors.
it explains what legally blind is and other information about it.

you have to go to the eye dr. they will test your vision and depending upon what your vision is they could tell you are legally blind.
my wife is legally blind, she has no periphreal vision, she is on SSI and had to see a social security dr even after they saw extensive paper work from her dr stating she was legally blind hope this helps good luck

A "regular" eye doctor (optometrist or ophthalmologist) can make the measurements that can tell you if meet the requirements of "legally blind." However, they do not "declare" you as such.

Legally blind means that with best correction, your visual acuity is worse than 20/200. You would startwith an eye examination to determine if that was the case. Next step, if you are applying for disabilty or rehabilitation services, you would make application. They will send paperwork for your eye doctor to fill out to attest that your vision impairment is worse than 20/200 with best correction.

They may ask you to have another exam before making their final determination.,

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