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 What Should I Be Cleaning My Glasses With?
Right now i've been using baby wipes but they'e abit crap...is there anything i can buy especially for cleaning the lenses?
Thanks for any suggestions
Additional ...

 This is 4 everyone please could you put capitols in your questions 4 me my eyes are not very good?
I do wear glasses but my left eye is very bad vision, but my right eye isnt to bad....

 Whoo likes 2 wear contacts
who else likes 2 put contacts on ....i like 2 put my on for some reason i think they r fun=)

nd dnt say im crazy or wierd juss bc i like them ... i juss like how they kinda magnatize 2 ur ...

 What is the impact on our eyes if we do not use correct axis in our glasses.?

 Where can i buy color lenses just to change my eye color?
and how much for ...

 Can i get blind if i put on some one glasses?
My eye Vison is 20/20.

If i put on some one glasses which is umm 40/60? would my eye become their vison?...

 I got eyeglasses a few months back and accidently sat on them?
the frame is ow slightly crooked.If i take them back where i got them, will they adjust them for free?...

 Can contacts get lost in ur eyes?
ppl always scare me that contacts can lke get lost in ur eye somehow is this true and if it is what are chances..... has it happned to anyone ...

 Leaving contacts in for long periods of time?
ive been leaving them in for long periods of time how harmful is this to my eyes?
Additional Details
ok by long periods of time i mean like 12 days i ahvent had any probloms with ym eyes ...

 Brown eyes that look red??
ok, my eyes are this weird color of brown that almost looks like a velvet red. i was just gonna ask if any ones ever seen some else with the some color eyes, and if you think its normal?? & no, i ...

 Do i have to get rid of my old eye makeup if i have pink eye?
I have pink eye right now.. when it goes away do i have to throw away all of my old eye makeup?...

 -2.00 prescription in both eyes .. is it bad?
My prescription is -2.00 for distance .. is it bad?...

 What color eye contacts should I get?

I had an appointment today. My eyes were bad, especially the left one. So, I got a one week trial of eye contacts. I get ...

 I have hazel eyes my husband has brown eyes what color eyes will my kids have?

 Plz help me , i expose the laser beam into my eyes about 2 minutes and now i cant see well?

 Drinking eye drops?
so one of my friends put 2 bottles of eye drops in my drink (without me knowing). whats going to happen?
Additional Details
its been a few min. since i drank them....

 Do I really have to take contact lens exam to get contact lens?
Hi... I have been wearing contact lens for about a year but my eyes got too dry so I started to wear glasses but now I like to wear contact lens again cause it's getting hot and my face shape ...

 Wearing contacts over night?
I fall asleep with my contacts on all the time. Ill go weeks without taking them off. They are the normal 30 day contacts that are supposed to be rinsed every night. Is it bad that I sleep with ...

 What will happen if you swim with contacts?
i have to swim in highschool, is it bad to leave contacts on while swimming in a chrloniated pool?...

 Since two weeks my left my has become lazy plz help wot do i do?
dont say that it was always like that no its my eye n i no it wasnt
Additional Details
2.how can u delete a medical record ppl say u cant but there must b a way everything is possible ...

How can you make your eyes get bloodshot, without harming them?

Edward G
Just.. why?

Shawnna M
rub them

Have a few beers and stay awake for 36 hours...that should do it.

Bloodshot eyes are usually the result of an irritation or overtiredness, dry eyes.......pretty hard to fake any of those.

It isn't a natural state to have bloodshot eyes, so any way to try and force it to happen is doing harm somewhere.

Ceryl W
why would you want to?

Voodoo Child

By definition you are hurting your eyes when they get bloodshot.

I have 10 toes
Drink a lot of alcohol and don't sleep for two days. :)

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