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 Progressive Lenses????
I've got a new set of glasses on-order with progressive lenses. These will be a first for me and the optician explained that it could take some time to adjust ... was he right? What are your ...

 Are contact lenses more expensive than glasses?
my glasses are bugging me and I want contacts. Are they expensive and do they bother your eyes? And can you really go blind if you sleep with them on?...

 Do Contacts do harm to ur eyes?
Are glasses better for your eyes? or contact lenses? or are they the same??...

 Why can't i cross my eyes?
So everyone i know can do the goofy "cross-eyed" look...but i can't. They just tell to to look at my nose etc...but i can never go cross eyed. I mean my right eye can sort of...but not ...

 Am I good for contacts?
My parents tell me I shouldn't get contacts cause it's only for people with a semi-high "grade"

currently im wearing glasses and it makes me feel really self-...

 If I buy glasses frames online, can I buy lenses at the store..?
If I buy some glasses frames on ebay, can I bring them to walmart/lenscrafters/etc and have them put the lenses in?...

 If you read in the dark or dimly lit room, would your eye sight get worse?

 I am geting contacts today ? need your help?
i am geting contacts and i am scared that i am gonna poke my self in the eye and how am i gonna take them out?
Additional Details
i have a bad eyesite dose it matter if its bad or not or ...

 I wear contacts and am having problems with them?
I bought new contacts a few months ago and bought 6 months worth of them and have gone through them all in 2 months. They are always falling out and I loose them, any ideas why this is happening? I ...

 Eye contacts?
i just got these eye contacts and i wanna know how u know if the contact is inside out. I can never tell when its on my finger (c if it looks like a bowl or if its trying to flip back against ur ...

 ??? about my eye?
So yesterday my eye hurt and i looked at it and nothing was wrong so i didnt think anything about it. well today i was talking to my mom and she said whats wrong with you eye and i was like what do ...

 Tomatoes eatable?
just wondering, can you eat tomatoes plain, just the way they are but you add ur own stuff to make them sweeter? and is health or bad for you?...

 What causes " floaters " in my vision ?

hi i am only 11 but my doc says i can get contacts if i want to
or should i just get another pair of glasses i look OK in glasses but not great................

 Is it normal that my glasses feel dirty all the time even when i clean them?
trough out the day i use a cloth made to clean glasses but when im at home i use a special solution. i also have long eye ...

 Why do I get dizzy everytime I stand up after sitting or laying down?
I always get dizzy spells and can't see for about 10 seconds or more after I stand up. I don't even have to be sitting long! My doctor says that I might be slightly anemic. Does this have ...

 Red lines on the white of eye
I have some thin red lines on the white of the eye... Does this happen if you cry excessively? Is there are natural remedy?
Additional Details
It looks like red nerves or veins visible ...

 Where can i black contacts the cover your whole eye???
So it looks like my eyes are completely black.

i want to know cuz i am gathering stuff for my halloween costume. =]
Additional Details
Oops sorry i mean BUY black contacts, ...

 Improving eye sight?
can you improve the width, height, distance, color, and night vision of your eyes.

i know the females have better sight width then men and women can see 30% more color but men can see ...

 All answer please!!!?
Why do i see colors in various shapes when I rub my eyes?
star if you like or think this question is rare here....

How Do You Get Already-Dried Hairspray Off Eyeglasses?
I was doing my hair yesterday and I used a whole bunch of hairspray. But it got all over my glasses and I went to the party without cleaning it off. Now (the next day), it's all dried on my glasses and I can't get it off! I trie soap and water, but nothing works. Please help!

Try windex.. Hairspray eats into the plastic surface of the glass - it might be impossible to get off... Sorry

All you need is a solvent that will dissolve the dried hairspray. Water won't likely be a good solvent for the spray.

One solution is to spray them again. Then, before the alcohol dries, wipe off the hairspray. The wet hairspray will dissolve the dried stuff and you can wipe it all off easily.

Another solution is to wipe them with rubbing (denatured) alcohol...but make sure the frames (or lenses) won't be damaged or discolored by the alcohol.

You can wipe them with distilled, white vinegar on a soft cloth. It always gets my husband's hairspray off the counter in the bathroom.

jasmine d
try shampoo....it also will remove soap scum off of your shower glass.....or you could try ajax liquid...it removes just about anything

Most astringents will mar the serface of glasses as now a days they are made of plastic to keep the weight down.

Purchase some of the micro fibor cloths. they are a special fabric blend and work only with water. Rinse your glasses under water and dry with the microfibor cloths. the cloths are durable and washable and last for years.

they used to have them on QVC but I am not sure if they do anymore.

Keep away from harsh cleaners with alcohol.

try rubbing alcohol, then rinse under hot water.

Penny J
methylated spirits. wipe on with a Q tip, remove with a clean cloth.

Lori L O^O
Rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball. Then wash with soap and water after. It should come right off. I do this for my customers all the time.

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