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 Eye operation?
My eyes do not point directly in the same direction, is there an operation i can have to correct them.

P.S i have perfect vision and live in the UK...

 Can I store my contacts in urine?
Like if I went somewhere, and don't have my solution with me, can I just store them in urine, since its sterile and even used to clean wounds. I know its a better option than water or saliva....

 Is it ok to sleep with contacts in?

Additional Details
they are the soft kind not the hard glass ...

 Plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!?
OK, I bought a pair of contact lenses n i was about to wear them but i dropped them on the floor which was wet!! can i wear them now!! cuz i've heared that if there is water on ur contact lense ...

 Can laser eye surgery correct myopia aka near sightedness?
Can laser eye surgery correct myopia aka near sightedness?
Does laser eye surgery last forever?
What if you have big holes in your retina from myopia?
Can laser eye surgery improve my ...

 What is the average cost of Lasik surgery?

 Is it possible to have brown eyed parents and grandparents, and yet have blue eyes yourself?
Well, actually, of course it is possible, for i exist! But the only two people i'm aware of in my family that have blue eyes are my auntie (on my mum's side) and my uncle (on my father'...

 Which one is safer when you're playing sports ?? Glasses or Contacts?
Sports such as biking, football, soccer and etc.

Please give in all info

Thx in ...

 Should I get contact lenses????
I want to get contact lenses but I am a little scared ...I heard stories of how unconftable they are and irritate your eyes..and i am not really sure if contacts are very safe
Do you think i ...

 Why have I got dry eyes?
For the past two weeks my eyes have been very dry. I have been wearing glasses for a few years now and had them checked out at the opticians at the weekend so I know that my prescription is right. D...

 Do you wear glasses? ... I do and I hate them :(?

Additional Details
i wore contacts for about 2 years but they irritated my eyes =[...

 Laser Eye Surgery?
tell me anything you want! any information or experience will be great thanks! diagrams are appreiciated. thanks


 Is it normal for your eyes to tear up when you yawn?
When I was a kid, I don't think my eyes ever teared up when I yawned, but now as an adult, my eyes always tear up when I yawn....

 Big favor! i need some help with getting my contacts in...every morning i strugle and cant do it?
any tips would really help!!...

 Does $75 for an eye exam seem expensive?

 How do I get contact lenses?
I've been wearing glasses now for almost 4 years and I've been considering trying prescribed colored contact lenses. Well I just wanted to know how to get them. Do I have to get a ...

 Why are my eyes all different colours ?
hi why do i have weard colouring eyes when i fill in forms ask me my eye colour is difficult lets say they are bluey greeny grey with splash of brown in the one ,why do i have this weard colouring in ...

 Do you have astigmatism? Can you wear contacts?
I have astigmatism and the eye doc talked me into trying contacts! During the week, I grew to adore the idea of possibly being able to see ALL the time! After trying several different pairs of ...

 Help! i want to get contacts but i always blink like crazy when my finger or any other object get close to my
eye. I know its a natural defense to blink/eyelid close when something gets near it. Any tips on how to calm down and touch the center of my eye? Manipulative or any trick techniques?...

 What causes the odd images I see sometimes when rubbing my eyes?
Yes, it's normal, so what is it? I rub my eyes and sometimes these zigzagged, static, colorful, optical-illusionesque images appear... Erm, how?...

Linn T
HELP! I can't get my contacts out?
I just got these new contacts. I'm trying to take them out and the contact won't unsuction from my eye. I'm able to take my finger and move it from the color part of my eye to the corner and then it just sits there.

With my old contacts, when I did that, it would immediately unsuction and I could pull it out without issue. Please help asap.
Additional Details
Got it! I moved it down and pinched it with my thumb and forefinger. thank you everyone for your help!

Splash some water in your eye. This may help to Loosen it up. Try closing your eyelid and try moving the lense around in a circular motion.

contact the optometrist. use glasses.

You can get very useful info related your query about contact lens check out http://www.uniquehomedeals.info .

Sometimes water is what you don't want, it's going to make more suction, so use a clean rag to dry your eye and it should loose suction.

put lubricating drops in your eyes to moisten the eye. Slide the contact down to the white part of the eye and pinch it off. If it does not come off, go the the eye doctor immediately. You do not want to fuss too much with your eye because you can hurt it. You usually do not need an appt. - just go to any optical store with an optomitrist and they will take care of you.

maybe your eyes are too dry? try using some eyedrops...
hope this helps...

apply eye Drops first in your eye and on your fingertips. Then slide the contact to the outer edge of the eyeball and pull. You won't hurt anything, so you can use some force. Happens to me frequently.

Try pinching with your thumb and forefinger where it is and pulling gently away from your eye. Look up when you do this so you don't poke your finger into the open part of your eyeball.

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