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 3 year old with no eye problems yesterday cannot open his eyes they are sore could it be to do with food?
I have a 3 year old male he has never had any eye problems in the past but for some reason yesterday I went in to his kennel ne came to me with his eyes shut he is walking in to things could it be ...

 Uh-oh! now what?
my hands accidently touched the tip of my contact solution.

It wasnt directly at the tip, but it was more towwards the sides. Well maybe not, I dont know, but it was at the tip...But i ...

 I want contacts but I can't put them in...any help?
I've tried to wear contacts before but when i was at the opticians and they tried to put them in for me ( I tried myself too), my eye automatically kept closing.
I'm 16 and worn ...

 How Can I Cure My Cross Eye?
I'm asian and I'm cross eyed which really bugged me. I get unconsious when people look at me. I'm currently doing a lot of eye exercises because the doctor strongly recommends it. How ...

 Can contact lenses in their little case be stored sideways or do they have to be flat?
If the round cases are leakproof, is it ok to put the contact lens case in my purse where it may end up sideways?...

 I wear contacts and no matter what I do, my eyes turn out red...?
I wear colored contacts, Freshlooks, I love them but no matter what brand i use, my eyes are always red on the sides. I use eye drops to clear them and sometimes that works but why do i have to do ...

 If i buy unperscribed glasses/contacts online, could i have them perscribed?
hi i was wondering if i could get circle
lenses perscribed if i buy them online

and also if i could get glasses perscribed
from online .. i'm interested in these:

 I see everything round shaped with glasses rather with contacts
I have stop wearing glasses for three years now that I got glasses I see everything round-shaped and tiny bit small is that normal?

So are you supposed to see better with contacts or the ...

 Eye Floaters!!!!! throughout my field of vision!!!
Hi all. I am a soon to be 27 year old male who for the most part is healthy, other than i suffer from "anxiety disorder". In 2006, i started seeing spider webs and black lines in both of my ...

 Contact Lense Question! EASY, Please Help!?
I've had my contact lenses for a couple of days. They were fine the first two days. Yesterday, I tried it, and it felt like there was an eyebrow or something in my eye when I put my contacts in. ...

 What happens If i use my friend's Colored Perscription Contacts?
My friend is letting me use a brand new pair of her contacts. it feels comfortable, a little off, but still pretty clear. What if they arent EXACTLY my vision?...

 How long does it take cataracts to develop that you need surgery?

 Do corrective lenses actually correct your eyesight or make it worse?
If they so called correct, why do people wear them all their life?...

 Does it matter what contactyou put into each eye- mening are there specific ones for your right and left eye?
Most places when you order online for contacts they ask you your prescription for each eye and then the minimun you can buy is one box(6 lenses) for each eye. Can you just buy one box of 6 lenses ...

 Why does my left eyelid twich?
Ever since I went to the eye doctor a couple of weeks ago my left eye twitches off and on during the day. It's very nerve racking! Is this normal after having your eyes dialated? A couple of ...

 Contacts lenses safe?are glasses better??
My eye doctor says I am nearsighted should I get contacts or glasses and are contacts dangerous??...

 Blurry eye?
i had pink eye and the doctor said not to wear contacts until i go and see him. But i didn't listen and i wore contacts like 3 days before it was a week after i had the eye drops. Now when i ...

 Is there such thing as a contact that can change your eye color without the part that can help you see better?
is there such thing as one of those contact thingys with the eye color on it that doesnt have the part that helps people that need glasses see ?...

 What do you do if you get cinnamon in your eye?
My 4 year old did this (long story how) and his eye looks a little puffy ...

 By what procedures can u change u r eye color? or tell me something that is related to eye color?

Good eyedrop solution for someone with dry eyes and contacts?
I have really dry eyes and I wear contacts. My eyes get so dry that I have to blink like crazy to try and get some kind of moisture in them. I have eyedrops but they don't work very well and in fifteen minutes or so after I use them, I'm rapidly blinking again.

Does anyone know a moderately priced ($30 at the most) eyedrop solution that works well for dry eyes and is lens friendly?

Thanks so much!

Blink drops are pretty good, and the best ever is Optive. Optive moisturizes your eyes in 30 seconds.

The best are all natural yawning tears. Many people have learned to cover up and suppress their natural tendencies to yawn. Yawning is very natural and healthy. It increases oxygen and circulation in the head. Too many people take yawning as rude and a sign of boredom to others.

In college I told my professors that I would probably yawn in front of them and to not take it personally. I told them yawning was a sign that I thought it was important enough to stay awake in their class.

You too can become a master yawner and wash those dry itchy irritated eyes away. Just practice yawning untill you bring tears. As you practice yawning you will be able to bring tears sooner for your dry itchy iritated eyes.

And all that I ask for this free miricle cure is that you check out the other questions I have answered and asked about our amazing natural eyesight.

Refresh plus eyedrop is a good one for dry eyes

Solo Care Aqua
all-in-one solution
with Moisturizing effect for all day comfort
cleans rinses disinfects and stores contact lenses

In Canada about $12 to $14 for a box with 2 big bottles 360ml each, and an anti-bacterial plastic lens storage case for free included.
It was great. I used it with great results for years.

I actually still use it as eye Drops to rinse and moisturize my eyes, as eye Drops ! I had laser eye surgery a couple years ago, and rememered my lenses were soaking in it and used it to re-wet and rinse my lenses, and that liquid was on my eyes with good results, so why not use it for eye Drops too. Its great, and I don't have to spend a fortune on the tiny eye Drops. There is a small bottle 120ml for about $6. and it lasts many months.

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