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 Can your eye-sight get better????????????/?
i'm 14 and in the last year my eyesight has gotten quite bad i think i have become short sighted {far away objects especially writing is blurred} ??? my parents say i can't get glasses as ...

 Do you think the NHS will ever do laser eye surgery?

 Can I get my eyes tested for no cost?

 Are eyes connected to our mouth?
A while after I've put my eye-drops in, I can taste it in my mouth..?

Are they connected or something?

 Colored Contact lenses?
So i'm thinking of getting colored contacts just for fun and i have dark brown eyes but i'm not sure if i should get gray or green but what do you think dark brown guys look better in?...

 What does it mean when the bottom eye lid has spasms ?

 What eye colour do you like the best ? Should I turn my green eyes blue -pic?
Oh hey there I really love the image or deep blue eyes and was wondering If i should get contacts ? I have green eyes now : http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll197/HaStrawberryGirl/Greeneyed.jpg

 Which would you rather wear: glasses or contact lenses?
It's about as simple as that. I'm already wearing glasses but seriously thinking about getting contacts. I have no prior experience, and everyone I know says I will not be able to wear them,...

 Do you have to get a new prescription to get new glasses?
My eyesight is still the same, my prescription have not changed. So will the optometrist give me a stronger prescription?...

 Can you take the eye from a living donor and transplant to a blind person ?
Can that work, and has it ever been done?...

 I feel like an idiot - crooked glasses?
I just got my glasses and I got them fitted at the optometrist. They felt pretty good and I told the lady who worked there that they were great. I got home and the more I wear them, the more I feel ...

 Are slightly damaged contact lenses safe to wear?
So Ive just got some monthly lenses. I have been wearing them for a few hours and have just taken them out. Left one came out no problem.

Right eye'd one was tougher but i managed to ...

 I want a blurry eyes but how?
how my eyes become blurry?i want because i want a glasses because my cousin had a glasses and i want also but my eyes is not blurry but how to be blurry my eyes?...

 Why does my eye twitch?
its been doing it off and on all week.....

 Better eye sight?
is there anything that can help fix your eye sight or at least make it better? i already know carrots are supposed to help but is there anything else?

P.S. dont be a smart a** and say ...

 Should i get contacts?
I have extremely bad eyes. I have pretty thick glasses. I think its like 6 and 5 on my eyes. Should i get contacts? and would i have to wear hard contacts or soft contacts? How much are contacts in C...

 Can adults get pink eye?
itchy, watery, with discharge in left eye. daughter had it a week ago and now son has it in both eyes....

 Does anybody wear contacts?
Do they hurt? How long does it take to get used to them? With tinted ones, do u knkow if they are daily, monthy or continuous??...

 Can you really go blind if you are pitch dark for 2 weeks?
I went through the Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal, MO and they turned out the lights to show us what pitch black really was. The tour guided then told us that if you were left in there for 2 weeks that ...

 I wore my contacts for 3 months without removing them.. am i going blind?
I slept in them... i did everything in them for 3 months and those are the disposible ones. They never bothered me so I thought It was okay to keep them on until they started bothering me. I use to ...

Eye-glasses or contact lens or eye laski surgery?
which one do you prefer and why??

Use glasses 4 begginig and then use contacts. 3 years or something

It depends on your age and the condition of your eyes. I'm in my late 40s so laser eye surgery really wouldn't benefit me. I have not needed to use reading glasses so far but if I got it done, then I would need them. I would be swapping one problem for another. Also, I suffer from dry eyes and that makes me a poor candidate because this procedure will make it worse.

Contacts are better because today just about everyone can wear contact lenses, and there are more healthful and convenient contact lens options than ever before. Contact lenses are used to correct the same conditions that eyeglasses correct. For all details, information and remedies about contacts check out http://use-contactlens.blogspot.com/

I dont think I could handle lasik surgery so I am going to have to say contacts forever

I hear that LASIK is great but the only fall back is that your eyes are still changing and that you will need it done again if your prescription changes.

I want LASIK but I cant afford it right now.

got glasses but rather have surgery

I had LASIK 3 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did. It's so nice not to have to worry about the hassle of contacts or glasses.

I wear contacts.My eye's are natrually light brown But i wear blue or green contacts MOST of the time.I wear contacts because im SUPPOSE to be wearing glasses but i dont like glasses.

It would depend on the individual. Glasses are always a safe bet. But, my girlfriend had the surgery. She could not see enough to find her glasses. This was 5 years ago during the trials. To this day she has had no problem seeing. She is very glad she did it. The factor which would decide it for most is the cost factor. Glasses or contacts are cheaper. But if you want to look great and see great, spend the extra money and get the surgery.

Glasses, its very confortable

i love my contacts but when i'm about to go to bed i rely on my glasses. i am terrified of Lasik because i only have 1 set of eyes! It does not matter to me how many people have gotten it done and have successful results. With my luck i'd be the one it backfires on!

though it has risks, it's better cuz it's permanent and you don't have to wear anything!

but if it's between contacts and spectacles, then i'd choose specs because they're safer and do not have direct contact with your eyeball. this prevents the possible harmful bacteria or infections from infecting the eye.

i heard the surgery makes ur eyes good for a while then it just goes back to the way it was..i would opt for the safest--eyeglasses..contacts can be pretty dangerous if you forget to take it off and such. if it goes to the back of ur eye, you'll need surgery to get it out.

Lost_G20 (At warr with NOUB)
most definatly lasic. its amazing. waking up and seeing the numbers on the alarm clock. lool. contacts are a hassle, they get dirty, cause irritation and u gotta remember to clean take off blah blah (i had them for 6 yrs) and glasses arent 2 great.. sorta ugly, u know?

but be warned!! overuse of contacts causes a deflation of the cornea. sort of like sleeping of a pillow, it becomes flattened and thinner at the front, which is bad if you ever want to get LASIC done. I'd suggest you take a look at that, especially if you have a genitically thin cornea 2 begin with. bc, you cant have the surgery done unless ur cornea is thick enough.

btw, in regards to LASIC surgery, u may want to take a look into getting it done outside of north america. a friend of mines got it done in canada for 3000 dollars, in eygpt its costs 1000 altogether and they have very good and technologically advanced machines. So you can get a plane ticket, SEE the world, and get your eyes done 3 in one ;)

again srry a side note. DO NOT GET LASER EYE SURGERY. its the older form of lasic, and it hurts like the dammed! LASIC is basically over night.


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