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 What will happen if you constantly pull down your lower eye lids to remove things that get in your eye?
Many times I get things in my eyes (eye lashes, dust particles) and I pull down my lower eye lids to remove what is in my eye. I was wondering if pulling down the lower eye lids as often as I do can ...

 Can you buy colored contacts at Target?
I need amber contacts for an audition... I checked the site,but couldn't find anything....

 Do they tint one lens on toric contact lenses so you know which one is which?
I just got toric lenses, and the one i believe is the right lens seems to be bluish when in the solution. Is this so you know it is the right lens, or are the lenses just made like that?...

 Usually when I read a text or book I feel asleep & I cant continue any more if it is related to my eyes?thanks

 Can Playing On The Computer For Long Hours Damage The Eyes?
If So How Long Should I P...

 Can some give me some advice on contact lenses?
I have been wearing glasses for 20yrs and I am totally fed up with them for a number of reasons I won't bore you with. I want to try contacts. I am going to the opticians tomorrow to see what ...

 Wow, I looked in the mirror and saw I had 2 different eye colors?!?
Ok, I normally have 2 brown eyes but Yesterday, I went out of the shower (lol) and I looked in the mirror and saw that my right eye had just brown and the other one (left) was shiny light-brown color ...

 Vintage glasses?
If I have a pair of vintage glasses can the old lenses be replaced with lenses of my prescription?
I recently inherited a very cool pair of cats eye glasses that belonged to my grandmother, I ...

 Contacts questions, can you...?
Will it do any harm to wear just one contact lens? Like, will it damage my eye even more? Or will it just be complicated to see?
Additional Details
Well, one eye I found out that had a ...

 My eyes are really dry?
and i don't wear contacts.
or glasses or anything, i have perfect eye sight.
but my eyes are always dry , and sometimes itchy
what could i do?...

 Does anyone else have this eye oddity?
This might be hard to understand, but I'll try to describe it. If I look out of my left eye, everything is normal. However, if I look out of my right eye, it seems as if everything is normal, ...

 Are you born colourblind?
Or do you grow to be colourblind like some people grow to be blind or deaf....

 Dust in eye?
My boyfriend got dust/dirt in his eye and it's been bothering him for an hour now. It looks like he has a black eye. I've never seen him whine before. What's some relief for this? H...

 Contacts for 12 year olds?
I really want contacts but i have to convince my parents and i was wondering what type should i get and are they good for me? I really need help so please help!! =)
Additional Details
My ...

 Can you wear contact lenses if you have "football eyes"???
i want to get coloured contacts i have no problem with my vision but i herd you cant get contacts if you have "football eyes" is it true??...

 Should I tell my eye doctor? and if so how?
I went for an eye exam in December 2006 because I was having problems with the distance vision in my right eye especially while driving at night. I know the vision in my right eye has been a little ...

 My son has eye discharge, but no pink or redness in his eye- could it still be pink eye?
Last night my five year old was sitting with me in the chair for about an hour and I noticed a glob of white in his eye that i got out. Then ten minutes later I noticed it again and thought maybe I ...

 Squigly things in my vision , what are they?
these transparent little wormy things filled my vision a little while ago, i have never experienced anything like that before, they were moving about in every direction then after a while went away. ...

 A Question for those who have had this surgical procedure, PLEASE???e?
I am scheduled to have a cataract removed from my right eye next week. It is in its' early stages but it interferes with the clarity of vision I need toward my work.
I must admit I am a ...

 Testing dyslexic persons eyes?
my best girl friend always has headaches and her doc said she should get an eye test cos he couldnt see anything wrong. she said she had never had one before, i said i would go with her because i ...

Yeah Right
Does astigmatism come and go?
i had my first glasses at 12 but i never really wore them often til 15. Im in my late teens now and i still barely wear them. only wear them for driving and looking at board. anyways i remember one year my doc said i got astigmatism, the next year i didnt and 2 years later i got it. does it come and go

Astigmatism does not come and go.The reason it may have seemed that you didnt have it any more is that you started to wear your glasses more regularly and your vision got a bit better and may have goten worse if you started to wear them less frequently.

I have Astigmatism and wear contacts made especially for this eye problem.Ask your optometrist about Acuvue for Astigmatism they are alot better than regular contact lenses.

hope i helped!

I'm not sure, but I think it does. I wear contact lenses and my doc told me my astigmatism got better.

It depends on the value of astigmatism (what we eyedocs call "cylinder.") Cylinder can fluctuate a quarter of a diopter here and there depending on time of day due to corneal edema (e.g. swelling). If you have more than -0.75D of cylinder, then I would not count on your astigmatism disappearing.

Big J
I dont think astigmatism can just "go away" it can be correct though through surgery or corrective lenses (glasses/contacts)

Yes it can. It can get better or worse quickly, which is why you should need to see an eye doctor about every two years or even every year. It can also change where the astigmatism is in your eye.

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