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 Where can I get cheap eye test in uk?

 Do you HAVE to ask your eye doctor before switching contact lens brands?
I'm currently using biomedics 55 and they feel like my eyes are suffocating! I talked to my eye doctor about it and he said that we can try O2 Optix but I found out that my insurance doesn'...

 Is my eye color rare?
I have Dark blue kind of Grayish eyes but more dark blue than Grey. I was just curious for science class.
Additional Details
I also has some purple streaks in my eye and like one yellow ...

hi, i keep on getting conjunctivitis i have had it 9 times in 12 weeks i have been to the docs and had antibiotics but it still keeps coming back, the hospital says its a viral conjunctivitis anyone ...

 Ugh! i can't get my contacts in!?
i keep on trying but i can't get my contacts in! my eyes keep on blinking...ppl keep on giving me different advice but i still can't do it! help!!!...

 Can you have only one contact lense in for 7 hours?
i lost my other contact the other day and i cant go to the store to get a new one, so should i leave the other one in or should i take it out?...

 How do i take hairspray off of my eyeglasses. they are all apotted with hairspray. i dont want to scratch them
i have tried water, dawn dishwashing liquid, surface cleaner, like for a tv monitor, shampoo, vinigar, amonia, and spit. help please!...

 Is it ok to rinse your contacts with tap water?
I have been rinsing my contacts with tap water for quite some time now and was wondering if there were any dangers associated with doing so. I have clear care (the contact cleaner with the hydrogen ...

 How to detect if you are slowly getting color blind?

 Currently wearing glasses, want to swap to contacts for holidays next year!water and sand bad for my eyes?HELP
going on holidays july 2009, and i want to wear contacts because i have always dreamed of wearing designer sun glasses. but i am worried if i get an infection in my eyes if i get sea or pool water or ...

 Help!! I think I'm going blind?
I have had a dark spot in my vision for a few weeks now; it gets darker the wider I open my eye; also when I look to the sides it becomes especially dark. I'm not sure when I'll be able to ...

 Can your eyes change colour...?
With your mood cause i have Dark green eyes & when i'm upset i've noticed they go hazel & when i'm happy they go bright green.

Do your eyes change colour along with ...

 Contact lenses questions?
i'll hopefully getting contact lenses sometime this year;

but the thing is, everything always irritate my eyes. even my hair being in the way, or when i yawn, i get alot of tears.

 Whats the wal-mart eye exam price?

 Im getting contact in a few day....?
color ones. what should i need to know bout em?
im REALLY scare bout taking em out at night, what if i poke myself in the eye and go blind? Help?

Thanks Everyone in Advance<3

 $20 eyeglasses?
Does anyone know a website where I can get $20 eyeglasses? Someone told me that I could get them on a website. I'm going to Vietnam for 2 weeks and don't want to bring my expensive ...

 How can u tell if contacts are flipped inside out or not?
I have 2 week disposables and im not sure which side is which, they do have a little tint but im not sure if it makes a difference....

 What does a lot of sun exposure do to the color of your eyes?
I've heard from some people it can make them appear lighter and brighter, others say it makes them darker. which one?...

 My contacts always seem "smudged" or Blurry?
Yes, even when they are new lenses, or new RX, or just cleaned. My contacts always seem smudged, fuzzy to see thru, why? Its like I have to blink real hard to "clear them", only works for ...

 What does it mean if your right eye twitches?

Do "floaters" mean the vitreous part of the eye is gradually wearing away through age?

No they are turds that float. There are two types; floaters and sinkers

Give Peace A Chance
no, i beleive that the term "floater" means a crap that is floating either in the toilet or a swimming pool.

not at all

floaters are broken capillaries that are floating around in the back of your iris. dont worry about them, thier natural :)


I remember some guy telling me a while ago about floaters. Like, little microscopic somethings that drift across your eye and you see something like a microscopic organism floating across your line of vision as if you were looking into a microscope and you might think you have super vision or something lol.

Floaters are specks that apparently float in the vitreous humour (the jelly-like substance inside the eyeball) and can be seen at times, floating across one's vision.

I believe they are harmless. They tend to occur more often as one ages.

They can also be a side-effect of certain medications.

Alicia L
Not necessarily. Floaters are tiny clumps of gel or cells inside the vitreous. They cast a shadow on your retina, which causes the floaters you see. As you get older, the vitreous gel can thicken or shrink and pull away from the back wall. That's a vitreous detachment. But, having floaters doesn't always mean a vitreous detachment. They can happen in people of any age and are usually harmless. If they come on suddenly or are accompanied by flashes of light, they can signal a retinal detachment. Either way, you should tell your ophthalmologist if you have any floaters.

A Nun Writes.....
No, floaters are poos that won't flush down the toilet

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