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 When people refer to 20/20 vision, what exactly does this mean?
What is "20" for, and how is a better or worse number determined(I know vision quality makes it higher or lower on the other side, but where do they get the numbers from?). Why is it called ...

 Eye help?!? Urgent!!!!!?
my eye is like reddish-pinkish, and it tears a lot. my teacher thought that i was crying. so she sent me to the nurse, and the nurse told me to put ice on it. it helped until the ice left my eye. ...

 For those who wear contacts??
Finally, i got some extra money to buy contact lens. The eye care place in wal mart told me that the appointment to find out my prescription is going to cost $175.00. and they said they will give ...

 Any tips on putting in contacs for the first time?
I had been trying to put in contacs since I got them a few days ago but I could never get them in and if you could tell me how you tell if they are inside out....

 Were can i buy eyes glasses without prescription lens?
my friend is filming a student film, and needs me to find glasses. My eyes are 20/20 so i need to find nonprescription lens....

 What is it called when you have dark floaters in your eyes?
These drive me nuts and I get more and more. They interfere with reading because they connect words or block out some. With a light background I can focus on them and they look like lint. It's ...

 Is it true that your vision gets worse if you dont get glasses? or does it just stay the same?

It seems kinda dangerous, I never heard of such a thing. I was righting a report on new technology and I found this website, and I dont understand exsactley what it does is it for people with A...

 I M having pain in my eyes for long?
the skin under eyes also swells when i wake up
anyone having a remedy for this?...

 Is it worth getting anti-reflective coating for my glasses?
More specifically, AR coating from Costco?...

 Is it ok to have an domenent eye?

 Astigmatism and Lasik?
I have had the privilege of wearing glasses for almost 30 years because I was lucky enough to have astigmatism and near sightedness. Yeah!! <Hope you can read the sarcasm I wrote this with><...

 Are contact lenses supposed to be clear right away?
I have an astigmatism and just started wearing contact lenses. It is only my 3rd day wearing them but my vision is nowhere near as clear as with my glasses.

Does it take time for your eyes ...

 How bad is it to be lazy with contact lense removal?
I have just been informed (through a blood test) that my protein levels are a little high, I wear Accuvue advance, which I was told by my optometrist are okay to leave in overnight on the odd ...

 Do i need my parents to get colored contacts??
i already need glasses so theyre not just for fun
and do i need to bring my prescription?
Additional Details
my mom doesnt care if i get them but if i ask her if we can go get them ...

 Cost for contact lens prescription?
Ive had contacts before but its been about 2 years since ive been back. If i want them again dont i have to get a regular eye exam first then a contact lense fitting again? How much would that cost?...

 What kind of solution should I get for my contacts?
I've got everything but don't know what kind of solution I get should get, my prescription isn...

 Has anyone had lasic eye surgery? Whats good and bad about it?
What are the ups and downs to getting lasic eye surgery?...

 No one else can see them???
I've asked this question before but I still haven't found the answer. I don't know what I have but I see billions of tiny moving dots all of the time. They are everywhere everything is ...

 Why is my contact irritating my eye?
I have been wearing contacts for about 2 years and haven't had any major problems until about 2 weeks ago. My left contact now irritates my eye after having it in for about 2-3 hours. I also ...

Eric H
Contact lenses. Which is a stronger prescription? -3.5 -3.75 or -4.0?
Im reordering my contacts but I only have my prescription from 2002 which was -3.75 and I took an eye exam and I know my prescription was worse by 1 or 2 and I called to find out and they told me my base curve and diameter but wont give me my exact prescription from 2006. So I need to make a guess or go in for a new eye exam. Im currently wearing a pair with a huge rip in them and no glasses and im pretty broke so I want to get 1 worse then -3.75. Is it -3.5 or -4.0?
Additional Details
Well its obvious Dawn R is a retard. You say I make you sick? Well I'm glad, If you like you can pay for my eye exam glasses or contacts for me. Because Ive been evicted and had my car stolen then fired from my job because I had no car to get there I'm now living in a studio with no car riding my bike to work and Im still trying to get a new way to see. Do you suggest I ride my bike without contacts so I'm damn blind? Well **** you you piece of **** and instead of sticking your nose in my business shut the **** up or don't answer where you arent wanted you spoiled piece of ****

Dawn R
contact lens Rx is only good for one year from date of exam. Even if you call 1-800-contact they will find out when your last rx was done you have to get a new exam to get a prescription. If you want to lose your eyesight don't cause problems for the professionals who worked hard to help the blind see. People like you make me sick. You are so clueless and act like having contacts is your right but don't care that you are causing your own harm by going against everything you were told by the optician about contacts.
you are over wearing them and contacts disintegrate after time and bacterial matter grows on the surface that is why they designed them to be thrown away after two weeks. Your vision can change that's why you only get a one year supply and have to be examined before renewing your prescript.

-400 is the stronger one

Hey there, the "higher" the number, the worse your eyes are. I know that if you can go in for an eye exam, they usually give you a free pair of trial contacts to get you by til your new ones come in. Most places won't let you purchase contacts without a new and valid prescription. I know it sounds weird, but Walmart eye exams are not as expensive as most, and they are pretty good. Do you have an old pair of glasses you could use to get by, or do you not have any at all?? I think those "reading" glasses at say Walgreens or Walmart go all the way up to 3.25. I don't know if that will help you or not. Maybe they might be enough to get you by... just a thought!

I'm nearsighted, and the -4.0 for me would be stronger, I'm not actually sure if it is different for far sighted people... :)


Btw, I totally know how it is to be blind and broke. Isn't it bothersome that they won't even give you your own prescription?? I called 1800 contacts, and I hadn't been to the eye doctor in YEARS. I ordered them based upon my last GLASSES prescription--which the Doctor, at least in CA, has to release--unlike the contacts prescription. Good luck! It will get better. Now I don't have to wear anything--I had LASIK 3 years ago, and as broke as I was, was worth every penny.

-4.0 is stronger than a -3.75.

I'm a contacts wearer too. But I wish my vision was that great! I'm a -8.75!! Blind as a bat!

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