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 Laser eye surgery???
I had an appoinment this weekend to see if I was suitable for laser eye surgery, and I am. with Optical Express.

The price given was quite expensive so I phone Optimax and they quote ...

 My 12 year old son just got a trial pair of disposable contacts....?
....for his bad eyesight.

Yesterday when the doctor helped him get them on he said the first couple of weeks when he first puts them into his eyes, he might experience some blurriness at ...

 So ive had a black eye for like 1 1/2 months?
and my friend told me that boxers cut benieth their eye to let the old, dirty blood. if true, anyone know how to do it?...

 What"s the best eye drop to whiten my red eyes?
My eye are always red especially when i go out or ware makeup i used cold water and decongestents but no ...

 Do people that are/look cross-eyed know it?

 When buying contact lenses, do you HAVE to buy eye glasses as well?

 Contacts question......?
I just got contacts yesterday and i love them. But i think they are a bit hard to get in and out. How can i take them out easier, and put them in without them sticking to my finger....

 Can your eye color change besides having to use contacts?
for example if there is a medical procedure like plastic surgery to change your eye ...

 Can you wear contact lenses everyday?
I have Kaiser permanente insurance and I know that Kaiser permanente charges a lot for contacts, but I also heard that contact lenses can't be worn every day. So, is it ok to get glasses and ...

 Contact lenses?
Went to see optician today because ive had problems wearing my contacts due to my eyes being so dry. was told that my tear ducts/glands were blocked. Was told what to do to unblock them. Using hot ...

 Can clear contacts change your eye color?
I have some and all they have is the blue tint will they make enough change to be noticed?

I am just wondering.
Additional Details
What if you have brown eyes, will they make ...

 What color do you say these eyes are?
they are mine. Do you think it would be ok to get colored contacts? if so, what color do you suggest? (i already wear prescription contacts, but I didn't have them on when i took that picture)<...

 Are contacts bad for your eyes in the longrun?
I'm a new contact wearer so I'm still trying to get used to the whole routine of it. I mean I'm really messing with my eyes everyday and putting the solution that I use to clean in my ...

 How long after eye dilation do eyes undilate?
After visit to the opthalmologist, the eyes are dilated.
How long does it take for the dilation meds to wear off and the eyes return to normal?...

is there a brand or type of contacts that last longer than weeks more like months. When I went to this eye place to have my prescription filled for contacts they said the contacts ca,e in a box of 6 ...

 How do i get my contact unstuck from my eye?
i've been poking my eye, it's getting red, the contact is stuck to my eye. i don'tusualy have this problem and i've had contacts for several years. i tried using eye drops (...

 Glasses care?
Well, in the past year, my eyesight has been declining. I wanted glasses really bad!

When my mom told me I was going to the eye doctor, I realized I DON'T want them. Too late.The ...

 Wearing contacts more than specified?
I've just started wearing my contacts two months ago, and since I was on a trip for 20 days I haven't worn them for about 20 days. I wear monthly contacts acueve, and i was wondering if ...

 How important is depth perception?
I have strabismus (crossed eyes) so at least one of my eyes is always turned in. Therefore I don't have normal depth perception, nor have I ever. But I can do everything people with "normal&...

 What will happen if I wear my contacts beyond the recommended period?
Like if it is for one month and I wear it for 4-5 days more?...

Can you wear your daily wear contacts for more than one day?
I wear Focus Dailies, and I plan on being at the pool a lot, and anyone who wears contact knows you wear an old pair to the pool, however these contacts are not cheep, so I am wondering if anyone know if it is possible to wear them for an additional day, and if so did you notice any major changes in your vision with them past that first day? Thanks!!!

Nine Crimes
You can, but you shouldn't. You could sustain corneal abrasion and that's not fun.

No, never re-use the lenses esp at the pool.

Sarah Jean
you can wear them as long as they're 'good'. i can't wear my contacts in the pool at all, can't see anything the moment my eyes get wet. You could also have a pair of swimming contacts.

It works ok for me to wear them more than one day. Just remember to keep your eyes closed under water lol

Of course it's possible to overwear contacts and you shouldn't notice too much of a change in vision. It also increases your risk of infections and eye damage, just like swimming in contacts.

Buff Me
when you wear them in the pool they stick to your eyes which is not good for your pupil. it also makes your contacts go bad quicker i used to wear mine to the pool to and i will never do it again. i only get one set of eyes and i wont take a chance


You should rest them or clean them that night just to be safe. Its just some solution and your lens case.

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