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please, i want some sensible answers, its a question in my mind for a long time.

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How much is an eyetest?
where should I go to get a comprehensive eye test?
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 Is it possible for a contact to roll behind your eye? URGENT HELP PLEASE?
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 LASEK eye surgery?
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 When i wake up i sometimes can't see out my right eye, all i see is bright green?

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Betty B
Can you wear contact lenses in a sauna or a steam room?

Additional Details
I went back to the gym today and wore contacts in the sauna and the pool.
I kept my eyes closed in the sauna (there was nothing there to watch anyway!) and I did not opened my eyes underwater.

I did not use the steam room because of your comments about airborne stuff.

It went fine...I did not have dryness (but I have those disposable Oasys that are supposed to be less dry).

At one point I completely forgot I had contacts in.

donna l

Yes, but do use a dailies lenses cos the steam at there are not good for the lenses.

Not recommended. For a start they will fog up just like ordinary glasses and you will have to keep blinking to be able to see. Also the heat may soften the plastic and blinking may distort them.

yes... just as long as u keep ur eyes close...

i dont know if excessive dryness may occur... but u can bring rewetting drops with u... and ur eyes should be fine...

I would not suggest it. The sauna will dry your eyes out and will cause discomfort with the lenses. The steam room is probably not the most hygienically clean place you can visit and you don't want air borne bacteria floating into your eyes and getting stuck to your lenses. Your best option would be daily lenses that you can discard after being in the sauna or steam room.
Your lenses wont fog up as mentioned earlier in an answer that is impossible, the front surface may dry out though giving rise to discomfort and blurry vision(in a sauna). Rather be save and go without it.

noh moh muffahns
I probably wouldn't (I wear contacts and the whole idea sounds either uncomfortable or potentially dangerous *eg airborne bacteria etc*) and I just wanted to add my 2 cents about the fogging up lol- that wouldn't happen, MAYBE with glass contacts but no one wears those anymore so I highly doubt that would / could happen.


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