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 I just came to know i have astigmatism , do i need to wear glasses all the time ?
i have astigmatism , 160deg in rt eye , and 175 deg in left eye , do i need to wear specs all d time ?
Additional Details
its -1 for left eye and 175 deg , and -0.50 for right and 160 ...

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 Are contacts ok for me to wear?
I have slight astigmatism, I have bad eye sight. I also have been wearing glasses for 5 almost 6 years. I have to get like a new prescription of glasses like every six months because my eyes sight ...

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A few miniutes ago I accidentally cut my eye with a bottle opener, it bled a lot but i washed it and everything seemed ok until now. The eye is deflated and I can see the socket it looks like its ...

 Is contacts or glasses better?

 I'm 14 years old and near sighted, so does this mean when I get older, will my vision better?
We know in science, that being near sighted means that the focus point is some where in the eye, and far sighted means the focus point is somewhere behind the eye (occurs when ppl get older). so does ...

 When you cant see in the distance, is it near or short sighted??
funny story, i went to an opticians because i know my vision wasn't what it used to be, they told me it was absolutely perfect and they couldn't do anything for me (they ,must have thought ...

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ive been getting dizzy spells every 6 weeks or so since xmas nothing major just when washing up or looking at things close up.
It's been over 3 years since i got them done....

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i dont think its light because the colours are there even at night when i have a blancet over my head and my hands over my ...

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No one else can see these floaters except ...

 Is it ok to put saline solution(contact solution) in your eyes just like eye drops.?
while your wearing your contacts.
Additional Details
and the saline solution is ...

 I have a baby and is eye colour is grey i have dark brown eyes and his father have brown eyes why is that so?

 Can u lose ur sight or some vision?
if u wash ur.eye i washed..my eye a while back. and now i feel like my left eye is weaker than my right eye. like if my left eye cant see that far i washed out my left eye with water from the kitchen....

 My eye is twitching?
almost exactly 72 hours ago, my upper right eyelid in the outside corner has been twitching, about every 3-5 minutes or so for about 6-7 seconds. i was getting on a plane 72 hours ago, but i'm ...

 I want to get contacts? contact wearers plz help?
how much are prescription contacts?
for disposable ones?
long lasting?
whats the best brand?

do the cost vary if u near or far sighted?

im near sighted.


 I broke my glasses! What should I do?
Okay, my glasses were on the floor, and I stepped on them, I think.
My mom doesn't know yet.
If I tell her or she finds out, she'll flip!!!!
So, I was just gonna tell her ...

Can you develop astigmatism or are you born with it?
I'm 23 and have been wearing glasses since I was about 10 years old. I just had an eye test today and apparently I have astigmatism in my left eye! I have my eyes tested at least once every 2 years and this has never come up before. Although the optician also wrote on the form that I have a lazy left eye, which I definitely don't! So I'm wondering if he made a mistake with the astigmatism?

He prescribed some contact lenses but my vision was still not crisp, which makes me think he might have made some kind of mistake, but I don't know!

So can you develop astigmatism over time, or is it something you have since birth? I'm all confused!

xx Emmie
Additional Details
I had two different opticians. The first one did my eye test and sent me off to the contact lens fitter. It was the second guy that told me the form said I had astigmatism and a lazy left eye. I told him I've never been informed of either and he said that everyone has astigmatism!

I always thought it was something you were born with,perhaps it gets worse as you get older,but I can't understand why you didn't ask your Optician to explain.

You are born with it. My father is an eye doctor. I know these things.

I never wore glasses until I was 21. I had suffered a serious fall when I was 17 and the optician said this could have been the cause. Ever since then the astigmatism has continued to change and I need new specs every year.

you can be born with it but it can also develop over time, if your note happy with the vision for your contact lenses, go back to your optician. If you have never had correction for astigmatism before it can also take time to adapt to the correction.

There is no need to worry about, most people do have some form of astigmastim

Andy T
i think it develops over time as you grow
your eyeball doesnot develop perfectly round, causing distortion in what you see as your lens cannot accurately focus the image on all of the retina at the same time.

kate M
You can develop astigmatism with the years.

No I am the same as you. I have had near perfect vision all my life, with a very mild case of long sightedness in one eye(dont need glasses tho) and 2 years ago suddenly my optician announced that I had astigmatism in my left eye and would need glasses at some point.

I thought he had made a mistake but apprently it is something that develops over time. As I have grown older my eye has become rugby shaped, and will get worse

fer9do torres, my baby!
i had a contact lens check last week. the last guy used to ckeck my eyes, but he never found anything, but my new one said i had it in my right eye. he has ordered somw toric lenses which should help my eyes focus light better and so not tlet the astigmatism affect my learning.
so i researched it and discovered that your born with it. it develops in the womb.

It can be either, astigmatisn refers to the shape of your eyeball, when someone has astigmatism it just means it's a little bit rugby ball shaped.

For your prescription it just means a little extra power is needed at a certain angle. For instance my prescription for my right eye is Sphere: -7.00, Cyl: -0.75, Axis, 150

Sphere is the general power of the lens, Cyl and Axis relate to the astigmatism, it means that I need an extra -0.75 but only on an axis/angle of 150 degrees.

Astigmatism is something that can develop in anyone and it's not harmful it just means a slight change to your prescription, and depending on the size of the astigmatism you would need a Toric contact lens, these are specially made for astigmatism and will sharpen your vision as opposed to non toric lenses.

Arwen the Original.
I think every person who has an astigmatism is born with it. Therefore it gets worse as you get older, hence the need for spectacles.

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