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 Are u suppposed to...?
are u supposed to feel the contacts in ur eye. cause the person at the place a long time ago told me u cant feel them. but my left eye is like really dry and i can feel it in there. i dont wanna put ...

 Any eye experts out there???
My optician said that my fundi have an unusal speckled appearance... any clue what this could be because she said she wasn't sure
Additional Details
well duh! I was hardly going to ...

 Contact lenses?
Got my first contact lens exam yesterday, i've been wearing glasses for years, and finally decided to bit the bullet and go for contacts. I'm now on day two (altho i do't have the ...

 Can i Put my contact lenses in water?
i just ran out tonight so i just put them in water about 30 min ago. is this a no-no? do i need to do anything to the water to make it bacteria-free? i just opened my last package of lenses this ...

 I was told by an Optician here (Spain) that I should not sleep in my contact lenses, it can damage my eyes.?
I had a good answer when I asked about the liquid behind my lens drying and wonder if this could be the cause of it....

 What age good for contact lenses?
what age for getting contacts?
I wear contacts so I know how to care for them. I have 4 boys and two of them wear glasses. One is 13 and one is turning 11 next month. My 11 yr old has expressed ...

 Why can i feel a pulse in my eye?

 Headaches from not wearing glasses?
I got my eyes tested in November 2007 (6months ago) they gave me a prescription, but i never got it filled as i didnt have a problem with my vision, and the prescription was only low.
Over the ...

 Polarised sunglasses for driving?
ive had my cataract taken out but i still get bad glare/starbursting

and i was told by the doctor to try out some transition glasses,ive had those kind of glasses before,problem is they ...

 If i get a prescription for my contact lenses, could i order any brand of contacts i want?
including colored contacts as long as they meet what my prescription is? Are colored contacts less effective than clear contacts?...

 Help with my eye?!?
My eye has been itching really badly and it's really irritating me. I just looked in the mirror and there's a red spot on the white part of my eye and the rest is pretty red. What should I...

 Does wearing contacts stop your eyes from getting watery around onions?
so you know how lots of people get watery eyes whenever they're dicing onions or even around them.. well that used to happen to me but now that i wear contacts it never happens, and i just ...

 How do you tighten loose eyeglasses?
I bought a pair of prada frames & they stretched beyond belief in less than a month....

 How long to your glasses frames tend to last before they get damaged? I seem to keep destroying mine?
Is it normal to replace them once every two years or so? I can't seem to make mine last much longer than that....

 Do I seriously need glasses/contacts?
Okay I get headaches when I look at words too long or sometimes i will be walking and the floor starts moving in front of me and it like caves in? and sometime i squint?
Additional Details<...

 My parents look nothing like me and i have a cleft chin and they don't and different eye and hair color.?

 Glasses ot contacts?? read details very important.?
ok so i want contacts becuz they help me see better and look better. plus you can wear your contacts with non prescription glasses as an accessory some days. But then there are these REALLLYYYY cute ...

 Eye Question:is this normal?
i can unfocus my eyes and focus them again. i mean, i can force my eyes to unfocus and then return to normal vision. i know it's normal if you relax your eyes but i force my eyes to go out of ...

 Do you have to get another eye exam for contacts every year?
I got my eye exam for contacts last year at wal mart. Do I need to get another full contact exam to get another prescription? Will it cost the same even though they know my measurements?


 Are my eyes weird or what? look! help!?
okay so everyone asks me if i wear contacts and stuff because i have some weird *** blue eyes
people tell me there pretty and stuff but i just think they are weeeee-ird
what do you think?<...

Can the need for reading glasses cause headaches?
lately I have been having headaches when I use the computer during the day.I am having trouble reading but I can see the computer.Could the need of reading glasses cause these headaches?


as the others have said...YES presbyopia is a known and common causative factor in headaches.

Rex B
Yes, it's the most common reason for getting headaches. When you see your eye doctor tell them about your computer work. They can set you up with glasses designed for that application. They will set them up at the proper distance and coat the lenses with a "coating" to help with glare and other computer related issues.

It certainly does. I ate handfuls of analgesics for a long time, before I realized it was my vision. I have Varilux no line bifocals now, and I only get the occasional ordinary headache now.

Time to get your eyes checked.

One way to be sure, go to the drugstore, and grab a box of Aspirin and try to read the label. If you have to practically stuff it up your nose to read it, or worse, have to 'trombome' your arm, it's time for glasses.

andy jackson
yes, most definately, or you could just have eye strain and need to rest your vision for a few days, but more likely that you need reading glasses. most people begin to need reading glasses due to changes in the eyes by the time they reach their late thirties to mid forties, if you fall into that age range or near there its probably the reason

Yes, it can. That's because you're straining to read something and that in itself can cause headaches. I remember my father used to get a lot of headaches from trying to read and he solved that when he got some reading glasses.

country girl
Yes it can , because you are straining to read. Get some glasses or contacts soon. Good luck.

Eye strain causes headaches. You are supposed to rest your eyes for 10 minutes of every hour.

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