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 Contacts lenses safe?are glasses better??
My eye doctor says I am nearsighted should I get contacts or glasses and are contacts dangerous??...

 Blurry eye?
i had pink eye and the doctor said not to wear contacts until i go and see him. But i didn't listen and i wore contacts like 3 days before it was a week after i had the eye drops. Now when i ...

 Is there such thing as a contact that can change your eye color without the part that can help you see better?
is there such thing as one of those contact thingys with the eye color on it that doesnt have the part that helps people that need glasses see ?...

 What do you do if you get cinnamon in your eye?
My 4 year old did this (long story how) and his eye looks a little puffy ...

 By what procedures can u change u r eye color? or tell me something that is related to eye color?

 I left my contacts in all weekend and went to the beach. Now when i try to take them out it hurts. Whats wrong
When I went to the beach I got sand in my eye. And when my contacts are out it feels like something is in there..but when i look and clean my eye.. i see nothing.

 How do I wash my eyes?
I put in a soft contact lens and felt bit of discomfort. I thought I adjusted it and moved on to do things. 3 hurs later, my eye was red, I took out the lens, and started see some discharge on my eye....

 Something is wrong with my dads eye!! help.?
My 50 yr old dad has this small looking mole in his eye. The color of it is like black with brown. It looks wierd and gross. His eyes are constatly red and red. I ask huim if he can see it or if he ...

 Huffing Acetone?
how do you huff acetone.
im not going to, i was just wondering because i heard some random kids talking about it in school. is it addictive?...

 Does applying kajal damage our eye?
please suggest my grandmom restricts me frm applying ...

 Why do my eye's change colour instantly?
Hi there well my eye's are i really don't know what colour becaus as far as i can remember they keep changing colour. I'm only 23 so the age thing doesn't come into it my eye'...

 Why does my eye sometime twitch?

 What is a good age to get LASIK surgery for the eyes?
I seriously want to get the surgery done, probably in about 6-7 years, when I'm around 24-25 years old, but I wanted to know when a good time to get it.

Is there an age when you'...

 Reasoning behind nearsighted child wearing glasses for reading?
Two of my sons were recently prescribed glasses for myopia. One child has a prescription of -1.00 and the other of -1.25. The eye doctor said they should wear their glasses when in the classroom, ...

 I think i may need glasses..please help?
im 15 and my vision is getting noticeabley worse but the thing is i cant explain to anyone what exactly im seeing ...but when i see things from a distance such as the tv from 10 feet away..my dad ...

 New to contact lenses at 27yo?
Hey -
I am completely new to wearing contacts. I bought my first pair today and am finding that my eyes feel strained and tired. My optometrist told me this was normal but I wanted to find out ...

 Foggy vision.. constantly ? freaked out as shiiit?
kay im 16, & ive been noticing for the past months that my vision has been getting crappy. i went to the doctor in july he said i got 20/20 vision.. but my cousin said you can have 20 20 vision ...

 How much should cost at the opticians a single vision lenses for my glasses?
I have got the frame so i just need to buy the lens do you know how much they will cost me about?...

 Why does my vision get blurry after reading?
When reading I notice my vision gets blurry when I look across the distance. Sometimes I have to close my eyes to make it better.

Do I need glasses?...

 What is best way to remove superglue from eyes?

Can contact lenses in their little case be stored sideways or do they have to be flat?
If the round cases are leakproof, is it ok to put the contact lens case in my purse where it may end up sideways?


Jenna R
I believe that it is fine. I do this all the time for sleepovers, etc. I haven't had a problem. But if you open up the case and find that it isn't there, check the cap. Sometimes it'll be upside down stuck to the cap. :) LOL

Good luck!

As long as you have lots of solution in it so that the lens will stay submersed , that is no problem

♥Sweet Pea♥
yea. I do that when I take mine out when there bothering me and im not at home. I just stick mine in my purse and it works fine. Just make sure you have enough solution and put the top on tight.

Yea it is, as long as it is for the short term. The solution should coat the lense and it will not dry out for short periods of time. I carry my contact lenses in my case around in my pocket and have not had many problems. Just make sure you give them a very good clean everyday

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