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Can anyone tell me the difference between transition lenses & prescription sunglasses?????
i currently wear transitions, but i think i would like to try a pair of prescription sunglasses.....i've been told that the lenses are darker.and my sight would be better....Is any of this true???

Sally S
The lenses will be darker because they will always be dark. Just as regular sunglasses but with your prescription in them.The transition lenses turn darker the brighter the light is.
The disadvantage of the sunglasses is that you will have to get regular everyday glasses to wear when indoors. At that point you might consider Lazik and only wear regular sunglasses when needed.( and you will need them) I had 20/500 and 20/575. I worried I would need reading glasses later so I go Mono vision in my lazik surgery. One is for reading and the other for far away. 20/20 now. I even passed my drivers license without a restriction. I know this is more than you asked for but I am full of useless information.

To Lunamiss...

There is a fairly new product on the market called Drivewear, a polarized transitions sunglass lens that WILL change in the car. It starts out as a green lens, will turn orange in the car, and deep brown on sunny days. It is an excellent lens for all types of vision needs. But remember, it IS a sunglass lens.

Transition lenses adjust to light/dark.
Prescription lenses are a lense prescribed by your Dr. for your eyes' needs.

And transition lenses will not get dark in the car, or anywhere where the UV is filtered (like through a windshield). The only exception to this is the transition drive lenses, which don't become completely clear.

For long term sun protection or someone who spends a lot of time driving, rx sunglasses are a much better option than transitions. If, however, you spend a lot of time indoors with transient trips outside, transitions are a nice option. And any sun protection is better than none at all :p

In a nutshell, Transitions lenses are prescription lenses that get lighter and darker depending on the lighting conditions. Prescription sunglasses just stay dark.

For more info on Transitions lenses, see the link below.

yes. i can tell the difference between transitions lenses and Rx sunglasses, and so could you.

Rx sunglasses are dark all the time. they are always the same color...whatever color you choose. brown, green, red, grey, yellow...whatever you like. polarized, etc.

transitions are either grey or brown (thats it) and change color when you go outside. they do get medium dark, but not as dark as Rx sunglasses can be made.

they're just totally different. cant really wear Rx sunglasses all the time. they dont work too well inside.

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