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according to my friends,

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Can anyone interprete my eye prescription?
R: Sph: -0.75, Cyl: -0.50, Axis: 115
L Sph: -1.00, Cyl: -0.25, Axis: 90

How bad is my eye sight? Is it common for the cyl and axis values to be imperfect, even in normal eyesight? What's average vision? Any help is appreciated.

SPH (sphere) - the amount of long (+) or short (-) sight. The higher the number, the stronger the prescription lens required.
CYL (cylinder) - the amount of astigmatism, or visual distortion, caused by an irregularly shaped cornea.
AXIS - the direction of the astigmatism, measured in degrees.
You are a bit myopic (near-sighted) with -0.75 in the right eye and -1.00 in the left.
You have a very small correction. Both eyes are normally not the same. The left eye is usually a bit weaker when you are right handed. The opposite is true when you are right-handed.

it looks like you are near sighted meaning you can see up close better then far away, with just slight help you can see 20/20

Sarah X
its not that bad at all, you cant see things a long way away. If you send me your email i can send you a very simple paper i wrote on how to understand prescriptions

Fizzy Fizz
Your eyesight doesn't seem that bad. I found a website that explains the different numbers in the prescription. No idea what is the average. Mine are -4.0 Sph!!! Check out the link below


I dont know exactly what the meaning of all the numbers are I am sure someone will tell you but I had my eyetest yesterday. I have varifocals - distance, close and computer viewing in the one lense , my left eye has an astigmatism so the lense on that side is adapted to correct it and my readings are as follows : (if you compare them I would say your eyes arent too bad at all)

Left eye: sph +1.50 Cyl -2.00 Axix 20.0 (Distance)
Left eye: sph +3.25 Cyl -2.00 Axis 20.0 (Near)

Right eye sph +1.75 cyl -0.75 Axis 140.0 (Distance)
Right eye sph +3.50 cyl -0.75 axis 140.0 (Near).

I need a slight upgrade to make reading clearer.

Deirdre H
I don't know how to interpret prescriptions to say how bad or good your eyesight is. I d know this though: Nobody's eyesight is perfect.
20/20 is "normal" or typical. Mine, without correction is about 20/400, but corrected, it's better than 20/20.

What 20/20 means is that one can resolve 20 seconds of arc at 20 feet. If you take a circle, and divide it into 360 degrees, each degree can be further divided into 60 mintes, and each minute can be divided into seconds of arc. 20 seconds means 1/3 of 1 60th of one degree. It is talking about the amount of resolution you have at that distance.

Some people are better at resolving objects close to them: this is nearsightedness; others can see distance better, this is farsighedness.

A farsighted person may easily have 20/20 vision, but not be able to read a newspaper.

Good or bad isn't really an issue if it's correctible. Even pilots (except in the military) are permitted to wear corrective lenses.

Not bad...wish I had your script.

Sph=sphere power...how far you can see

Cyl=cylinder or astigmatism...it's what makes your vision blurry

Axis=an imaginary line which corrects the astigmatism. Axis is like a protractor, 0 to 180 degrees.

You are a low myope, or nearsighted. You can still play sports without glasses but for driving purposes, please wear your glasses.

something new
you have a low myopic prescription with and astigmatism correction and will benefit from wearing your glasses for anything from your tv and further away. the cyl referes to a cylindrical correction in addition to the spherical prescription and the axis is merley the direction in which the cylinder lies. don't worry about the term astigmatism, 90% of people have one and it simply means the eye isn't a perfect sphere and is steeper in curvature in one direction so you will need a spectacle lense with a steeper curve in one direction. the astigmatism is quite low and if you had contact lenses you'd be fine with sperical lenses. prescriptions range from 0 to over 20 either way.

Hello there !
The first number you see in an eyeglass prescription is the sphere "sph". This number indicates the degree of hyperopia (farsightedness) or myopia (nearsightedness) in the eye. Plus (+) power indicates hyperopia, while minus (–) power indicates myopia.
So since it is (-) you have myopia (nearsightedness) and the number just indicates the power in diopters that is needed in the lens to bend the light correctly on your retina.
The second part of the of the prescription cylinder "cyl" indicates that you have an astigmatism. Astigmatism is the amount that the refractive structures of the eye (primarily, the front and back surfaces of the cornea and the front and back surfaces of the crystalline lens) vary or deviate from sphericity or a spherical shape.
The last number is the axis (you only have axis if you have cyl) The axis number doesn't mean that your vision is good or bad.....it is just the angle required for the prescription in your lenses to correct your vision
Because you have 2 differrent powers (sph and cyl) in each eye that means in each lens you need those 2 different powers in it. The axis just tells the person who makes the glasses at what angle each power is at.

Your eye sight isn't that bad, its pretty common... (the bigger the number the worse your eyesight is) your numbers are fairly low.
Yes it is common for the cyl and axis numbers to be different in each eye... its very normal for your eyes to be different. And your wondering what average vision is.... well for having a correction I would say your vision is pretty average :)

Hope that helps you out a bit :)

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