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 How do i cure a lazy eye?
when i was about 4 i cut my eye with a knife so now i have blurry vision on my left eye. i can still see but it sort of hard to read really small letters. im 16 years old is there anyway to fix this ...

 Is it normal to be able to feel like you have something in your eye when your first get contacts?

 How long can i keep daily contacts in?
ive just started wearing contacts and i want to know how long i can use dailys for....

 Does sleeping with glasses damage your eyes?

 Do i need glasses?
well i use to wear glasses for reading until they broke, but over the past few months ive noticed in school and at home when i look at a white board in school it hurts my eyes and is a little blurry, ...

 Switching contact lenses?
Ok so I just got my contacts on Tuesday.I have never worn contacts before.So my question is when I order contact lenses on 1-800 Contacts or any other contact place can I choose any contact brand?I ...

 Eye twitching?
Inner corner of left upper eye twitches involuntarily for over a month now....what would be the cause of this? It doesnt hurt and is not obscurring my vision but is slightly annoying
Additional ...

 Scratched lenses??????????
what can i do repair my scratched eye glass lenses. ive heard that tooth paste does somthing, is this true? i really dont want to have to buy new lenses oranything i need somthing home ...

 The eye condition with an odd-shaped cornea?
What's the eye condition with an odd-shaped cornea called? I think it sounds something like keris-catonis?


 My eyes are pink, but i'm not drunk?
you know how your eyes turn pinkish when your drunk or have alcohol in your system? ( thats the only time they ever turn pink for me!) [well also after crying] but i'm not crying and i'm ...

 Have anyone had Lasik eye surgery?
Have anyone had lasik eye surgery? If so how is it an what are the side affect?...

 Does astigmatism need to be corrected?
What would happen if it wasn't corrected and I had IOL's, so no glasses or contacts. How would astigmatism affect my vision?...

 Is LASIK and other laser corrective surgery really safe? And how long could it really last?
My doc said about 8 years.Did he say this to discourage me? And which laser is better? Does cheap mean safe?...

 My eye 'clouds up' and I can't see?
I wear contacts but I haven't recently (past 2 months or so)
anyway, sometimes my eye (left or right) will feel sorta soft and weird (it doesn't hurt at all) and a grey fog comes in ...

 Are colored contact lenses damaging for the eyes?any medical prove?
I have heard using colored contact lenses damages the iris of the eye and later it may result in birth of blind children. Plz someone tell me the reality supported by some good ...

 Kolor eye kontakts...fake ones..?
would any1 know if its true that fake eye kolor kontakts are harmful to ur vision?.
u know.just like the ones marilyn manson wears on one eye....

 Where else can I get non-prescribed contact lenses?
I mean besides the doctor's office. I know someone who has non-prescribed contacts and he said he got it from some little shop. And it would help a lot better if you lived in Sacramento, CA.

 Whats the difference between 20/20 vision and say 20/200 vision?
What I mean is... define 20/200 vision?...

 Wrong glasses causing itchy eyes?
I wear prescription glasses however haven't had a eye check for about 2 years now. Lately I have been getting itchy eyes, particularly around the edges of my eye. Subsequently I've been ...

 Has anyone had lasik eye surgery?? Can you tell me where you live and the cost? I think I am paying too much.

Can I have Lasik Eye Surgery? My eyesight is terrible!!?
I heard if your eyesight is realy realy bad, they cant do it for you..So I dont know if this is true or false, but if its true can i have one?

this is my prescription:


Sophia J
Lasik Eye Surgeries are for people who suffer from poor vision. Instead of wearing glasses or contact lenses, people now can correct their poor vision with a surgery. Consult a eye surgeon he will be the better person to tell you what to do? For any information on Lasik eye surgery and the associated risks or just in case want to know how lasik surgery works then click on over this site http://www.asiasmedicaltourism.com/category_story_1424.html

i dunno, i have bad eyesight too and i often wondered/worried about this.. my eyes are -600 -625 and im still young. :/

well.according to the law u have to at LEAST b 18 [of some is 22] to get lasik

Actually, your correction is far from being " terrible"...it is still considered as being a mild correction.

As to whether you can get lasik is a different story. There are other factors besides the correction you have that need to be known.

The laser clinics all offer free pre-testing to determine if you are a good candidate.

Well, they take in to consideration many things. Your age, how stable your prescription has been, your tear production, your corneal thickness, the diameter of your cornea.....the list goes on. No one can tell you if you can have laser surgery without actually doing a consultation with you. Most reputable places that do lasik will give you a screening free of charge and will give you the answers.

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