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 A really dumb question?
why is it called your thigh when your standing but called a lap when your sitting?
(try to get it)
Additional Details
i dont even know what optical means so i put it there LOL...

 OMG help!!!!! I got HAIRDYE in my EYE!!!?
ok so i was dying my hair right now and strands of hair went in my eye and they had hair dye in them, my eye started burning/stinging so bad so i rinsed my eye with warm water for almost a minute i ...

 Does anyone have a trick for putting contact lenses on? Cause my eyes keep on blinking messing things up?

 Is there anything really important i should know about contact lenses?
i just got mine today, but i was wondering if there's anything that doctors don't tell you that i should know from you guys' experience.

ok closer to my black dot (pupil) its a light light blue, then as it goes further out it gets light and light until ur in the middle of my eyes and then it starts turning a light green then slowly ...

 Why is it that when you look at a bright light you have to sneeze?

 Will your eyes really pop out if you sneeze with your eyes open?

Additional Details
LOL weird question, and i was ...

 Does wearing contacts damage your eyes? I noticed since wearing contacts that I have red squiggly lines in eye

 Do you think i need glasses??
ok i sit in the back of my classroom but whenever i look up from writing notes i cant read the board cause it's really blurry until i wait for like 10 seconds. but then i can read it. and my ...

 Getting glasses again?
Are glasses unattractive, contacts are out of the question, their reading glasses and days I'm in class I will have to wear them. The doctor didn't put me down for contacts so I don't ...

 Laser Eye Surgery ---How old do u have to be-?-?
Im 17... and i want to fly planes or helicopters or sum thin. . I'm going into the military no matter what i don't know what branch yet. i wear contacts and i want to get laser eye surgery ...

 Do you think paying $1600 per both eyes for a Lasik surgery is safe?
I am wondering because that is what i will pay for mine, other people have people lot of money. please ...

 Mole on left side of breast wht does it indicate?

 Is it true??
i've done some research through google and is it true that glasses and contacts really make your vision worse and that you should try to improve it yourself or is it just a scam so you will buy ...

 What can i do to prevent my contacts from irritating my eyes?
Sometimes when i wear my contacts they irritate my eyes by making them become really red and sensitve to light. I would like for this to stop happening and i need a way to prevent this because i do ...

 I am 27. The last time I saw an eye doctor I was 15 and he told me I was a little nearsighted.?
My family, all these years, have just assumed I have perfect 20/20 eyesight. I know better, however. I am having trouble reading small print and street signs until I get right up to them. I want ...

 Can surgery correct lazy or droppy eyes.?
I was born with sleepy or lazy eyes can surgery fix this problem.Every where I go their is some one who thinks I'm either slow sleepy or hie....

 Whats a good/recommended age to take a child for their first eye examination?

 My pupils are always sooo dilated?
Sometimes people say I look like I'm on drugs because of it...I hate it it's sooo annoying. Does this mean I have eye sight problems? Is there anything I can do?
Additional Details...

 Do you have to wear glasses before you are prescribed contacts?
My 11 year old nephew has just learned he needs glasses or contacts. His mother was told that he has to wear glasses for a year before he can be prescribed contacts. Is this true and if so why? My ...

Can I go to Lenscrafters without an appointment and still get my glasses the same day?
I need to get glasses or eye contacts ASAP
I know Lenscrafters have the 1 hour prescription but I need to get them today.
Is it possible to just go in as a walk-in?
Additional Details
I have Blue Cross Insurance
Will I still have to pay for the glasses/contacts??
If so, what do you recommend
I really dont have much money

yes...you just need your script...but you do pay for the one hour glasses etc..

It is all dependent on their schedule. I would call your local Lenscrafters and ask to be seen today and tell them you need the glasses today.

If you have vision insurance with BCBS then you should be good. You will have a copay of somesort. You can call them also and find out your exact vision benefits.

Lenscrafters in my hometown is the greatest and they are always happy to help. I hope you get the same great service.

If you are talking about the doctor that is attached to Lenscrafters, I think you can walk in though it depends if they have anything available since the doctors there are usually independent from Lenscrafters itself. So you may need to call first to see if you can have a same-day appointment.

I'm not sure whether or not you already have your prescription, but I know when I go there with mine they get them to me the same day within an hour and a half. It could also depend on if they have what you need in stock or not as well, but usually when I go to Lenscrafters, they never let me down. The only downside is that they are so dang expensive even when they have sales going on or if you have a coupon.

I bet if you looked in your phonebook and called the Lenscrafters nearest you, and asked them...they would give you a more reliable answer than we can.

Yes. I have done it before. They take walk-in....if they having openings

The Judge
You can... my experience has been better pricing and better care at a private doc. More likely they will accept your insurance instead of you having to pay lenscrafters and get reimbursed by your insurer (maybe). Private doc will most likely not make glasses in an hour but might have contacts on hand for you.

Check your insurance for a list of providers and do a yahoo yellow pages search to find one near you. Explain your situation... they will listen

I have felt like a customer at mall optical shops and a patient in doctors offices. Better care.

You should be able to. Go when they open.

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