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 Why do your eyes hurt after looking at a computer?
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Katie T
Blurred vision -astigmatism?
My mom has astigmatism and had to get glasses in her mid twenties. I'm 22 and always hope I would get my dads good vision - he's 53 and only wears reading glasses he picked out himself at walgreens. Anyway, back in the spring I noticed that powerpoint presentations were a little blurry for me. The first time I noticed it I thought maybe I was just tired and my eyes weren't focusing but it hasn't really gone away, but not gotten worse. It just looks like a copy of the text is taken and moved up just slightly from the original, just making things fuzzy. I can still read fine but it's annoying that things are a little blurry. I know I need to go have my eyes checked. But I noticed the other day that if I put my chin down and look out of the top of my eyes, everything is perfectly clear. I know this sounds crazy but its true!! Has anybody else with astigmatism or near sightedness noticed this?
Additional Details
I have tried covering one eye and one of them (my right I think) seems to be worse but I don't have perfect vision with either one of them. My mom has both an astigmatism and nearsighteness. I have used a computer a lot during the past 4-5 years which has probably contributed to the problem.

Michael P
What happens if you cover one or the other eye?

To see if you have astigmatism and/or nearsightedness you have to go to the eye exam. Based on your description it is very possible that you have astigmatism.

In case you have, don't worry. There are eye exercises than can reduce astigmatism and other refractive disorders. I used to be nearsighted with slight astigmatism and was able to completely improve my vision with these exercises. For more information about eye exercises go here:


Hope this helps!

Best regards,

it sounds like you have astigmatism. which you perfectly described in the phrase: "It just looks like a copy of the text is taken and moved up just slightly from the original."

I have it too. it runs in the family. it is different from nearsightedness, in that, if you are merely nearsighted, you just won't be able to see things that are far off. but astigmatism actually makes letters look like they're on a badly printed flyer.

sometimes, like in my case, nearsightedness is coupled with astigmatism. the best thing you can do is to see an eye doctor. there is a 90% chance that he will ask you to wear glasses (or contacts, as long as your "grade" isn't too high).

nearsightedness can still go away in time, and with constant use of your glasses. but as for astigmatism, we've been told that it doesn't go away, although it can be minimized.

contrary to some beliefs, wearing glasses can actually help correct some problems. a good doctor will prescribe glasses that have a slightly lower grade than what your eyes actually need. this'll ensure that your eyes don't hurt from glasses that are too "sharp."

hope this helps.

I have astigmatism and my eyesight can differ from day to day. I do wear glasses (very weak) but try to not over use them too much. I find the amount of time i spend on the pc, or reading, or how much sleep can be a factor.

I was given the advice of when at a pc for a long time, every half hour to walk around and look at something at a distance so your eyes can refocus

My eyes can be as bad as i cant read the text on my monitor or in a book to as good as being nearly perfect as it was before i got my glasses, (7-8 years ago)

I was pretty much told the more you use glasses the more your eyes adapt to them and the more you'll need them

Astigmatism means that you are not focusing correctly. In the dictionary it says "point without focus".

Usu sally when you work for a long time on a computer at close range it is normal for you to get tired. You should take short breaks so your eyes have time to readjust. Also you should wear eyeglasses with either an antireflective coating or a # 1 magenta for the glare. If you should have a small amount of astigmatism this should not only make the words clearer but also relax your eyes so you do not get eyestrain.

Have your eyes examined at least once a year. When getting new eyeglasses always go back to the prescriber within a short period of time if the eyeglasses do not perform for their intended use!

Patients with astigmatism actually have two different prescriptions in the same eye located 90 degrees apart. So, for instance, you may have one prescription vertically in the eye and a totally different one along the horizontal meridian. This explains how tilting your head down can improve vision. By tilting your head down you are causing your upper lid to cover the upper portion of the cornea and thereby masking the upper half of your vertical prescription. Even though this may not be as clear as wearing an appropriate prescription for your astigmatism (assuming that's what the problem is) masking half of your astigmatism will improve your vision somewhat. Hope this helped.

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