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 Can I please put them back on now?
I wear clear contacts. On Monday, my eye was really red. And I went to a doctor (not an eye doctor, just a regular doctor) and he said its because of the contacts. He told me not to wear them for a ...

 Is it bad if you leave your contacts in for a while?
i have left my contacts in for over a week and i'm fine with it. its not bothering me at all. people tell me its really bad for me and i shouldnt do it but its easier for me and i like ...

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Why you think your eyes got worse?...

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 Colored contacts?
ok so I tried colored contacts the FreshLook kind and they like were three different colors that blend with my eye color. I want just one solid color like blue or green. My eyes are brown. Is there ...

 Is it best to wear glasses all the time?
i have a low prescription and i only use my glasses to see the board at school. would it be best to wear them all the time.

PS. I dont intend on getting ...

 Tips to keep good eye sight?
Im 15 and i think the TV and comp are taking there toll on my eyes.
I can read and see but still, in school when im reading and looking down they hurt a little.
Any things i can do to keep ...

 My eyes hurt really bad, and the pain is makin my head throb?
the past 3 mornings ive woken up with my eyes hurting, for ex. if i move them to look in another direction really fast, they hurt, they feel very strained out, and if im standing up and sit down real ...

 I have eye floaters and im 16 is this common?
Or are you supposed to get them when youre older?...

 Can u tell how old i am?
i am 5 foot exacly and 78 pounds. can u tell me how old i am Hint: i am going to middle school next year. i live in fl so middle school starts at 6 grade....

 What are the precautions to be taken for glaucoma?
i have glaucoma for the last 3 years.i am using drops under the supervision of oncologist .i want to know if i play word games for 1or 2 hours a day ,will that affect my eyes in future?i am very ...

 What causes tears to come out?
Well...when u cry ur hurt and tears come out but how do they come out? theres a certain spot in your eye that if u poke it, tearsll come out. but how do they come out when u dont touch them but ur ...

 Contact Lenses! Good or Bad for the eye?

 Can I wear contacts in the pool? Or should I take them out?
If i do take them out, i will not be able to see. Someone please help me! I want to be able to see at the pool!...

 What is 50/50 vision?

 How successful is Laser Eyes Surgery?
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 Are eye glasses of a lesser quality if you buy them from an optical chain rather than a doctor's office?

 Contact lense solutions...?
Glasses bother me and contacts feel natural.
Last year Baush&Lomb had problems with their solution. That was fine b/c I use the AMO Complete Moisture Plus, but recently I ...

 There's sumthin in my eye!!!?
there's sumthing in my eye it was here for 2 days and it still is in dere! how do i get it out. nothing will work!!!!...

Blood vessel broke in my eye, what should I do?
I felt pain, as if a needle where stuck into my eye, and looked at the mirror, and my white is all bloody inside. What should I do?
Should I go to the doctor or wait till it goes by itself?
Additional Details
it's Friday evening, too late

kellie r
it will go away on its own theres not much a dr can do for that
stay away from bright lights the first day apply warm pacs to ease discomfort

See an eye doctor immediately. There is a reason for this injury to your eye and it's something that needs to be cared for right away. Stay off the computer and rest your eyes. Avoid any further damage.

I would go to the emergency , I have an inert fear for eye injuries!

I had a broken blood vessel in my eye a while ago. I freaked out and went to the emergency room. The doctor told me that it will go away on its own and that it will look worse before it gets better. Nothing to be concerned about.

Lisa H
Go see an eye doctor.

see the speciallist for the eye quickly

"See" an eye doctor.

It's called a sub conjunctival hemorage. A blood vessle popped. It can happen if you have high blood pressure, sneezed, coughed, lifted something heavy. It looks scarier than it is. The blood has no where to go. That's why it's covering your sclera; the white part of the eye. It may get worse before it gets better. Meaning if it's not covering all of the white, it very well may. So don't be alarmed. Unless you are having vison loss or blurryness save your money! Happy Seeing!

2020 A
Go see an Eye doctor he can tell youif it is just a ruptured vein or something worse. He can also advise you if you need to go see General Practitioner for other medical reasons that would cause this. It is better to be safe than sorry with your eyesight. Cause once it is gone usually you can't get it back.

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