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Are eyeglasses supposed to be blurry when you first get them?
I decided i needed to get eyeglasses because at work i'm usually writing or reading off of a computer and they've been irritating me and giving me slight headaches at times. My normal vision isn't blurry at all, only when it comes to reading. So, of course i thought i only needed reading glasses. As soon as i go to get checked up the optometrist says "Oh yeah you definitely need glasses." This is a shock to me becuase i never though my vision was that bad! So after the check up he gives me a prescription and so on. Now today i picked them up and they are SO strong! they make my eyes hurt even more and i KNOW i didn't need that strong of a prescription to begin with. So what i want to know is if glasses are supposed to be really blurry when you first get them, or should they be clear right away...I understand i have to get used to them, but I'm pretty sure if i get used to these then it will make my normal vision worse and pretty much make me dependent on glasses. help!

they shouldn't be because when you first get glasses, they should be clean and if they are blurry, then you need different glasses

They arn't suppose to be blurry but when your first getting used to it they do make your eyes hurt and they can give you slight headaches...just to make sure you might want to get checked again cause if they arn't for you they can really damage your eyesight more

dj danjaaa(PRO JONAS)
no, their not supposed to be blurry. when i got mine a few months ago they were crystal clear, mine are for reading to. i would go back to the eye doctor

Every time I get a new prescription, it takes about 30-45 minutes for my eyes to completely adjust. But then again I've been wearing glasses for a while and usually my newer prescription is not that different from the previous one. I guess the amount of adjust time could differ from person to person. Maybe since this is your first time wearing glasses, it's taking a while. I say after 2-3 days of blurriness, go back to your doctor.

So based on your statements, I'll assume it was reading glasses you got. The focal range is about 15-18 inches, anything farther than that will be blurred and feel strong, so you can't keep them on all the time like a bifocal. Most people when they get their first reading glasses can also see at the computer too. No one explained the use of the new glasses to you? Basically, off for distance and on for reading. If you like to read and watch TV, then wear them down a little on your nose so you can look over them to see clear in the distance. If you got glasses that were different than reading glasses, edit your question and let us know what they are.

` Tia ღ
Yes, when you first get glasses they usually seem too strong and can give you headaches or nausea. Don't worry about it though...it only took me around a couple hours to get used to mine! But at the most it will take you a couple days, so I suggest getting used to them during a time you don't have to work.

Mrs Dave F- it will be a boy
They are strange at first. You should ease into them, give your eyes time to adjust. Just wear them for a few hours a day. You should notice a difference rather quickly though. They should be clear. Some places love to over correct, especially the chain stores. Over correction would cause blurriness. I would talk to your doctor about it and see what he says. If after a few days, they are stiill blurry, then you should take them back and be rechecked.

Frakin BSG Fan
Relax your eyes when first using your glasses. Normally, you are probably used to straining your eyes to read. Since you just got your glasses, you might be straining your eyes while wearing them so it causes your vision to be a little blurry.

Also, when you first start using glasses, try not to wear them fro more than 3 hours straight. It'll give you a big headache and a lot of dizziness. Take them off every now and then and relax your eyes for about 5 minutes.

Your eyes will eventually adjust to the glasses and the prescription.

When I first got glasses it was definitly weird and they gave me a headache. Give them a day or two. I wasnt used to having a limited amount of vision (you cant see anything under or over the lenses) Im pretty sure I thought they were blurry but if you think theyre too strong I suggest you get a new optometrist.

sly and cunning

this might sound stupid, but did they check to make sure you got the right 'scrip? maybe they gave you the wrong glasses.
when i got new glasses i put them on and they were clear and i could see really well.

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