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 Vision driving test?
So i just got my permit today.

But I failed the vision section without my glasses, but passed with them.

For the most part the test was super easy. The only part that I couldn�...

 Do I really need glasses?
I am having trouble reading small print when I read or do sudoku, I dont want specs, if I carry on without glasses will my eyes get worse quicker than if I had glasses, and can I just get some ...

 Is $515.00 an average price for eyeglasses??
Wow. I had no idea how expensive eyeglasses were until I bought a pair this week!!
Granted, I bought $150.00 frames, but are the lense really $158.00 for each one? I question this because the ...

 Floating bubbles or squigly lines in eyes?
Hi, there have always gave been these squily lines or bubbles that I see in my eye I see when looking at a white background such as a computer screen or snow on a bright sunny day, is this normal, I ...

 What color are my eyes?
i cant really tell what color they are, they are usualy this color in the picture or a little darker. http://s77.photobucket.com/albums/j50/cruzn727/?action=view&current=2-5....

 Hey is it too late for me?? Can being on the computer alot make me blind!! I'm scared people!! Panicking!!!
Ok, so i've had my laptop for about 2 years and I am on it all the time...Cause I never have anything to do. But i've noticed that I cant see as far and when I'm on it for more than 3 ...

 How do I get rid of this near my eye?
I have this white head (pimple?) along the bottom row of eyelashes. I've been told it's a sty, but I don't know how to get rid of it. I've had it for almost a year now. I'...

 Will contacts improve my eyesight?
I am 15 and have bad eyesight and was just wondering if wearing contacts will improve my eyesight or what will they do? Is there contacts that will improve my sight and if so where can i get them?...

 Contact lens slipped up eyelid?
Just tried to get my contact lenses out and ripped half of my left one. The part left in my eye started moving up my eye under the upper lid. I tried to pull it out but am unsure whether I did flick ...

 How many pairs of glasses should you have?
i only have one pair that i use everyday. is it best to get another pair?...

 I have really screwed up.?
I have had bad vision since I was a kid, but now I am worried. I think I have truly f*cked up (no better word, really) my vision and permanently destroyed it.

When I went to get a checkup ...

 Why do opticans say you should have an eye exam once every 1/2/3 years? What if.....?
What if a few days after the exam you grew some problem with your eyes. Then youd have to wait 350+ days for another exam?...

 Will i get better if i wear glasses all the time.?
i am nearsighted. my vision is not that bad. my docter said i just started. thanks for your time and thanks for answering....

 Can you get a lazy eye? or is it just hereditary?
Hi, I'm starting to notice something weird about my eyes. One kinda goes to a side, it's not really noticable though, so unnoticible that I don't think it's even there. My dad ...

 I met someone whose eyes have a different size pupils?
Does this indicate something wrong with the CNS 0r otherwise?...

 Is there an at home way to tint soft contacts?

Additional Details
I am not being cheap. I wear a plus 8 and cant seem to find colored contacts in that strength. I used to have an eye doctor who tinted them for me...he has since ...

 Do I have pinkeye?
my eyelid is swollen, the eye is pink, it stings when i open it, and is watering profusely. not sticky or pusy at all. it feels like i got jabbed in the eye. and it is very sensitive to light.

 Can someone explain how I got an eyelash in my eye when I was sleeping?
This morning I woke up at around 3 a.m. because my eye was bothering me. I went to the mirror and I saw that there was an eyelash in it. How in the world did it get into my eye? It wasn't there ...

 Contacts vs. Glasses????
i was wondering what the difference in glasses and contacts was. Price included which is cheaper and which is better?...

 Does it hurt to have your eyes dilated?
Okay, so I'm 30 years old and have never had my eyes dilated at the eye doctor. I can't stand eye drops so I always tell them not to do it. I'm such a baby when it comes to having my ...

Natalie Marie
Are eye drops addictive?
just wondering...

Two many eye Drops -even saline can irritate your eyes -fooling you into thinking that you need more.

To me they are.


not chemically addictive, no.

but eyedrops that have vasoconstrictors like Naphazoline and Tetrahydrozoline can have addictive-like qualities. if used enough the person ends up with "rebound hyperemia" and eyes that are red most if not all the time. the person gets to where they cannor look white/normal w/o *constant* vasoconstrictor use.

i *call* that "Visine addiction", but its technically not chemical dependency...


Not, physically, but maybe mentally...

Go Bears!
Maybe not physically addicted (like Nicotine is...) but you could just get addicted to using them (like someone would be addicted to chewing gum)

Megan M
Not so much as addicting. But they can decrease your natural tear production over time, making you need drops more and more. Only use them if you really need to and see a doctor, you may have clogged duct or some other under lying issue!

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