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 How to improve you eyesight?
do carrots work? are there any other ways really

i used to be 20-20 now im 20-40 im fear my eyesight may be ...

 My boyfriend is having eye twitching and spasms that are driving him nuts, what could it be and how to treat?

 I just got contacts and i had to sleep in my contacts cause i couldnt get em out now my eye is red and swell?
what should i do i'm scared whats happening to me i could hardly open my eyes how do i get it out and what brand is the best to ...

 Is it bad for your eyes to stair at the computer screen all day?
HI guys! I found this cool sight to download free books. Do you think its bad for me to read online all day. Personally, I don't want to buy them and i'd rather store all the files on a ...

 Difference in eye vision!?!?!?
As we passed by a free vision screening, my 12 year old looked in, and with her left eye she could see perfectly, but with her right eye she could barely read the first line!!! What's wrong?

 If a man only has one eye, does he blink or wink?
Come on, tell me what you think. It couldn't hurt, could it?
Additional Details
The answer is: it depends on his intention. Blinking is a reflex and winking is intentional....

 Does anyone know why California requires an eye exam every year while most other states require it every two?
I've just spent twice as much now as when I didn't have health insurance for what I think is a 'padded' bill for a yearly eye exam and contact lens prescription. Is there any ...

 Can i be going blind at 14?
i have been wearing glasses since i was 7 and my vision has kept getting worse and worse, my vision has already gotten twice as bad as it was when i first started wearing glasses, could it be and ...

 Blood vessel broke in my eye, what should I do?
I felt pain, as if a needle where stuck into my eye, and looked at the mirror, and my white is all bloody inside. What should I do?
Should I go to the doctor or wait till it goes by itself?

 What does it mean when your eye jumps or twitches?

 My reflection in glasses?
Has this ever happened to you? When I wear my eyeglasses, I see a reflection of my eyes in them. I can literally see my face and me blinking, etc....

 How do we lose our vision?
What makes you lose your good eye sight. like 20/20 and then needing glasses. My sisters need glasses. Now my little sister says she can't see the chalk board. I never red a whole book in my ...

 Contact lenses?
Hi. I have glasses, and i have really bad vision, around -5 or -6. I was just wondering, if i got contacts, would they be really thick? & If I don't like eye drops, would putting contacts in ...

 Contact soft contact lens solution help?
Help!! Instead of buying my normal ALL IN ONE contact lens solution for soft lens, i purchased Easy Sept Peroxide system in error, didn't know till i put in my eye this morning, stung like hell,...

 Do glasses leave marks on your nose?
Well I've been wearing glasses since I was four years old, and I'm now 13. For as long as I can remember, I've had these under my eyes that start from my nose.

I want to ...

 What should I do about my eye? (pic)

It doesn't hurt a whole lot. I just feel a kind of scratchy
feeling in the inside corner of my eye whenever I blink.<...

 Does going on the computer ruin your eyes?

 Okay...so, I got my new glasses today. Should I wear them all the time?
My right eye has a number of -0.75.
My left eye has a number of -0.25.
The doctor said the negative means that it's for long distance.
So does this mean I CAN'T wear them ...

 Did you know that no one can have black eyes?
If you do have black eyes, then you're dead. You can have extremely dark brown eyes, so dark that they may look black, but actual black eyes can only be found on the deceased....

 Can I please put them back on now?
I wear clear contacts. On Monday, my eye was really red. And I went to a doctor (not an eye doctor, just a regular doctor) and he said its because of the contacts. He told me not to wear them for a ...

Anyone go to the Walmart Vision Center?
so, i need to get contacts, and i am very scared. How much is an eye exam for contacts and then how much do contacts cost? how often do you have to get them? I just have this huge fear of touching my eye and im just gonna do it! Any info would be great! thanks!
Additional Details
i also have astigmatism if that is important

Bobby Nevada
if anything, I would go to cost co. The last I heard, walmart doesnt make quality eye products. You do have to pay a membership fee, But cost co is worth it.

you need an exam first. Do you live around an America's Best/ NAtional Vision? Check out their webpage at twopair.com if you do then you are in luck! Contact lens exams run 69 and up, you also have to have them updated EVERY year (every two for eyeglasses). At AmBst you can get three years exams for 99, total deal!!!! And they will teach you how to use the contacts. Now they will want you to buy contacts from them, which are sometimes a really good deal if you can a year supply at a time. The contact lenses vary in price so lets put it like this--the very cheapest are about 100 for a year supply, but as a joke we called those concrete lenses. so spend a little money to get quality. That is the name of the game for CL. extra important for you if your asigt. needs correction. Sometimes you can get away with spherical lenses (Normal CL are called spherical, CL that correct asigt. are called toric) Toric lenses are more expensive then regular contacts. Check out the manufacturer website for rebates and don't forget to ask at the docs office.

Always use the trials of contact lenses. NEVER BUY BEFORE YOU TRY!

Contacts come in all shapes and sizes. Some have color some don't. Some last a year some last a day. Some are soft some are hard.

Go for the basics- A bi weekly soft disposal contact. (wear for 14 times and change to new set) Fairly reasonable(for contacts) .Talk to the doc.

PLEASE practice touching your eye (with a clean hand of course) before you go to the class. You don't want to spent your one hour to get it down blinking your eyelids shut. If you end up going to a place that is ran right you will have to put them in & take them out during your class before you are allowed to leave with the CL. You will also have to come back for a follow up visit with the doc. At that time you and the doc will check out the CL and see if you need to try another brand or if you are good to go.

Contacts are always improving and changing. You will lose some correction with CL, for eyeglasses are the best correction. So this may become bothersome but most the time it is slight. There is nothing that can be done about this.

My CL runs about 30 a box. One box each eye... A box each eye last three months (if i wear everyday) so you need eight boxes a year for two week disposal CL.

GOOD LUCK and don't give up on CL if you can't get it the first time. Just keep trying sometimes people have tried three four times before they got it. And somtimes CL are cheaper than eyeglasses! And follow all directions, you can do serious damage to your eye if you abuse your contacts.

Yeah, first time's always weird hehe. First try took me around... oh, more than a couple of minutes. 10 at most. it really does take getting used to but by the time you get used to it, you'll have 'em in in seconds. the eye exam costs 65 bucks in the walmart near me. never had an exam there but i'm sure they're worth checking out.

I just went there to get glasses i think i heard the guy mention that the eye exam costs $45

i got my glasses there:)
i think it's around 40-50 if your insurance covers for it.

I would stay away from anything other then food at wal-mart

I haven't went in a few years, but my eye exam was 60 something dollars..
You should just give them a call.

Don't be scared of touching your eye.. You'll get used to it, just keep your hands clean dear.

Jon Nitardy
Have the doctor give you numbing drops before trying to take the contacts in and out.

J Stang
I went to a Wal-Mart Vision Center for my last eye exam and contact fitting. I don't have vision insurance, and it cost me $91...that included the exam/fitting, one trial pair of contacts to wear for 2 weeks, a starter kit with solution and contact case, and my prescription so that I can order online or at an eye doctor's office. If you have vision insurance, your total will probably be even less than mine was.

The eye doctors at Wal-Mart Vision Centers are just as well-trained as any other eye doctor. They are able to offer lower prices because they are renting a space within Wal-Mart, rather than paying the high overhead of having their own office building, and all the bills that go along with that. My experience with them was great, and it saved me a lot of money too. The eye doctor I used to go to wanted $200 for an eye exam and contact fitting, so I saved more than 50% by using Wal-Mart instead.

Normally, unless your vision gets worse really quickly, you only need an eye exam and prescription renewal once a year. The prescription you are given will be valid for one year from the date it was written.

Just relax when you go in for the appointment. It can be frustrating at first, trying to get them in and out...but no one learned overnight. It takes time, and the more you do it, the better you will get. If you are afraid of touching your eye, try to concentrate on looking in the mirror when you insert or remove the contacts, rather than looking directly at the finger that's about to put the contact in. The eye doctor will assist you in getting the contacts in and out, and then let you try it for yourself. You will be fine; the whole process just takes patience, a little getting used to. I think you'll really enjoy contacts once you adjust to wearing them.

The price on contacts varies widely. It depends a lot on brand, and what amount of time they can be worn for. The daily disposables are the cheapest, then weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly (most expensive, and require a bit more care than the other types). So basically, they could be as cheap as $10 per box (dailies) or up into the $100s (yearly wear). You can get some great prices online though, MUCH cheaper than the eye doctors' offices. I use 1800contacts.com- they're very reasonable, and have fast shipping and excellent customer service.

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