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Ade C
Why is it illegal to commit suicide? Why cant we have a say on the matter when it's our lives?
I work in a mental health hospital and often wonder why patients do NOT have the right of committing suicide, eg, if found out, they are brought in and detained. Some of the patients I have worked with simply cannot be helped at all, and are discharged back out into the community only to make more serious attempts. There was one case where even in the papers that one killed himself in a prison cell.

What I am getting at is, if we are so unhappy, then why do we not have a say if we wish to end our lives or not? Why is it that the state intervenes and sections people!

because it's the law

kind of crazy that we dont have that "choice"...but we DO have the choice when it comes to killing our unborn kids. hm....

uh............let me think.........hmmm........no!!!!!!!!!
but wat will the people who love us do
y punish them?

because apparently our lives is a gift from God and only God can decide when we die...but if this is the case..why does God let innocent people who have everything to live for die??

`Beautiful inside and out~
Because god decides when you die youre not suppose 2 end your own life

Hmmmm lets think about this. If someone commits suicide, how are we able to enforce the law on them?

This does not make much sense, you say you don't get the say if you want to end your life or not. yes its true that some place's would forcefully stop you from ending your life which is wrong.
And if you get someone to help you. it is very wrong

But there is nothing stopping a person from just holding there breath till they are.

im not sure y it illeagal but its a sin!

Why kill yourself? You can get help. There are people that care. It's the weak way out.

It's not illegal to commit suicide. If you succeed in killing yourself, how can they prosecute you? It is illegal however to commit murder(killing someone) and attempted murder. People who fail at their attempt at suicide committed the crime of attempted murder.

There IS help for people - we don't have a right to be unhappy and since God created us He only has the right to decide when we die -- There are lots of worse things in life -- a person could focus on helping young children, for instance -- mentoring children would be a wonderful way to help a child, society, etc --- a person could focus on helping others instead of focusing on themselves --- there are resources abounding for people ---- and there are helpless children everywhere who would love mentoring, tutoring, playdates, etc

Stop and Stare
because i guess if too many ppl wanna kill themselves, i think that there will hardly be any ppl on this planet.....and, its a sin to do that (the bible) i hope u dont wanna commit suicide!

I say we kill the state! lol nah but the only reason i can possibly think of is the fact that if one person kills themself sumtimes it becomes a line becuz of the people that care about that person might have good lives until the person kills themself and suddenly the other person who was happy is now depressed and wants to die. thats all i can think of.

We have a say in it because soemone else has to clean up the mess. That wouldnt be too fair now would it? You always have a life hang on in the hopes that they will pull through. To think of letting someone die is ridiculous, no matter how sick the patient is. I think the state would interfere because people who want to end thier lives most of the time want to take other with them as well. So you pretty much have to protect the rest of the population from suicidals.

♪♠Jigoku Shonen!♦♫
You know i find your question interesting as i have already made 2 attempts, But i ask are we all born with that desire to die? Of course not, Think of it like getting a cut, if you dont get help how will you ever heal?

-The same applies here. If we are mentally damaged to the point where we want to die dont you think something is wrong with us? Of course, so in turn we need help to heal :)

I think that if someone were of SOUND mind, they wouldn't want to die. If the doctors stabilize them on meds for their illness, and they still want to die, then thats their decision. But we should never allow someone with mental illness to make life altering or ending decisions like that without first being treated.

It's because the state truly has our best interests at heart. *adopts noble pose* lol, yeah right.
Personally, I think that someone should be able to commit suicide if they are in terrible pain and on life support and are going to die soon. But there are certain people out there who believe that killing anyone, no matter what the situation, is wrong. Plus, there's a lot of legal B.S. that they would have to go through in order to make someone able to commit suicide. They'd have to make that person sign some formal agreement, they'd have to make the family sign it saying that yes, they want him to commit suicide, and they'd probably have to have the doctor sign it, too, because he'd be the one administering whatever it is that kills the person.
After everyone signed it, it'd have to go through the court systems and dozens of people would have to evaluate it and make sure that there would be no way the family could sue the doctor or the hospital or anything. After that, it might finally get approved. By then, the guy who wanted to commit suicide would be dead anyways.

i am usually the one who fights against it...my son-in-law whom i loved dearly committed suicide three years ago....i guess for me i would advocate for the ones who can't be helped..also i am for assisted suicide..one wonders why we put our pets to sleep so they won't suffer but can't seem to do the same for our human counterparts....i know if i was dying and there was no help..i would do the same..because i don't want me or my family to suffer...all the added costs...

i think they should be kept in a mental health hospital only to re-insure that they don't put others in-danger while they are try in to hurt themselves.. there have been cases where a person decides to take their life also take their children wife/husband boy/girlfriend etc. that's when it becomes a problem.. You will never know which plan they decide to use. That would be putting other in great danger..
Some can be help and some can not..
only God will be able to help them in a way that humans cant even come close to..
you can agree or disagree just how i feel..

Daniel A
Dali333 great answer. Seems like an uneven scale. It is illigal to murder. How is murder defined? Wiktionary says it means "to deliberately kill (a person or persons)" Is murder wrong? Yes! So suicide, which is very clearly just another form of murder, is wrong. Plane and simple. That is why there is a law against it because it is wrong and you shouldn't do it.

While we are defining suicide as murder... by definition abortion is murder. I won't make a long draw out explanation of that point since that is not the topic at hand.

Landon S
Most people will say because only god decides when we should die but if there is a god and he wants us to live then why doesn't he stop people from killing them selfs?Why does he let people live so miserably?I think people have every right to commit suicide,its your life to do as you please and no one not even god has the right to stop you. After all if there is a god he gave us freedom of choice to do as we please.

This is an interesting question.

If someone truly wants to committ suicide, ... eventually at least, no-one is going to be able to stop them. ....

As for society declaring it "illegal" to attempt or committ suicide, .. it is basically a law so that society can thus "legally" lock the individual up in a state mental hospital and force medical treatment on that person. It is assumed that if a person is attempting suicide, they obviously need medical help. If it were not illegal to attempt suicide, the authorities would not be able to force medical care on that person. The person would be able to 'refuse' medical treatment if they did not want it, and presumably they would eventually succeed in killing themselves. .... Society would then apparently be responsible for the fact that the person did not recieve the help they needed.

Society would not be able to tolerate the moral dillema of individual members of the population killing themselves without society attempting to intervene to stop that from happening. As well, ..it seems plausible that if suicide were not legally discouraged, might it not seem that society was inferring that it is "OK" to kill oneself? .... In that case we might actually have more individuals committing or at least 'attempting' to committ suicide,.... and that would be a greater problem than exists presently.

Some people might put religion into this matter....And it is not really illegal, once you do it its not like you;re going to jail!
But sincerely someone who wants to kill himself is not well at all and that why they're taken into a hospital and get evaluated. Why is this? Well really why would you want to kill yourself? Its like if I was to ask, why do we have the right to give life (birth).? Its polemic, and seriusly its not illegal but if someone tryes it, oviously is going to be judged and taken care of because it will be believed to be a danger to someone else....

Behind face - - - - - - - -
Because mental disorders are illnesses..the illness is preventing rational thought... i say if a doctor declairs them to be of sound mind (no mental disorders controlling their thoughts) or if treatment is hopeless than let them... but just like a person whos not of sound mind can't sign legally binding contracts nor should they kill themselves.

And think how mental disorder is used as a defense even if you kill someone else, obviously a person who is that insane is not capable of making a decision regarding life and death.

the problem with it is its not really the person who is committing suicide most of the time, its the disorder... ask anyone who has been successfully treated.

i guess it comes down to: are they trully unhappy (because of real life/events) or are they just ill?

J. L.
Yeah, I don't understand that either. I mean once it's done it's done. It's not like anyone's getting prosecuted for it. They're dead!

Night Owl
I think this is a good question. I have often wondered why the state steps in, when it's strictly a matter of your own life. Surely religious beliefs hav had a strong influence on this.

Many believe that you don't have this choice because only God can know the time of your death. If you are a believer, then I suppose this is the party line and you attend to it. It makes me wonder, though, about people who do things that are really stupid and lose their lives...do they get the same treatment? Example...

A man decides to climb Mt. Everest during a time of year well known for injuring and killing mountain climbers. He goes on his adventure and loses his life, and he does it knowing FULL WELL that there is a great risk that he will. It's not classical suicide...but he decided on a course of action that ends in his expected death. What does God do with such a person?

I have been around enough people that have suffered through a painful death by disease to know it's not humane to force them to live if they wish to end an already terminal life. What purpose does it serve? And, once again, I am left to question this concept of a God that deeply loves us like children, and will directly intervene on our behalf. Where is this entity when someone is dying of cancer and praying to live? And how loving is it to allow a human to suffer needlessly?

I just think that there are times when we need to have control over our lives, and the state needs to butt out.

I don't see how you can punish someone for commiting suicide. The state just punishes them for failing.

It's a western thing, obviously.

As you can tell by first dude's statement, separation of church & state didn't go off so well.

Having said that, I'm only really OK with it going on with the extremely older crowed that are physically so trashed they're in pain 100% of the time.

But if someone of age decided to do it after all attempts at reasonable reversal failed, it is ultimately that person's decision.

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