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Why do some old people talk to themselves?
is it because they are maybe lonely?
i walked past an elderly lady today and she was having a good conversation with herself

first sign of going mad

Not only old people talk to themselves younger people do to, i think it is a mental condition. Or just loneliness

they are just old

Well its because we don't have anyone to talk to Everone is to busy now day to sit down and talk. As for me i do it because i am a nut. And i feel that if i talk to my self then i well get the answers i want because the person i am talking to is just as smart as i am..........So there it is

They maybe lonely? And that might be what helps them cope, like if they have lost a loved one, or something like that... They could have dementia...But I'm not 100% sure thoe...

John B
i don't think age is the factor, i bet that lady you saw today has been talking to herself most of her life.I could be wrong though

it's not bad when they talk to themselves,i would worry if they start to answer themselves.

Actually, I have seen maybe people that are not old talk to themselves. It's not just old people.

really ??...i talk to myself often too...it's good to talk to ownself as you are stimulating your brain.... maybe the old lady you seen was actually using an ear set talking to someone on her cellphone. don't be too hasten to judge someone....

Did you pay attention to what was she saying. I heard it . She was talking to her GOD whom she saw in her dreams. She is such a holy soul she has realised herself and at that advanced stage she was talking to her god.
Next time you pass that side please take a minute off to hear her talks.

since , they feel like having someone to talk to all the time, even when you are with them they like to talk alot

Barbie Girl
Mental illness such as senile dementia plays a big part, but sometimes I think its just for company. Many old people are lonely and talking to themselves must be like having a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th...) person around


No Soy de Aqui ni Soy De Alla
Obviously not only old people talk to themselves.

Most people even though they may not realize it, are talking to themselves since usually nobody is listening to what you are saying.

Personally, I rather talk to myself. I have had some wonderful conversations. I never hurt my own feelings and I don't have to worry about someone revealing my most intimate feelings.

yeh i think it's just because they get lonely at a certain age and there's one good thing about talking to yourself, at least you'll agree with what you say and have no arguments lol!

They're simply thinking out loud bless them.

It's one of the phases of getting old. When my grandpa was dying from lung cancer last November, he wouldn't talk the last 2 days of his life... and before that he would talk to himself... it's just a process...(sad but true)

the chances of them having dementia are quite high so they could have a mental malfunction and therefore are unaware of what theyre doing

its all part of getting old.

The Teacher
Perhaps if you had stopped and chatted to this elderly lady, you'd have the answer to the question yourself. But no, you prefered to walk past her and leave her trapped in her solitude and issolation.

:: Urban G ::
Only if they feel lonely. It's not just the old people. My mum and my aunt do that to. I must be genetic....:)

Some are lonely. Some are just crazy like a lot of young people.

because as you gert older, the ability to think clear starts to fade(in most of the people) so they start giving words to their thoughts and thats why they somethimes talk to themselves.. also they are at the point in their life when they stop caring what other people think about what they are doing..

Somebody told me that when you talk to yourself , you are really talking with your angel, or god I don't remember.

maybe they like to have intelligent conversation once in a while

lol, old people do that because they're remembering their past. Young people(tehehe me!) do that, people will throw us in the hospital!

Anyway, they're just lonely or maybe they have some mental health problem... I think there's something about it, I've read somewhere.. but I don't remember.. :)

But, you know what? Young people do it too! :D Too much imagination I guess =D hehehe

who has to be old to talk to themselves... people do it all the time these days :p

One reason could be a problem socially or mentally. That's the harsh reality. It's also on that may not always be true. One of the keys to marketing says that people can remember things better if they hear it more than once or write it down (even if they don't keep the paper to look at it later.) It could be that they want to remember something and simply it is not convenient for them to write it down. So, it may not be that someone has a problem, but it can't be discounted and could possibly be that.

It's not just old thing, i talk to myself it helps me to remember things. My 6 yr old talks to herself when she plays with her dolls and a lot of 30 - 40 yr olds i know do it too. Dementia is memory loss it is when an older person thinks they are living in a time which has already happened but they think it is happening to them now it has nothing to do with them talking to themselves unless it is gibberish talk.

i talk 2 myself wen practicing my acting skills or learning lines...n i'm not mental....i hope...

Some older people remember things as they were when they where young. My Granda used to talk to his wife - she died when she was 35 and my dad (the oldest of 9) was 14. But he had a hard life - god love him! I always remember him saying to me...

'Be nice to the old cause someday you'll be old too'

Strange when you think of it like that isn't it??

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