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ive tried killing myself twice both times when i was drunk and i got ...

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 Can Anyone list me atlest 10 fact reason why you should not smoke, i am trying to get someone to stop?
Can Anyone list me atlest 10 fact reason why you should not smoke, i am trying to get someone to stop
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 Are these symptoms of anxiety?
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 Emotional problems, help?
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Why do people pick there nose and eat their boogers?

i don't know but i hate it and y r u thinking of that

Charlie Tuna
Because they can ..... and should!

Please award Best Answer points to me right now because I deserve them, as you can now plainly see and must agree. I do not want to wait because I am not at all patient with you.

likewiseanu i
2 reasons they are lazy and dont feel like getting up to throw them away

2 its a bad habbit like scratching your *** basket and smelling it and you keep your fingers there to keep smelling it

that's a great question because i have seen lots of people do this, from children to adults.. and it's gross! Here are some ideas on it:
1) maybe it tastes good
2) they don't know what else to do with it
3) they have a salt deficiency
4) they are hungry?

ugh, I'm getting grossed out just thinking about this..thanks a lot :-)

because they are salty and good.

no calories maybe - no I think maybe the parents never got them broke of this gross habit as a child - so they still do it.

It's a habit that was never broken as child and now as an adult it's even harder to break they just do and I guess they like the way it taste. huh huh gross!!!!!! There I wrote it!!

cuz there nasty

I guess they taste like chicken and they needed a quick snack.....lol

I don't partake in that activity because its gross, but one time some medical folks did a study, and it said that people who eat their own nose fixin's were boosting their immune system, sort of like getting a flu shot.

I see you posted this in the mental health section. You must know the answer right?

brigette b
I think it just must be a male thing cuz i see that all the time while I'm driving down the road and it's always men that's doing it.

Sweet Gran
Inbreeding! and no one to tell them it is NASTY.

How do all these people know they are SALTY?? hmmm makesyawonder.

Rain S

Mmm... Salty goodness 24 hours a day!

Tim B
Do you do that?

Fleur de Lis
Everbodys doing it, pickin their nose and chewing it. Sorry a stupid little song my dad taught me when I was young.

lol. it's a habit. they get used to picking their nose and eating the boogers and therefore they cant help themselves whenever they do pick their nose. plus, your boogers are part of you. where else are you gonna place your boogers after you pick your nose? i myself would place it in the bin and wash my hands afterwards, but sometimes, usually when im out, i feel that the only thing i can do is eat my boogers because i have to where else to put it. i know that it may sound disgusting, but it's one of those habits i have when im not at home.

taste them...you'll see.

Mama Mia
For the younger people, it is just a experiment, like a rite of passage of childhood. For the older people, it is just an acquired taste from too much experimenting in childhood.
LOL...I just made that up!

they taste good to them

Nutrition value

Personaly i like to pick my boyfriends nose for him, then put it on his condom and lick it off. HELLO BOYS!!!!

and u ask this why???!!!!

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