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vixen trixen
Why do i always make the wrong decisions?
i am clever,pretty and kind and in other peoples view a good thinker and give sound advice except when it comes to me.

Boy do I know how you feel - I have been told the same thing - that I am also an excellent listener when it comes to thinking about others but as for myself - it's like I just care too much about others to consider myself - BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!

same here. I've been trying to figure out why, but still haven't.

mister w
i dont know sorry

its always easier to solve someone elses problem cause you see the bigger picture

We all make mistakes. We all take bad decisions in life. Things cannot always be perfect. When you give suggestions to others its from your mind and when you decide for yourself its from your heart. Its best to learn from others mistakes, good to learn from your own mistakes and bad if you don't learn from anybody's mistakes...so chill and don't be too hard on yourself.

because when you give someone else advice you think harder
when you make a decision for yourself you don't
i know how you feel

or maybe i don't

pandora the cat
Are you making decisions based on what's good for you, or what's good for others? Based on facts, or hopes? Do you make excuses for yourslf, or others?
With each "mistake" or unfavorable outcome, you learn what doesn't work. Resolve to admit your way didn't work, and try a new way. That's how you gain wisdom. remember that each perceived obstacle is an opportunity to improve something, overcome something, or learn something. Consider possible different outcomes before deciding on something, and how you would handle each outcome. That's all you can do. Whether you think you will be successful or not, you will be right.

sounds familiar

If you where right all the time people would think you are a clever S***T so its best to get somethings wrong and if its you that it gives a problem too is that not better than causing your mates to hate you for messing up their lives with bad advice?.

I think the same is true for everyone. Most people can see better into a problem when they don't have an emotional stake in it, when they are not blinded by their own emotions. Try to look at your problems from an outside view and see if that helps you.

cos ur a woman .....like u said good at sticking their noses into other ppls business.but wen it comes to thinking for urself ....they go all blonde about it

I have no clue..Imagine that you give advice to someone else the other time you have to make a decision concerning you. Or do else, consider your pending decisions with clever friends? Hope you have any..See how simple is it..!! Good luck!

I bet you make the right decisions most of the time. We all make decisions we regret, maybe you are just concerntrating on those ones too much.

You should try to be more philosophical: there is no such thing as a right or wrong decision, just different paths you can go down, each with its own experiences.

You could also try this: If you have an important decision to make, just imagine that you are your own best-friend. What would your advice be then?

Anway, hope that helps. Good luck!

Because you can't be objective and because you think about others before yourself (in my experience!). Toughen up and start to think about number one - after all, if you don't, no-one else will!

same here!! you got to value yourself and trust your instincts. maybe imagine you were advising a friend to give yourself a different perspective..

First believe in yourself .Think positively. think twice before taking decisions. Once you have taken stick on to that what ever it might be.

Chri R
a wrong or a right decision is not always clear, and on the long term things could be different.
Whom say its a wrong decision, its just your decision and then face it.

sounds familiar, letme knoe when u figure it out

you need a good friend

we say it in gujarati "vaid na khatlama" or "a doctor can not treat himself"

The Magical Muffin
because u try too hard

Probably because all the decisions you make lead to you being walked all over - toughen up!

You didn't make wrong decisions.....only found ways not to make the wrong ones.God Bless!Amen!

maybe you are self destructive like me...lol
it's hard to see the good in some of the "bad" decisions.

Your only human.

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