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Why do Depressed people hate Sunny days?
i for one hate sunny days, i hate the sun so much i cannot even describe it, i like the winter and cold rainy days.
however i only say this when im depressed, when im normal it does not really matter that much but depression adds to it.

why do i hate the sun, whilst suffering from depression?

Carrie Beth
I dunno. Most of the time people who are depressed get more depressed when its nasty out. My mother was in the hospital many times through out my childhood for mental illness and depression and the sun always made her feel better. She felt worse and bored when it was raining or snowing. I guess everyone is different.

i <3 edward
Well, I'm not but I hate sunny, hot, weather because the book I'm reading,... du du du da... TWILIGHT!!
Edward Cullen & Bella Swan doesn't like the sun because they're used to the gloomy weather.. ( The charectars live in Forks Washington, rainiest place on earth!)

im not depressed, i dont hate sunny days...i just hate the heat lol

Look at it this way... The sun is bright and yellow it makes most people happy. For a depressed person, its a way for conformist people to have fun and depressed people hate anything to do with happiness and fun,

I remember feeling the same way when I was depressed. I hated everything about the sun and the summer...and all I wanted was one rainy day. Too bad since I lived in Southern California.

When the depression subsides you will like the sun again

For approximately the same reason that normal people hate rainy days. It contradicts their world view that the weather should agree with their mood.

In Scandinavia, suicide rates rise in the springtime, I've heard. My explanation is that you pull yourself through a Norwegian winter by telling yourself that things will get better in the spring, and they don't, so what are you going to do?

Only you can answer that. What exactly is it you hate, the heat? the hay fever it may give you? Must be a reason.

I hate summer,i much prefer winter,i love snow :-)

you are all in my heart forever
i suffer from depression and seasonal depression. i need the sunny days. in the winter here in wisconsin it's bad. i become suicidal. the depression gets so bad....

Misery loves company, the sun makes you happy and you don't feel like being like that, so you hate it. Meanwhile you look for things that suit your mood like rainy days, that will make you comfortable.

Houston Girl
Because a sunny day brings you no excuses to be depressed. Depressed people like being depressed and when the sun is there, they run out of excuses to be depressed. It reminds them that they are depressed because they feel like it.

Miss Bella
I loveee the sun but i do love it in winter when its cold and dark early with a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream :) yummmm

Because many people don't want to lift themselves out of their gloom. dark depression, or hope for a way of getting free of it.
Sunny days can bring renewed warmth and energy. Renewed hope for improvement from the pit they're in.

Derpession weighs people down. They dont look up only down. They cant see light when they stay withdrawn. Many don't want to free themselves . ( there are some here, that at times wont see a point to get out of their rut. They think it's the only way life goes. Maybe for them fear keeps them trapped. However for me it's was totally opposite. I couldnt wait to break free of my chains. Sometimes I slip into a link but break it free as soon as I can. As to not get trapped again. Fear of the unknow stops a lot of people. In my case I was afraid to stay where I was, I'd rather take on something new and hope for a better way or happier day. Than to feel like there was no hope and life had no value for me. When that is wrong. All emotions in life can work for both good and bad in our lives. How do you use them or hide them that is the question. By stepping into the light. Are people afraid they'd be vulnerable and weak.?
I see the darkness as keeping us weak not the light. So they should try the light and see how it goes for them. It cant hurt.

they don't generally hate sunny days. But if they do they either think of it as an opposite happy side to them or like the weather is mocking them. I was depressed and I didn't hate sunny days. But if the weather is cloudy it's more of a reflection of their mood and people with depression like to know, even if they don't tell you, that there are others that struggle with the same thing
hope his helps

I'm not depressed and I don't like sunny days. I prefer mostly cloudy days. A bright sun is just too hard on my eyes and skin. I don't like wearing sunglasses but I have to in order to see well.

My absolute favorite weather are sever thunderstorms. I love lightning, rain, hail and wind. I still have yet to see a tornado... but I can't wait until I do!

John M
sun makes people happy most of the time , but when your feeling depressed you done want happiness

As long as I can remember, sunny days have depressed me. I don't agree that it's because depressed people don't like to be happy - who wants to be depressed? For me, sunny days equate to there being no cover (i.e., the sky is so bright and clear there appears to be no end or ceiling to it; making the earth seem very tiny - as it actually is) and that makes me feel so small, insignificant, and unimportant (all symptoms of depression).Whereas stormy, rainy, overcast days appear to have an end and make me feel larger than life, important, and significant in the skeem of things - feelings depressed people don't often feel on a regular basis.

My sister has depression and hates sunny says. I also have depression and love the light weather and heat. I suppose people associate it with hibernation.

Hopefully Helpful
The sun reminds me of some reasons that I am depressed.
It is a nice sunny day and I have no one special to share it with.
It is a nice sunny day and my feelings inside do not match the weather outside.
It is a nice sunny day and I wish things were different.
This is what comes to mind right now.
I suppose I could sit here and think of more things but I don't want to. Let The Sun Shine!

mb insane TM
bevcause theyd rather be in there dark depressed life and not in the sun because the sun brings joy to alot of people!
and them seeing people happpy just makes them sadier beacuse they cant have a goood and HAPPY! life like that and they wich they could,

winona e
Have you seen your doctor on this??? You may need some medication. Usually when you are depressed the sun brightens your day. Go and get some help.

Because they want to be miserable and are used to it. A sunny day, they have no excuse.

sun=happy so sad people don't like happy things???

Cause sun brings light and light's a simbol of good,energetic and happiness!

I have chronic depression and the sun makes me happy. Actually, it makes everyone that I know with depression happy. In fact, they have devices that mimic the suns rays that are used for depression because sunlight improves moods. I have no clue why you'd be the opposite.

It teases you with the promise of happiness, and is synonymous with good times. So, depressed people would consider that their enemy. I only go out at night or when it rains.

Edd Turtle
because sunny days are beautiful...

Depressed people don't hate sunny days. MIserable people do. Perhaps you aren't so much depressed as enjoying being miserable and grumpy.

Sun is welcome to many depressed people because it can help elevate their mood.

i think,because it makes them think about whatever the happy things they were thinking about.. that now may be gone from them.. so the sunny(happiness) brings back painful memories.. maybe they dont have that anymore. (:
who do you know thats sad??
Are you the one with the issues because if you are then just forget about your painful suffering;; just forget about it because one day something very very good will probably happen to you and you WILL have good times in your life.

Have an AWESOME day. Thank You and God Bless You

Fluffy Assassin
Maybe cos you feel like cos its sunny you should be out there enjoying yourself but you don't feel like it. I'm feeling the same lately, it'll pass

Cheyenne S
Because the Sun represents HAPPINESS!

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