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Why can I remeber the words to almost any song I hear, but cant remember what I had for dinner 2 nights ago?
I know I have a memory problem but someone explain why I'm so forgetful. Please!!

sweet meanie! ur diet is crap, but the songs r good.visit a nutritionist n' join a band! ;-)

It's normal and I wouldn't worry about it.

Maybe you have been eating forgetful pills for dinner?

John M
You do not have a memory problem. The fact of the matter is that everybody has a problem remembering details from the past on various events and items. We all have selective memories which allow us to separate "wheat from the chaff". You obviously have a strong interest in music and the association of specific melodies helps you recall the associated words.

You care about the lyrics, and pay attention to them, so your brain puts them in long-term memory. You don't care that much about the meals, so your brain dumps them from short-term memory soon after.

Ties that bind

Its probably because of the following reasons
1. Our brain record information in cognitive patterns, if it can identify which slot to put the information into, you remember it for long
2. Your retention of any event is directly related to our personal likings. What's close to our heart we don't forget
3. Memory is like RAM and ROM of computer. The brain categorizes the information and if it's trivial its erased as RAM and if its important its recorded on ROM
4. All the above however do not explain why we forget very important things too. That can be explained by the simple logic of delayed retention. For example we often hear about coincidences like whenever i see two sparrows my days goes good but you remember that whenever something good happens to you. In fact when something good happens your immediately recall that you saw sparrows. The same is the case with forgetfulness, we forget a lot of mundane things in life too but we only remember that we are forgetful only when we miss on an important thing.

I partially agree with shakira but have a slight difference in answer. Simply a song can be more repetitive at times and requires more attention. Dinner can be repetitive at times but do we always care? Dinner is simply dinner. The more important question is . . . Can you remember the more important things than dinner?

hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have been missing welcome back.
and i am the same maybe 2 nights ago meal dosn't mean as much as them ol songs.

Beer Advocate
Repetition, how many times have you heard that song vs. how many times you ate that dinner 2 nights ago.

I'm guessing Several hundred vs. once.

probably because dinner is just a repetetive activity, unless it was special why would you remember it? but songs are more interesting to you probably so you subconsciously make more of an effort to remember them

Korsakoff syndrome. What did you have to eat at Nude Camp? Did you try setting fire to any spider holes? (?)

try singing what you had for dinner :)

It's because your so darn cute. You cant be perfect.

Well you have the good looks at least.

You'll just have to re read the above sentence 10 times to make sure you remember the free compliment

memory is associtave in nature. with a song you have the tune to associate the words to and the words are associated to the tune.

if you cant remember somthing it is because there is nothing linked to it.

Because music is something you are more passionate about than food. You may have an ear for music, or maybe even some musical training. We eat Three to 6 times a day, it really doesnt matter much what we eat.

I dont think you have a problem-i think you maybe too busy!/hi dear long time no see/


There are two parts to this. 1) you probably only remember the lyrics to songs you have some emotional response to, and 2) repetition. When people are emotionally engaged in learning about something they tend to remember it, i.e., it is placed in long-term memory. There are many things you won't remember about each day because most events are insignificant and you only passingly paid attention.

I can completely relate to that!! I remember words to songs I haven't heard in 15 years and can sing along as soon as I hear them on the radio...but can't remember how busy work was the day before. I think our brains are just full. We've filled them up and now we can't remember anything else short term. LOL

Because you hear the song probably all the time, and repeatition make it easier for one to remember it, and if you cant remember what you eat two nights ago its probably because it was nothing special, and something you ordinarily eat so you dont think of remembering what you ate on a certain ordinary day. And dont worry its normal alot of people are like that im one of them.

It just happens. I can remember things that were said over fifty years ago - word perfect - oh. sh*it, I can't remember what I was going to say. What was the question again...................

try making up a song about what you eat for dinner, then you may remember.

I have the exact same problem! Actually I was thinking about that yesterday when another Answers user posted a question about remembering what you were doing on 9/11. I could remember every small detail of that day, and I can't even remember what I wore to work yesterday! My friends tell me it's early senility... I disagree with that though.

Nice to see you Meanie!

I think that fiance of yours is keeping you too busy to spend some quality time with us here on YA! As for the memory thing, I agree with the people saying it's the association thing, plus the short term/long term memory thing.

maybe you have amnesia. but probably not. maybe you have a Thyroid problem. maybe you just have a short term memory. i kno i do. check it out with a doctor if your really worried,if not i recommend a keychain if you don't already have one (=

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