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Why can't we remember some of our dreams??

I took a dream journaling class and was told that we consciously have to think about remembering our dreams before we go to bed at night. Maybe you should look online or check out some books on the subject.

i read a book saying that we only remember incomplete dreams, where if the dream story complete it is erased.
that's why we never remember a complete dream

Sometimes we just forget, other times ourminds surpress them. Why? They seem to real,violent,it be something that you dont want to face or realize

lol. i've been wondering myself.

MIke D
We have to wake up during the dream has to do with REM stages of sleep, we actually only get 90 minutes of Hardcore sleep. I might be off a little been a while since i studied sleep.
Mike RN

I remember all my dreams and in color too

c j b
im glad i dont remember my dreams,half the time its hard for me to remember my own realty.

probably caus ei dont even remember what i did 5 minutes ago

Because there are different stages of sleep and sometimes you wake up at the wrong stage of sleep and forget your dreams. Thats what I remember from psychology class.

mostly it has to do with going to bed when a person is so tired your brain is not functioning to good like it should.

It's just like that, we can remember some and not others, that's how our brain functions.

Mrs. Leopold Stotch
Well it is maybe dreams that we love and hate the most are the ones we reamber

Let me know when you find out.

Mr nice guy 2U
not enough vitamin B1
try it
Take a few more than whats on the bottle but don't over do you get a headache

I dunno...heh..but I actually remember ALOT of my dreams. I have some REALLY messed up bad.

i figure, if you dont write them down as soon as you wake up that is why

We aren't supposed too I guess.

We can only remember the dreams that we wake during. Best wishes

If the switch from unconsciousness mind to consciousness is abrupt then the we remember most part of the dream . If it happiness over a period of time the dream segments are lost . After we wake up we loss most of the dream segment because the dream was seen by the un consciousness mind having no memory segments in the consciousness mind . There are workshop which can make u remember al ur dream and see future beyond your time. You should try


oliver f
who knows

Why Not
Gosh, I'm glad we can't. I had this HORRIBLE nightmare the other night, and I can't remember most of it just one part, but it is making me feel sick. Like really, puke sick, just whenever I think about it.

i don't know i've wondered the same thing let me know if u get a good answer

Because the dreams you can't remember was not inportin. And if you look back to the dreams you can remember that had some meaning that's why you remember them...............

Some say we only remember our "nightmares". What you need to do to remember your dreams is to ask God or whoever your "higher being" is to help you remember your dreams. You need to keep a pen and paper next to your bed or under your pillow and when you wake up in the morning before you even get out of bed right down all you can remember.

I haven't personally done this but you can purchase a book by Sylvia Browne called Dreams and it tells you all about it.

i think its because were on another level of consciousness when we are sleeping so it gets foggy to us when we wake up. one trick i have read is to write down the details of your dreams in a notebook or journal first thing when you wake up because thats when its fresh in your mind.

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